Individuals won't have a need for a business application such as, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Supply Chain Management (SCM) or Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software; however, small businesses will find that a wide variety of business management software suites are helpful for carrying out business tasks and managing financial records more timely and efficiently. If you're looking for a comprehensive small business management software suite developed by a major software vendor, try Microsoft Office Accounting Express (Version 2009), which is an essential tool for managing your everyday business activities and finances. Besides the above applications, the following are several other competent small business management suites worth evaluating if your business is looking for commercial quality open-source offerings.
Openbravo Community Edition ERP, ERP functions include Master Data Management, Procurement Management, Warehouse Management, Product Management, Materials Requirement Planning (MRP), Sales Management, Project and Service Management, and Financial Management. TurboCASH, an open source accounting package for small business, with support for VAT accounting. Comprehensive small business management software suite, core accounting modules include general ledger, account payable and receivable, invoicing and bill payment, create quotes, track expenses, organize lists of customers, vendors and employees, various customizable reports, etc. You're encouraged to use an external encryption software, such as AxCrypt, to store your critical data files. Microsoft Dynamics SL is an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system designed for project-based small and medium-sized businesses. Microsoft Dynamics SL has applications for financial management, business intelligence, collaboration, field service, IT management, and project management, as well as a business portal application.
Has lots of applications but just make sure you have the time to research your error messages and the like. I love the fact that Dynamics SL is extremely customizable when it comes to fitting my business needs.
The learning curve was a little steep for me which comes as a result of it being such flexible software. To many extra processing steps, example, after you have entered a cash transaction, then you have to release the cash transaction, then you have to release it from the GL, then you have to post to the GL.
The product is written by one of the best names out there, Microsoft, and is supported by a great team. It is built with today's technology, using SQL and Crystal; tools that my IT staff is familiar with. I like that it's flexible, customizable, and has deep project functionality and excellent financial capability.
Find an experienced implementation firm to help implement and allow appropriate time for a successful outcome.
Like any software, it has some quirks that one has to figure out, such as the attachment functionality. In just fifteen minutes, the experts at Software Advice can help you narrow down the right software for your organization. Manage your financial operations effectively with a comprehensive view of financial data across your organization and flexible processes that adapt to the way your business works.

With access to real-time information across your organization, easy-to-use inquiry tools, and powerful analysis and reporting capabilities, Financial Management in Microsoft Dynamics AX can help you handle revenue, payables, receivables, and cash flow efficientlya€”so you can gain insight into financial performance, plan strategically, and make confident, informed decisions. Your financial team can work faster and smarter with specialized Role Centers that present relevant tasks and information in a personalized view. With this program, you can create quotes and invoices, track expenses, organize the lists of customers, vendors and employees, and maintain financial information in one place. Whilst the interface is a little bleak, it has a huge range of features, and is very complete in what it can do (considering it is open source).
Of course, small businesses should augment these software packages with the services of a Certified Public Accountant.
This free edition does not include automated upgrade tools or support from the developer (other than the Forums and Wiki). It has industry-specific capabilities for professional services, government contractors, distribution, construction management, and other vertical markets.
The Advanced Management edition provides more features than the basic Business Essentials package. The system can be deployed on-site, or it can be hosted to add services like online training and support. It is backed by arguably the biggest software name in the industry so the overall quality is definitely apparent.
There are lots of great products out there in the market but you need to find what fits the needs of you and your business. It means you have to be more thorough in your setup to make sure you get things the way you want them. The database is easy to navigate and the programs can be easily integrated with our own home grown system. Working with SIS has been great, and their team is very knowledgeable about SL and writing code.
Understand your business costs with allocation schemes that match your business model, and plan and calculate future costs based on budgets and forecasts.
Standardize business processes across the global organization and manage exchange rate adjustments with multilanguage and multicurrency support, while meeting accounting requirements in different countries.
Help reduce the time and effort needed to enhance internal controls, support audit requirements, and manage regulatory reporting that addresses compliance requirements.
With out-of-the-box access to activity stacks, charts, and alerts, the CFO can monitor business performance and trends, and optimize processes.
Core accounting modules such as general ledger, account payable and receivable, invoicing and bill payment are available together with various customizable reports.On the flip side, the distribution of this application was discontinued by Microsoft in November 2009, but it is still available for download at third party websites. It has the ability to track stocks and mutual fund portfolios, as well as small business management tools such as customer and vendor management, invoicing and budgeting too.

Additional Software Required: Oracle XE (free) or EnterpriseDB Advanced Server(fee) database. Converter utility to import QuickBooks data, on-site and hosted web-based ERP deployments, and support provided via online Support Desk and Video Training Library. Requires Java Platform, Apache-Tomcat and a database engine, supported systems Windows and Linux. Microsoft Dynamics SL was originally developed by Solomon Software with the title Solomon IV for Windows.
They have been extremely helpful, from planning and implementation through continual support. Microsoft is always trying to improve the product and in this latest release (SL2015), they have really hit a home run with some of the new tools, features and enhancements!
Do not get "sold" on features or nice looking tools, but rather can it meet my basic set of requirements. However, if you delete the old attachment from the new JE, it also deletes it from the original JE as well. Companies will customize software to bring their old processes forward instead of changing to the out-of-the-box system and customizing if necessary. Set up and review graphical displays and reports and conduct targeted analyses of detailed information to make informed, strategic decisions. For example, the CFO Role Center includes a link to the online finance community, in addition to RoleTailored reports, predefined data cubes, and integrated analysis and forecasting tools. One thing to note it has a little bit of a steep learning curve to begin with; however, if you persist you will find it is well worth the effort.
Great Plains acquired the company in 2000 and was itself acquired by Microsoft shortly thereafter. Financial staff can drill down quickly into relevant accounting processes and create custom workflows, such as automated approvals for selected financial journals, with the ability to view work list items in their Role Centers.
Microsoft Dynamics SL is well-suited for businesses with fewer than five hundred employees. The invoice template stores invoices, products and customers and performs advanced invoice sales reporting and inventory monitoring.
The database structure of the invoice system allows the insertion, update and quick access to saved products, customers, and historical customer invoices. Product and customer lists can be imported from and exported back to text lists enabling integration with existing inventory and customer reporting management systems.

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