Sound-Activated Recording Function: Use your voice (more than 60 decibels) to activate the recording process.
May ?nh sieu nh? Mini DV Recorder du?c xem la m?t trong nh?ng chi?c may ?nh “d? choi” nh? nh?t th? gi?i, cho phep b?n d?t g?n trong long ban tay ho?c d? dang deo vao c? nhu m?t ph? ki?n th?i trang. May co d? phan gi?i 1280x1024p cung kh? nang ch?p ?nh nhanh s? khi?n b?n c?m th?y hai long. May con h? tr? th? nh? MicroSD 16GB cho b?n th?a thich ch?p va quay b?t k? th? gi b?n mu?n. S? k?t h?p hoan h?o cac vi m?ch va linh ki?n di?n t? ben trong Mini DV Recorder cho s?c m?nh vu?t tr?i so v?i hinh dang ty hon ben ngoai. Khan lau kho sieu t?c – S?n ph?m lam t? cac v?t li?u cong ngh? cao va tien ti?n theo cong ngh? Nano- Lau kho toc ma khong c?n may s?y, khong t?n h?i d?n toc, tranh gay kho, xo toc, khong h?i da d?u- Sieu th?m nu?c, v?a lau da kho ngay. Binh Inox Gi? Nhi?t (380ml) R?t Thu?n Ti?n Khi Mang Th?c An, D? U?ng D?n Tru?ng Ho?c Noi Lam Vi?c, D?c Bi?t Thich H?p Dung Cho Cac Ba M? M?i Sinh Hay Trong B?nh Vi?n. Ca Gi? Nhi?t Inox Cao C?p (380 ML): R?t Thu?n Ti?n Khi Mang D? U?ng D?n Tru?ng Ho?c Noi Lam Vi?c. A great deal of care goes into ensuring that pictures, descriptions and specifications accurately match those of the product.

Kh? nang quay phim cho phep luu gi? l?i nh?ng th?i kh?c tr?ng d?i hay nh?ng phut giay quy gia c?a th? gi?i quanh minh.
M?t di?u thu v? la b?n con co th? bi?n ngu?i b?n c?a minh thanh m?t chi?c webcam h?u d?ng trong khi tro chuy?n tr?c tuy?n v?i ch?t lu?ng hinh ?nh ro net hon ch? v?i m?t thao tac don gi?n la k?t n?i s?n ph?m v?i may tinh. Cac lo?i th?c ph?m s?ng, chin ho?c d? an th?a c?a ngay hom tru?c s? du?c b?o qu?n t?t hon khi b? vao cac b?c nilon co han kin mi?ng.
Functions including: camera, video recoding, sound recording, webcam, motion detection, etc. If there is no any sound after 2 minutes, it will save file automatically and switch into standby mode.
D? phan gi?i 1280x1024p cung kh? nang ch?p ?nh nhanh s? khi?n b?n c?m th?y hai long hon khi gi? day chu linh chi nh? be nay co th? thay th? “ga kh?ng l?” trong nhi?u tru?ng h?p kh?n c?p. Ngoai ra may con h? tr? th? nh? MicroSD 16GB cho b?n th?a thich ch?p va quay b?t k? th? gi b?n mu?n.
S?n ph?m kem theo m?t ?ng pin co kh? nang ch?a 1 pin AA, khi h?t pin ngu?i dung ch? c?n k?t n?i v?i ?ng d?ng pin va ti?p t?c hanh trinh chinh ph?c nh?ng thu?c phim d?p. As a feeder in an editing system, this BR-DV600U can supply a DV source for editing with various formats.

It also comes with a JVC bus interface compatible with JVC's popular S-VHS edit-desk system. Up to 60 minutes of DV component digital images can be recorded on a single Mini DV tape, assuring you the high-quality, non-degradable images you need for top results in post-production. Plus, Mini DV tapes are readily available and inexpensive, so you can get replacement tapes whenever you need them, wherever you are.High-quality PCM digital audioTo complement its superior DV pictures, the BR-DV600U offers outstanding digital PCM audio. This allows lossless digital video and audio transfers to or from any DV equipped device such as a non-linear editing system or DV recorder.
By letting you log scenes, and mark the ones you want to use, this dramatically speeds up the transfer process and saves disk space in a non-linear editing system. Log data recorded on a tape with the GY-DV500U can be spooled onto a non-linear editing system. Since scene data is written directly onto the Mini DV cassette, expensive cassettes with memory chips are not required.

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