On Monday night's "Colbert Report," Stephen Colbert analyzed a recent Fox Business interview with Mirriad's chairman Roger Faxon ("and man whose name sounds more corporate than his company's"). Mirriad does this through software manipulation of blank items like walls and handheld items, and it turns out that Comedy Centrals's parent company Viacom is a subscriber. Watch the clip below to see Colbert ready his episode for future product placement with green paint-covered items like a soda can, a cereal box, and well, something you'll have to watch the video to the end to see. And while Colbert's clip is hilarious, Mirriad doesn't actually need green screen technology to insert an ad. Brands like Sony, Domino's, Lexus, and Yahoo have worked with Mirriad, which won an Oscar in 2013 for advancement in technology. Cheil Worldwide have entered into a new long-term partnership with Mirriad, a world leader in native in-video advertising, which will enable Cheil to strengthen its leadership in the digital advertising market as well as enhance Mirriad's market presence in Asia, and in particular in South Korea, where Cheil is based. When accessed by Mirriad's suite of marketplace applications, creation of new inventory is fast and accurate, providing content owners and distributors a complete editorial control over brand integrations and overall ad operations. Following a national agency search and competitive review, Solve has been awarded the account for The V Foundation for Cancer Research.
Effie Worldwide has announced Ogilvy & Mather as the most effective agency network in the world, reclaiming the top slot it has held for three out of six years since the Effie Index was established. Now, Acura is seeing its product placement in the superhero film expanded as deleted scenes are added back into the film for its DVD release.
As the DVD market weakens, adding new content to films is a growing Hollywood tactic to prop up sales. In one example of where the practice is headed, PG Tips just signed an agreement in the UK with the show Deal or No Deal.

But Popkiewicz says that it’s much more than slapping a logo on a cup in post production.
So while The Avengers placement was likely shot in real life, such an approach may soon be as quaint and dated as Captain America himself. From John and Yoko to Miley Cyrus, Annie Leibovitz to David LaChapelle, the cover of Rolling Stone has always been an art form in its own right.
Mirriad started in 2008 as a way to implement native advertising into TV shows, which is sometimes done retroactively for reruns.
Mirriad's patented NIVA (native in-video advertising) technology is an award-winning platform that allows brands to be digitally integrated into TV shows and music videos in the form of products, signage, video and other branded assets. Audiences are becoming increasingly frustrated with advertising that disrupts and stands in the way of the content they want to enjoy.
For the TV show How I Met Your Mother, placements from the current day were added to show reruns from years previous. PG Tips’ brand will be digitally added to the show by brand integration specialists MirriAd. For example, MirriAd’s bespoke technology contextually tags video inventory to best fit certain brand categories.
In most cases, post-production product placements were in the background, or props that weren’t the focus of the action. According to Popkiewicz, MirriAd’s output is currently growing at a rate of 100 percent per month. Now you can explore all our covers, and read full articles from classic issues dating back to our 1967 launch in our brand-new Cover Wall.

Cheil Worldwide has recognized the importance of this and through partnering with Mirriad, Cheil can now easily offer brands the ability to advertise within the shows and videos consumers want to watch, instead of just around them.
A gleaming, new RDX model in the window catches his eye just as a convenient break in the passing crowds allows the audience a full view.
Just a couple years later, entire scenes were being filmed with no products at all, a sort of blank canvas to be sold later. Their first client is Samsung, and the companies are already working on the video ads.Mirriad will provide the video-on-demand (VOD) technology, while Youku Tudou will provide original content. The two companies are working on a collaboration that will allow companies to embed videos onto the content, and then using Mirriad’s (VOD) technology, embed and deliver the videos.Mirriad has already started its video ads campaign with Samsung.
From Mid October when the ad campaign started, the Samsung ads have already been added onto the Show.
Samsung ads have already been featured on 6 episodes.Mirriad Vice President for Asia Pacific region said that there were lots of opportunities that were abound for foreign companies seeking to market themselves in that region. Michael Rees also emphasized the importance of foreign companies working with a local partner that understands that market. Together with our (guest) bloggers we cover subjects like new startups, adtech, funding, exits, cases and much more.

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