Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. This is a fun presentation by Gavin Mart on Dr David Livingstone which can also be accompanied by a detailed essay concerning the life and times of the missionary explorer.----David Livingstone was born on March 19th 1813 in Blantyre, Scotland. In his childhood he followed his father door to door who giving out evangelical tracts; Livingstone would also use this opportunity to sell tea showing early his signs of enterprise.
Again, he would use the tedium of the labour to teach himself Latin by mounting a book he had bought on one of the factory’s giant machines and reading single lines of it between shuttle runs beneath the machines.Although he strove to be a doctor his father was adamant that he would only work for the church and in 1838 he was accepted by London Missionary Society (LMS) for work in China. However in 1839 the start of Opium War (which lasts until 1842) makes China missions impracticable.

In 1840 a chance meeting with Robert Moffat in London persuades Livingstone to work in Africa.
After the program, they gave their combined gift to Allison and Father Steve, who thanked them for being so generous and told them Glenmary missionaries would use this gift to help others.If parishes in your area would like Glenmary to provide programs for children, they can contact Allison at 800-935-0975, ext.
He was operating in front of a background of multiple civil wars in the West, and a scramble for land, power, gold, exploration and discovery, within which he found himself in a position that demanded that he possessed a little knowledge of each of those ingredients in order for him to be successful in his time. I think he fell in love with the continent of Africa and did whatever he could to fund his occupation; to be in and develop and explore the place he would ultimately die for.
I wonder if he became a little disillusioned with his traditional missional commission, and found his faith tested throughout the pain of losing his first born and his wife to fever and his oldest son to overseas war.

In which case I can only sympathise with his vocation and what is really a sad story of failed ambition and endeavour.

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