You know, If you really think about the raw definition of an MLM Marketing System its this, any system that helps you build your mlm business either by personally recruiting or empowering your team members to build.
Don’t you believe you could have an easier time building your MLM business online if you could provide those solutions to others? Think about it… If 99% of network marketers suffer from the same problem and many of them will spend a lot of money to solve those problems for themselves.
Here’s how my online mlm marketing system helps you build your business with more speed pleasure and ease. Watch this recorded google hangout about how we use a simple mlm marketing system to recruit leaders and maximize profits.
Click here to visit the website, get some free training and check out the mlm marketing system me and my friends use to build our businesses online. The mlm marketing system I’ve used to build my business for the past 4 years followed the principles of attraction marketing.
Another important principle that makes our attraction marketing system effective is that we provide ways for you to sell the system itself as well as other products where you make a commission when someone buys from you. But when you position yourself as the leader and authority in the eyes of your prospects its important to realize that your MLM business is not a one size fits all solution.
And its way easier to built trust and rapport with your prospect who you met online by selling them a solution first, and your business second, after you’ve established that trust.
Click here now for free training and to discover how to employ my mlm marketing system to get leads and sales for your business! If you liked this post you should check out my post about how to attract daily MLM opportunity leads for your business. And please share this post with your social media audience if feel it contains good business building value. When you first enter the world of multi-level marketing, you enter it with excitement and enthusiasm. You are recommended by your sponsor to make a list of names of your friends, family and co-workers. If you survive your first 90 Days in the mlm profession, you will quickly realize that not all of your friends and family members will be as excited about your mlm business as you are. Most network marketers also fail because they run out of money to keep up with their autoship programs. Your "mlm marketing system" should also allow you to make money even if your mlm leads do not get started with you in business. Your mlm marketing system should also enable you to generate between 10 – 15 qualified mlm leads everyday on an automated basis or semi-automated process online , so you never run out of people to share your business and products with. One last key element of an mlm marketing system that will get you results, is having a built in system to help you brand yourself online and train your team to the same thing. Today there are many mlm marketing system that have been popping up on the internet, but I want to give you a word of caution. One mlm marketing system I have found that really delivers on what they promise is MyLeadSystem Pro. MLSP’s mlm marketing system has been responsible for many of the top income earners in both the multi level marketing and online marketing arenas. Multi-level marketing (MLM), also known as Network Marketing, is a business-distribution model that allows a parent company to market its products directly to consumers by means of relationship referrals and direct selling. This is a software system that includes Public web site, Member web site, Stockist web site (optional), Administrator web site. With your track record, we can negotiate the best possible deals with international payment gateways. New members are always placed under the sponsor but may not be the level directly under the sponsor. In order to build a large residual income from network marketing you have to enroll a lot of people. It will automate the recruiting process for you by doing the heavy sifting and sorting of prospects.
Once you set the mlm marketing system up and get it running then your prospects will sort and sift themselves. This is essential because with any marketing system you cannot afford to spend days or weeks trying to set the system up. I am the actually trainer for My Lead System pro so I know you can set the whole system up in a very short period of time.
With My Lead System Pro you have all the beginning tools you need to get you started generating leads and cash flow for your business. When you have mastered that skill set then you can easily move on to the advanced marketing sections of MLSP to take advantage of all the tools and training to make yourself a master marketer. Even if you are a beginning marketer, with MLSP you can make mastery level income by becoming a Mastery Member.
This membership allows you to have the “Resell Rights “to a group of marketing products created by the leaders of MLSP and given to YOU to sell for 100% profit.
This is an example of how MLSP can fund your marketing while you are building your business opportunity.
Click Here to see the MLSP mlm marketing system in action and start building the lifestyle you are dreaming of. Are you looking for a way to automate your network marketing business so that you can attract more leads and sponsor more people into your business with less effort?
Unfortunately, most mlm marketers quit soon after they start because they resort to outdated methods to generating leads for their business (like making a list of warm contacts and hosting home parties). By the end of this post, you’ll have a blueprint for generating more leads and recruiting more people onto your team than ever before. I’m going to show you how you can take your mlm marketing system ONLINE so you can get the maximum results with the minimum amount of effort.
You need a constant flow of traffic coming into your online business, just like an offline store needs a constant flow of people. In most cases, I drive that traffic back to my blog so I can sell visitors on my expertise and knowledge.
This is the most important step in converting your traffic into leads and eventually happy paying customers of your products and services.
You need to provide a solution to one of your hungry buyer’s pains, but then by solving that solution it either brings up more pain or is too tedious to handle on their own that they need to buy your product or service. I’m going to give two examples at the bottom of this post after we run through the rest of the steps. A capture page is how you collect leads so that you can follow up with them after they leave your website. So, the best way to do this is to offer something of value for FREE in exchange for the email address.
This will encourage people to punch in their precious email address in order to receive your free gift.
The professional marketer sells his new leads on HIMSELF first before sending them to a sales page. When you follow the path of the professional marketer, your conversions will go through the roof because people want to join LEADERS that can help them get to where they want to be.
Without it, you become a slave to your business because everything has to be done manually.
However, with an mlm autoresponder, a new lead who enters in their email address on your capture page will automatically be sent a series of emails over the next few days that will sell them on YOUR value. Your new lead is receiving emails from you (automatically) that is selling them on your knowledge and expertise.
They begin to SEE that you are the person who can help them achieve their lifestyle and business goals.

So let’s rewind and talk about the idea of transcendence so you have a crystal clear picture of how this works in action. I’m going to illustrate two examples of how to incorporate transcendence into your sales funnel. Video 2- Dive deeper into the important elements regarding nutrition and how to make a diet plan.
Video 3 – Elaborate on the important elements regarding constructing a workout program and then come in and say you offer a program which does all of this for you with no work on their part and provides an important supplement to help achieve their goals. Did you notice how the video series solves your prospects INITIAL pain by educating them on nutrition and workout programs, but then you introduce NEW pain because they have to create the diet plan and training program themselves. If you’re getting value from this then please leave a comment at the end of this post.
For example: you can create your own products but you have to have the expertise, then you have to setup the payment processor, deal with customer service and refunds, etc. You can sell affiliate products but you make small commissions meanwhile the product owner makes all the money on the back-end. Or you can use my system which allows you to license the products as your own so you can keep 90% of the profits, still not have to deal with customer service, PLUS you get a phone sales team who follows up with your leads and closes the sale so that you don’t have to.
You’re selling your leads on YOU first, and then positioning your product or service as the solution to their pain. If you create an mlm marketing system by following the 6 steps outlined in this post then you will be setup to win. Many multi level marketers are trying to adapt to the ever changing internet marketing world. Very few multi level marketing companies rarely provide their distributors with the tools they need to run a successful business on the internet.
Locating just any system is not the problem, finding a quality mlm marketing system is another story. You long term goal when building your business online is to bring prospects to your primary business, however you want to make sure you are bringing the right prospects.
I guess I'm getting to the time of year where my Timehop seems to be full of softball for basically every year.
Except where otherwise noted, content on this site is licensed under a Creative Commons License. Why did I need any Online MLM Marketing System for that matter when I had spent thousands of dollars buying courses from the 7-figure earners in the industry, applied what I had learned and was successfully generating my own leads? Well, after spending time with the six and seven figure “guru” marketers at a huge live event in Las Vegas I was able to make some small changes to my business that had some pretty dramatic effects. You see, I had created my own marketing funnel (capture pages, email follow ups, free offers etc) and was generating my own leads for my business, but with just a few fairly simple tweaks, I was able to implement multiple income streams for the same effort as it would take to create just one. Now then – If you’ve ever tried to coach multiple team members at the same time on the BASICS of online and offline marketing without some sort of automated MLM software system to take care of it for you, then you will know the struggles I faced.  Additionally my own company didn’t have an MLM Marketing system as such to help me with this either – they just didn’t really believe in online marketing strategies.
I ended up with no time, my prospects and team members were all at different stages of their knowledge and I had the usual non-active people too.  You know the sort – they turn up to the first training and get really excited, then the second and the ooops all of a sudden life gets in the way for them for the third. You see I started to realise that the name of the game for online MLM success is pretty much the same as it is for offline – i.e you need to have a simple duplicatable MLM Marketing system exactly like MLM Lead System pro to enable you to leverage more time, so that it’s not wholly dependent upon YOU being there all the time. In my opinion it is the best MLM marketing system on the market today for training new people into an Internet or MLM online marketing business. I was initially put off by other online MLM marketing systems because they seemed to be branding and building the lists of the creators.  With MLM Lead System Pro, you are shown how to brand yourself  and develop yourself as a leader by learning leadership strategies and sound marketing skills for both on and offline MLM recruiting. MLM Lead System Pro is a simple and duplicatable system which is what EVERY Network Marketer wants and having spent thousands on my own education, I am extremely pleased with the high quality and cutting edge marketing tools and training that is in the back office of MLSP. You are able to work with the team members who are worthy of your time and not needy of your time.
Now that may sound a bit harsh – but you know what?  It’s very, very powerful.   As you develop into a leader, you will realise that you simply HAVE to quit wasting your time on the people who are never going to do anything with their business. Well the people who are wasting your time will filter themselves out by FAILING to discipline themselves enough to do the training that you suggest they go through inside MLM Lead System Pro.  Do you see how GOOD this is when the quality prospects go through the training, and end up as prime (and fully trained) candidates for your PRIMARY business opportunity??
Even if they never join your primary business opportunity right now, you have built trust with them, you have showed them the right path and as long as they are working the MLM Marketing system, training and developing themselves as leaders, they also remain as an income source for you within MLM Lead System Pro.
If you continue to stay one step ahead of all your MLM Lead System pro recruits and continue to develop your own leadership skills, people WILL be attracted to you.  When they later become unhappy with their own leadership or MLM Company – who do you think they will seek out? MLM Lead System Pro is an MLM Marketing system that is suitable for complete newbies, or for seasoned marketers who can create unique campaigns inside the system.  This sort of stuff would cost thousands if you had to do it all yourself. So that’s why I really “got it” and I did a complete ‘U’ turn and incorporated the best MLM Marketing system out there – MLM Lead system Pro  into my marketing strategy. Click the picture and take the tour of MLM Lead system pro now and come and join my private facebook group and weekly coaching webinars showing you how to get the absolute best out of the MLM marketing system.
It took me awhile too Nicky before I joined because I knew that not only did it have great training but it was a perfect tool to send people to that were at different levels in their business.
You had me a bit riled up by your title… I was coming in here to defend something I feel very passionate about, but then I realized that like many, you had once said no and then tried it and now love it. Aww, thanks Adrienne and I’m really pleased that you jumped in too – it really is the best marketing system for Network Marketers by a very long way! Thank you so much Maria and yes I agree – the 100 day challenge where we all met was just what I needed to help me kick start with MLSP and I have never looked back.
Yes MLSP is a great tool that is serving me well also so I am so pleased when I hear how much it is helping others to get a firm grip of the online side (as well as the offline techniques) of Network Marketing. That’s such a good point Ryan about working with so many leaders in the Group who are all there to help. It certainly does work for a lot of people, but some people are also still overwhelmed by the amount of information inside of MLSP. Surrounding yourself with successful people is definitely the way to go – exactly as you say! I must admit I made my first $1k using MLSP and before I joined this amazing system I had no leads, no sales, and no reps so that should say alot. It is like you mentioned the absolute best system to allow your team members to be trainined by top eaners and do it very easily with al the guidance they could possibly need. Well yes, there is very good reason that many of the top income earners in MLM use MLSP – It took me a while to realise why too, so I do understand how you feel. My contact details are at the end of this post – if you would like a callback, just leave me a voicemail. Thanks Abdul and sorry it took me so long to respond, I just found this comment that must have slipped through the net !
MLSP is a super system and like you it was the first one that I started to make a real income with. This blog uses premium CommentLuv which allows you to put your keywords with your name if you have had 5 approved comments.
Enter your email address to get this free PDF Blueprint and join my FREE Facebook Marketing Coaching Group. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Attraction marketing is basically getting prospects to come to you, asking about joining your team rather than the other way around. Actually leading with an online mlm marketing system, selling the system, then introducing your mlm on the back end once you’ve gotten them as a customer. Its kinda like putting them into some kind of buyer holding pattern until they are ready to join your business business. Well, in this article I am going to reveal to you a proven mlm marketing system that will allow you to generate 10-20 qualified mlm leads per day, sponsor 5 – 10 new reps and make money even if no one joins your mlm company. For the first time you finally see a light at the end of the tunnel and a means by which all of your dreams can come true.

And you begin the process of sharing your mlm compensation plan and showing them your catalogs and products.
The end result of this is, while you may build your list if you overcome the fear of talking to strangers, it is a very slow process to get results. If you have been in this industry for any period of time you will discover that 97% of all network marketers fail in this industry. Most people are scared to death of cold prospecting and never overcome that fear to start getting results. One thing you have to realize is that multi level marketing is a business and it does require some investment in education, products and travel expenses to attend seminars. Meaning a new member should be able to follow step by step, without needing your complete involvement. Most of these systems are more concerned about your promoting their mlm marketing system than helping you achieve your goal of building your network marketing business. I have had the opportunity to meet its founders and really take a look behind the scenes of their business.
They are responsible for the success of marketers such as David Woods, Ray Higdon, Rob Fore, and many more.
Provide online tools to customers to monitor their account, tell friends about your MLM and communicate with you. For example, SMS notification, SMS broadcast, Affiliate links, Search engine optimization, Search engine marketing, and many more. In this article and video I am going to explain to you why an mlm marketing system is great for building your network marketing business. It will also need to have advanced tools for when you become more proficient in your skills. I have to create my own diet plan, my own workout program and hold myself accountable…this is going to be hard. When I talk to other business owners most of the time they fall into two different categories. They are usually provided with a generic company website that is full of a lot of products and very little training about building a business on the internet. Here are a few tips to help you find a system that has everything you need to be successful online.
To brand yourself effectively it is important that your prospect can connect with you right away. Don't think I'll share them all but this one I got the perfect shot which rarely happens! I only wish it was around when I was in network marketing, however, as I am thinking I might again in the future, it’s a good tool to know about.
You said it as it is Im so proud of you and glad to be associated around a wonderful leader. I wrote about this today, the tips you need to follow to choose a system with prospers you. Since early in my business I’ve always made it a point to surround myself with good people and successful people so not only could I learn from them but so I could be part of that group – aim high! I went from being on information overload, overwhelmed, sick and tired of chasing around my warm market to 6 figures in 6 months.
What if it could provide a roadmap to get into profit fast and helped you solve the 2 biggest, most painful problems your business faces in the 21st century? And the doctor doesn’t give the same prescription to the patient that comes in for a headache as he does for the patient with the broken leg. And often when you do end up recruiting them, you now have a qualified, educated team member ready to build your organization and drive the growth of your residual check!
In your first 30 – 90 days this may yield you some results, if you already have credibility, and a sizeable sphere of influence. So, you talk to your sponsor and they tell you to start going to the mall and cold prospecting using the famous 3 foot rule. In the section below I explain why this old school method of building your mlm business has 97% multi level marketers failing.
The primary reason for this is a lack of qualified mlm leads and a lack of cash flow to build their mlm business. Secondly, even if you do overcome that fear, the mlm leads you generate a not qualified leads.
For most people if they are not making any money they only survive about 90 Days before they completely run out of money and cannot continue building their business. This will also help you with retention of your downline team members, because if they are making money they will stick around for the long term. If there is one reason I endorse their mlm marketing system is that it is truly focused on helping network marketers build their businesses and teaching them the skill necessary for branding themselves. We are very experienced with MLM business and incredibly well armed with software tools to get things done effectively and effeciently for your organization. Whenever the member introduces a new member, the new member registration form should be populated with the Affiliate ID. The first type of marketer usually has a pretty successful multi level marketing business offline, but feel they can go further by branching out to the internet. Having your personal information inside the mlm marketing system especially a personal video is a great touch. I have been using MLSP for 6 months now because it was all I had before plus all the training that I didn’t have before. So much great information to pass on to people just by listening and watching the trainings and webinars. I had 133 leads come in just over the weekend and it's all thanks to the training & community here in MLSP. They may be people looking to make more money, but not necessarily interested in multi level marketing. The other type of marketer is new to the industry and can see the advantages of building their business online. The first reason is by offering a front end sale it provides you, the marketer with an advertising budget. It is so important in the age where so many marketers are trying to build their business with a hands off approach. This means that most of the contacts you make will not get into your business and result in a lot of wasted time and money. This cuts through ALL the red tape in procuring a new system, because it is FREE setup, and no obligations.
This will give you the ability to not only build your list but be able to stay in touch with your prospects. You have a clear advantage if you are using a mlm marketing system that allows your prospect to tap into live training. If someone is not willing to pay for your front end sale and it is specific to advancing their internet marketing knowledge they are probably not a great prospect for you. This Affiliate ID is saved into the member's PC so whenever he signs up for an account, the Affiliate ID is automatically filled in the form (sometimes invinsible to the user). If they are interested then they are probably the perfect prospect and also worth spending time with.
Your prospects will be able to learn in in the training classes and simply come to you with questions and this will further position yourself as an expert.

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