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Twitter is making it easier for marketers to keep tabs on their ad campaigns on the platform with a new mobile ad management tool. The new tool, dubbed Twitter Ads companion, provides information about impressions, engagements, spend, cost per engagement and engagement rate. To help optimize campaigns, the ads companion also lets marketers edit campaign bids, budgets and schedules.
Twitter said that marketers will also be able to make edits in the ads companion based on campaign notifications.
Marketers will only be able to use the mobile tool, which Twitter said it will continue to enhance, after they have set up campaigns on their laptop or desktop.
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But if you do have an ad group that has the new universal ads and mobile ads in the same ad group, Google will always display your mobile ad to run on the mobile devices.
It also provides marketers with a summary across all campaigns or the ability to check the performance of specific campaigns.
Essentially, mobile and desktop ads can now live together, in the same campaigns!Since creating a great mobile ad experience involves more than just changing a keyword bid, Google is rolling out some new ad extension management features. These include check boxes for your various ad extensions, like call extensions or site link extensions, that specify that you only want your extension to run on mobile or desktop.
This way, advertisers can continue to customize the ads, landing pages, ad text (etc.) that are optimized for mobile and desktop search, respectively.

All of the new features – which I believe will greatly increase both mobile advertising adoption and Google’s revenues from mobile search – will become available to customers by the end of the month. This was helpful but a bit bizarre in that Google actually charged advertisers a dollar extra per call to use it – which, sadly, acted as a disincentive to adopt mobile search features!Going forward, Google is dumping the extra mobile call reporting fee because they would like all advertisers to take advantage of advanced call metrics and reporting as much as possible.New Mobile Advertising Conversion TypeThe ROI of mobile search is systematically under-reported because current conversion tracking is based on a user finding a thank-you page after having placed an order online or filling out a contact-us form. If you’re interested in the growing mobile search space (and you all should be!), pay close attention. In mobile search, the call to action is often to make a phone call, so traditional conversion tracking doesn’t work.Therefore, a mobile advertising conversion type is being introduced.
These changes will affect all advertisers before the end of the year.Why the Big Change?We live in a multi-screen, constantly connected mobile world today, and marketers need to be able to easily reach people across all devices with relevant ads. Because this is so overwhelming, only the most sophisticated agencies and advertisers with large budgets and dedicated in-house PPC managers took advantage of Google’s various mobile advertising features.
Accordingly they are now rolling out new “Enhanced Campaigns” with the goal of greatly simplifying PPC campaign management.
Let’s take a look at how they work.Introducing Enhanced CampaignsWhat’s changing is the way ad campaigns are structured. It would have made more sense to me if the bid adjustment factor for mobile search was set to -100% for desktop only campaigns.
What’s currently happening is that Google is doing some behind the scenes discounting to determine a mobile CPC bid for you, even though you haven’t explicitly specified a bid amount for mobile search.Going forward, it’s the responsibility of the advertiser to set mobile bids.
Within a single campaign, you can have ads for desktop and mobile – similar to how you can have different sized image ads within a single display ad campaign. There will be a little announcement in the application that says you’re eligible to upgrade a campaign. I believe that on average, they’ll be the same as desktop CPC’s after the auto-upgrade rolls out due to increased advertiser competition and all of the auto-set mobile bid adjustment factors.

In fact, last month Google CEO Larry Page was asked on an earnings call if he thought that mobile CPC’s would be going up any time soon, to which he responded:“I am very, very optimistic about it. I think that [mobile] CPCs will improve … Obviously; I mentioned that we are working to simplify our ad system for advertisers. In the light of all these changes and I am excited about our plans there:  We don’t have anything to announce today but I am very excited about our efforts there. Right now there are a bunch of advertisers that opt out of mobile search because they think (incorrectly) that the ROI of mobile search isn’t there. They’re led to believe that’s the case because they don’t fully take advantage of all the powerful mobile features that Google has to offer. And they don’t bother with those features because it’s pretty complicated and requires extra work on the part of the advertiser.In particular, small businesses that I work with every day aren’t too keen on doubling the number of ad campaigns in their account because that doubles the campaign management complexity – and they have other things to do, like running their business! It’s also a bit more challenging to track the ROI of mobile search, and the call reporting costs are incurred by the advertiser.
As you can see, it’s a bit of a vicious cycle here.I believe that the ROI of mobile search is very compelling – you have a lot of valuable leverage, like precise location, immediacy, commercial intent, and 1-click-to-call going for it. It’s always been a matter of just getting the advertiser to adopt the somewhat complicated best practices in terms of campaign setup and reporting to realize these benefits. By simplifying this process, I’m confident that you’ll see an uptake in mobile advertising adoption and ROI.
I think the new enhanced campaigns will be particularly helpful for the SMBs who are not yet taking advantage of mobile search.What’s Your Take on the New Google AdWords Enhanced Mobile Campaigns?Let me know your thoughts in the comment fields below!

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