Google has released their AdSense for Mobile program for a couple of countries now after testing it for some while*. Ouvert de ce fait à tous les developpeurs concevant des programmes pour iPhone, iPod Touch ou pour les smartphones Android, cette offre permet de monetiser son application via l'affichage de publicites (texte et images) ciblees. Apres la publicite mobile classique et le partage de revenus dans la recherche mobile, Google cible donc à concurrencer des societes comme Medialets, Admod ou Greystripe, les leaders actuels de l'insertion de publicites dans les logiciels iPhone. There's now a mobile version of AdSense, enabling publishers to place text ads on mobile-optimized websites. Now publishers can place targeted text ads on mobile sites for further monetization opportunities. In other Google mobile news, you can now connect with your iCal using text messages from your cell phone. AdSense for mobile content allows publishers to generate earnings from their mobile webpages using targeted Google ads.
It would have been better, if they had CPM advertising in AdSense for mobile.Anyway, we are participating in the CPC model of AdSense for Mobile and so far it has been a very good experience. There is no preview tool to see the Ads, you will just have to use any mobile phones to see the ads. AdSense for mobile ads are precisely matched to the content of your mobile webpage using the same targeting technology as AdSense for content.

In order for Google to properly target ads to your mobile website, crawler needs to be able to access your mobile webpages.
Also be aware that Google will not be able to crawl your webpages for ads targeting if you are restricting access to your mobile website to a specific set of IP addresses. This entry was posted in Mobile and tagged Ad-Placement, AdSense-for-mobile on July 9, 2008 by Satish. Google only seems to offer a code snippet which instantly writes its output to the client, using e.g.
Medialets revendiquait dernierement la 60 millionieme installation de « Medialytics », son outil de publicite mobile, sur au total 13 millions d'iPhone et d'iPod Touch.
Powered by its own proprietary technology, Mashable is the go-to source for tech, digital culture and entertainment content for its dedicated and influential audience around the globe. Just like AdSense for content, with AdSense for mobile content Google matches ads to the content of your site — in this case, your mobile website. For instance, publishers may not display their own interstitial pages before taking users to the advertiser’s website. And only one image ad is shown(no multiple image ads can be shown using AdSense for Mobile Contextual Advertising).
AdSense crawlers scan the page to determine its content and then automatically serve ads that are relevant to what your visitors see.

Today, I am going to walk your way through another easy steps to effectively add AdSense for mobile on Blogger mobile template.5 Easy Steps To Enable AdSense for Mobile on Blogger1.
For instance, they say you’re only allowed to use a maximum of 1 AdSense unit on any mobile site (whereas more units are allowed on non-mobile sites). Select your preferences and Save.If you followed this steps correctly, you should see AdSense ads on the top of your page.
You can view the mobile version of your post by simply adding this snippet below at the end of your post url.
If you already have an AdSense account, they are instructions on how you can link your blog to your existing account. Reply Earnonlineng Aug 30, 2013 at 2:46 pm i have done the necessary steps and the ads still not showing on mobile. I just stumbled upon your blog and wanted to say that I’ve truly enjoyed surfing around your blog posts.

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