You can grab a presentation of the list below from slideshare below and scribd at the bottom of this page. Dimoso – specialist mobile PR and marketing agency with an international client list that reads like a Who’s Who? Fetch Media – provides strategy, creative and media services surrounding tablets and mobile devices. Somo – marketing agency that specialises in delivering mobile campaigns for the likes of Conde Nast, Virgin and EA. Addictive Mobile – full service mobile marketing agency based in London, started by founders of web marketing company Modern Media. Mobile Interactive Group – mobile services company covering marketing, advertising, UX, mobile site and app development. Himumsaiddad – one of the new wave of mobile-savvy marketing agencies springing up in London – love the name! Incentivated – mobile marketing services and technology company, providing everything from mCommerce solutions to location and SMS advertising. MyOxygen – marketing agency and app developer that provides mobile optimised campaigns, websites and mCommerce solutions. Mobile 5 – creative mobile agency based in London that specialises in delivering rich media ads via HTML5, has delivered campaigns for Samsung and Waitrose.
Odyssey Mobile Interactive – mobile ad agency providing creative, strategic and technical solutions.
Greenfield Media – marketing and advertising agency based in Cardiff that specialises in mobile marketing. My Mobile Agency – planning and buying agency helping mobile service providers grow their business through distribution partnerships and mobile advertising. Yodel Mobile – a strategically-led full service agency that offers strategy, development and delivery for organisations looking to incorporate mobile and digital strategies into their business, Yodelmobile provides mobile strategies, plans mobile campaigns, and manages implementation for UK, European and global delivery. Fizz Mobile – London-based agency that offers mobile strategy advice, application development, mCommerce and mobile website development. Movement – digital marketing agency that specialises in mobile strategy, app development, website development and messaging. YOC Group – mobile marketing and technology group, based in the UK but with offices throughout Europe.
Cymba – London-based marketing agency that delivers mobile solutions to clients such as The BBC, Bupa, Nokia and Aviva. Sponge Group – mobile marketing agency that develops solutions for search, apps, mCoupons mCRM, video, interactive and more. Imagine – mobile marketing and social marketing company that works with augmented reality and location based solutions, as well as mobile sales and app development. Found – performance marketing agency that specialises in social and mobile marketing, offering mobile PPC, Pay-per-Call and mobile lead generation services. Mob Whizz – marketing agency that focuses on helping small to medium sized business develop a mobile presence with mobile websites. The Platinum Group – Cardiff-based marketing company specialising in helping small and medium-sized businesses get to grips with mobile and hyper-local solutions.
Speedies – Bournemouth-based mobile marketing agency that specialises in developing mobile websites and strategies for local and national businesses. UpStream – international full service mobile marketing agency, with headquarters in London. Mobishu – specialist creative agency providing a boutique service for brand owners to deliver mobile marketing strategies based on apps and services. Just Like That – Cardiff-based agency that provides mobile marketing and hyper-local solutions for restaurants, bars and clubs. Brands On Mobile – full service agency that helps brands create, deploy and manage mobile marketing campaigns, based in Hertfordshire.
Catchy – mobile marketing agency based in Bath that helps publishers promote apps, websites and helps brands create mobile strategies. Text Blue – international mobile marketing company headquartered in London that specialises in mobile development and strategy. Mobivize – delivers mobile marketing solutions to the traditional and digital marketing industry, as well as brands and retailers.
Trinity Mobile – marketing company that specialises in mobile marketing, mobile ticketing and mobile couponing. Through Mobile – provides a range of mobile marketing solutions, such as mobile websites, mobile apps, integrated social media apps and QR codes. CornerBlue – full-service mobile marketing agency based in Santa Monica, which also boasts a CPA publisher network. Briabe – full-service mobile marketing agency, targeting US Hispanic, African and Asian American consumer groups, based in Venice CA. Zonica – full service mobile strategy and development agency, based in San-Francisco and London. KickStart – full-service mobile marketing agency based in Palm Desert CA, providing local and mobile marketing solutions to SMEs and non-profit organisations.
Avanti Interactive – digital marketing agency based in Beverly Hills that specialises in mobile solutions and social media. Bizm3 – mobile marketing company based in Silicon Valley, providing mobile strategy development, campaign setup, integration, and ongoing management.
SoapBox – full service mobile marketing agency that helps brands plan and execute mobile strategies, based in Carlsbad, CA. Relevvant – mobile marketing company based in San-Francisco that helps advertisers target and optimize mobile campaigns across all mobile channels by leveraging deep social data. 5th Finger – mobile marketing company that specialises on providing mobile solutions to the retail industry. JumpFox – full-service interactive agency that specialies in mobile and social media.
Lightwave Mobile – helps SMEs develop targeted, valuable, and easy-to-use mobile marketing solutions .
Admaxim – marketing firm based in Redwood CA that offers an integrated mobile advertising and messaging platform for brands, operators, publishers and ad agencies.

Applisphere – San-Francisco based marketing firm that focuses on developing marketing solutions for app developers and publishers.
Ansible – full service mobile marketing and advertising agency, within the Interpublic Group.
Vocalize Mobile – mobile marketing company based in New York that specialises in mobile website development and mobile search.
Plastic Mobile – full service mobile agency providing everything from strategy and consulting to augmented reality app development.
Ping Mobile – full-service global mobile marketing and media services company based in New York, with offices in Australia, India and Israel. Hip Cricket – mobile marketing and advertising company that empowers brands, agencies and media properties to engage customers. Joule – full service mobile agency based in New York, which provides services from campaign strategy through implementation and measurement. Mobile Moxie – provides mobile marketing consulting for companies who want to drive traffic, sales and loyalty through the mobile channel.
Punchkick – full service mobile marketing agency offering app and website development, SMS solutions and more. Avid Mobile – mobile communication company with clients ranging from national franchise groups to the smallest entrepreneurs. 3rd Vine – full service mobile marketing agency with offices in Las Vegas and Washington DC. Plantain Media – Seattle-based agency providing everything from mobile-optimized landing pages and graphics to media planning, ad serving, and analytics. Apollo Bravo – mobile marketing firm based in Virginia, offers mobile and social media campaigns from ideation to full-scale execution and reporting.
Mobile Dreams Factory – full service agency based in Madrid, offering mobile marketing solutions from idea to measurement, including creative and technology development and deployment.
Pure Agency – mobile marketing agency based in Paris, has worked with high-profile French clients such as GQ France and Disneyland Paris. Mobiento – full service mobile agency with headquarters in Stockholm, Sweden and offices in the US, Norway and Denmark. PhoneValley – full service agency focused on mobile media planning and buying, to mobile interactive services and strategic consultancy. 01tribe – digital marketing agency that focuses on social and mobile marketing, as well as app development. Panacea – facilitates mobile marketing campaigns through the use of SMS, mobile web and mobile applications, based in Cape Town, SA.
Mobile Teleshoppe – consulting-based organisation that specialises in advertising, creativity and technology on the mobile platform. 7 Dffrnt Knds Smke – full service mobile marketing agency based in Johannesburg, South Africa. Cellempower – Dubai-based mobile marketing agency, specialising in SMS and MMS campaigns in the GCC.
Moblin – full service mobile ad agency based in Israel, worked with brands such as Pampers, Land Rover and Carslberg.
Our riders are ambassadors for your brand – personable and always on the lookout for ways to engage with consumers to maximize the impact of your promotional message.
As it is unique, attention grabbing and a moving advertising platform, your target audience will remember you. Contact AD COOL MEDIA to learn how CoolBikeMedia can add value to your next outdoor advertising campaign or marketing initiative. Mobile advertising is expected to hit $7.29 billion in 2013 and Google is likely to earn more than half of those revenues, according to a new forecast from eMarketer.
The prediction was compiled from year-end results from numerous major mobile publishers, in conjunction with estimates from other research firms, consumer mobile usage data, and interviews with industry leaders, brand executives, and ad agencies. Based on its dominance in the mobile search market and solid showing in mobile display, Google has become the largest player in the mobile search arena by far. In terms of mobile display advertising revenue, Facebook continues to be the leader and is forecast to earn nearly three in 10 mobile display ad dollars this year. MDG Advertising is a full-service advertising agency and one of Florida’s top creative ad agencies.
This entry was posted on Monday, April 22nd, 2013 at 9:02 am and is filed under General, Industry News, Mobile Marketing. Mobile advertising is either a significant aspect or a top priority in the overall marketing plan for a majority of consumer-facing brand marketers and agencies. Location targeting proves popular among respondents, with 78% claiming to use location for mobile ad campaigns. Asked to identify the top factor holding brands back from spending on mobile location advertising, marketers (30%) and agencies (29%) each pointed first to the (in)ability to measure success. While that suggests that measurement concerns are top-of-mind for mobile location advertising, respondents see things differently when it comes to mobile advertising as a whole.
Recent survey results from a MarketingCharts study on advertising influence offer some indicators regarding consumers’ attention to advertisers when using mobile devices. Whatever the response, one thing is clear: spending on mobile advertising is rapidly growing.
Marketers and agencies were split by region on the biggest recent developments with mobile advertising. About the Data: The results are based on a survey of 574 ad agency representatives (n=172) and marketing decision-makers (n=402) at consumer-facing brands across the world.
Subscribe today to our free email newsletter to receive adaily digest with the latest marketing and media trends.Concise explanations, clear charts, useful data: what's not to like? Valerie Christopherson runs one of the leading corporate communications firms with a major focus on mobile clients. Editor in Chief Mickey Alam Khan covers advertising agencies, associations, research and mobile marketing issues, as well as column submissions.
Advertising agency conglomerate WPP Group plc's GroupM media management arm has tapped former Crisp Wireless executive Michael Nevins to head mobile operations for North America.Mr.
DVD kiosk brand Redbox is the first marketer to partner with Tap Me for in-game advertising on iOS mobile devices.

Here we’ve listed the best mobile marketing and advertising agencies in the UK and USA and across mainland Europe and Asia, the Middle East and Africa.
Specialises in mobile campaigns, mobile loyalty programs, mobile web sites and mobile applications.
This indicates a 77 percent increase over last year’s explosive 178 percent growth in mobile ad spending. With offices in Boca Raton, FL and New York, NY, MDG specializes in developing integrated 360° marketing strategies that give clients a competitive advantage. That’s according to a recent report [download page] from xAd, which found more than 8 in 10 respondents from each group saying that mobile ads play at least some role in their marketing plans. The most common use of location is to target a specific audience, followed by targeting consumers around businesses or points of interest and sending location-relevant messages. Among marketers, campaign performance (21%) and education around use cases and benefits of location (21%) were next on the list, while agencies see campaign performance as the bigger concern.
When asked what the biggest challenges are for mobile advertising, the lack of standardized metrics was a top-3 challenge only for marketers in North America and Western Europe. In separate survey results from xAd and Telmetrics, young mobile owners were far more likely to claim that smartphone ads offering discounts and coupons would prompt an action than to say the same for ads targeted to their search.
In their revenue report covering 2014, the IAB and PricewaterhouseCoopers revealed that mobile ad spend in the US grew by 76% year-over-year to capture one-quarter of online ad budgets. In North America, accurate location targeting (22%) is seen as the single biggest development, ahead of user-created content (20%) and new devices (17%).
How has she seen mobile marketing PR evolve over the past three years?As founder and managing director of Global Results Communications, Ms. Nevins will hold the newly created post of senior partner and group director of mobile technologies for North America at GroupM. Of course, this directory is still very much a work in progress and we’ve bound to have missed a few companies. These ad dollars represent spending on display, search, and messaging-based formats served to all mobile devices.
Our core capabilities include branding, logo design, digital marketing, print advertising, mobile marketing, email marketing, media planning and buying, TV and radio, video ads, Web design and development, content marketing, social media marketing, and search engine optimization (SEO).
Instead, respondents in 3 of 4 regions covered (North America, Western Europe and Asia-Pacific) tabbed privacy concerns as the top challenge, each time ahead of consumers ignoring mobile ads. That’s unlikely to abate, per the global survey from xAd, in which 11-22% of respondents (depending on the region) said that mobile ad budgets would increase by more than 50% over the next 2 years and an additional 29-38% said they would increase, though by a smaller margin.
In Western Europe, though, new devices (20%) represent the largest development, ahead of user-created content (19%) and interactive ads (18%). He is based in New York."My mandate's certainly to be an internal catalyst and fire-starter for mobile," Mr.
Through the Tap Me arrangement, the company will be able to provide gamers with instantaneous Redbox offers that could include extra lives and other content access. So if you think there’s a mobile marketing agency that should be included on our list please contact us or add a comment below. Those rankings swapped among Latin American respondents, for whom consumer apathy is a greater challenge than privacy concerns.
Interactive ads proved the most significant development among those in Latin America and the Asia-Pacific region, with new devices and accurate location targeting also in the top 3 for each group. Christopherson discusses the expectations of her mobile clients, the market changes and what mobile brands need to do to get their message heard. The majority of those mobile ad revenues will come from the company’s increasing monetization of YouTube. Nevins most recently was vice president of sales at Crisp Wireless, a provider of mobile applications and content management platforms to online publishers, media firms, agencies and brands.
Facebook accounted for almost 10 percent of total mobile ad revenues last year and is expected to bring in around 13 percent in 2013. Redbox is looking to generate brand awareness with gamers where they are already playing, without interrupting their experience.
Nevins will also engage with the Mobile Marketing Association and the Interactive Advertising Bureau on mobile benchmarking standards and measurement issues."Certainly I'm already involved around a lot of strategy to integrate mobile into client communications plans," Mr. Uninterrupted playOne of the benefits to gamers of Tap Me’s mobile advertising platform is that it allows game developers to wrap key game functions in branded rewards without taking the gamer out of the action. Those that understand the importance of engaging the audience are those that are successful today. Nevins will report to John Montgomery, chief operating officer for GroupM Interaction North America.
He will also report to Stefan Meyer-Spickenagel, Dusseldorf, Germany-based global director of mobile at GroupM.Mr. IPhone and iPad gamers can participate through Tap Me’s network of games, including hit mobile games like Kitten Cannon, Retro Revolution 2 and Charmed. Nevins is the sole mobile executive within GroupM's North American corporate unit to handle mobile duties. In the future, Redbox customers will have the opportunity to earn real-world rewards through their mobile gaming sessions. But shops within GroupM do have their own mobile experts."GroupM and its agencies see mobile as a unique, powerful communications channel that will evolve to become one of the most powerful media channels, and we believe that integration is key to realizing this power and potential of mobile," Mr. Players who earn rewards will also have the option to share their achievements with friends on Facebook and Twitter. Nevins said."While we believe that mobile can be a great standalone channel, we think it's most effective as a glue between other media types," he said. Our specialty in the space affords us the opportunity to work with top-notch players that get it.
To me, that is a great thing – why should we let technology challenges stifle the dream of making it possible?

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