Fast food giant McDonald’s is continuing to use mobile advertising to not only solidify its place in the industry and stay ahead of the competition, but drive new and existing customers to its locations.
The advertising watchdog has banned a Home Office advert telling illegal immigrants to go home, saying it was misleading. In its ruling, the ASA said the reference to the number of arrests was misleading because it did not relate to those detained in the specific areas where people would have seen the vans.
Scientists say they now have a near-perfect picture of the genetic events that cause breast cancer, which they hope will unlock new ways of treating the disease. KFC is running a mobile campaign to promote its Hot Wings that includes in-application and mobile Web display advertising, as well as custom brand integration within a mobile game. Every once in awhile we see a mobile-based application that is just so innovative we have to write about it. See how a struggling theater in Spain used iPads and facial (smile) recognition to save their business!
But every once in awhile we see a campaign that reminds us that in fact, marketing is all about engaging people at an emotional level – this is what really counts. Take a look at this campaign that was put together to help drive donations for the Anzac Appeal in Australia this year. This summer in Brazil, Nivea wanted to expand their engagement, particularly with mothers, and particularly related to sun protection products. The result is one of the most interesting campaigns we’ve seen for quite some time, combining a branded mobile app with a disposable location tag to provide parents with peace of mind at the beach this summer. Big sporting events always mean big advertising budgets, and brands trying to go the extra mile to capitalize on the fans’ enthusiasm. The biggest sporting event of 2014 is undoubtedly the World Cup in Brazil, and McDonald’s has launched a new campaign using augmented reality to engage fans while they are eating. FIFA 14 is the latest version of the EA SPORTS FIFA series, one of the most popular video game series ever. This year, EA Sports decided to run a very targeted mobile campaign around the launch of FIFA 14, trying to reach true football fans, and at the moment when they are most in the mood to think about football. Over the past 10 years there have been volumes written about the potential of using NFC for mobile payments.
Now Guiness, the world’s number one stout, has implemented a mobile marketing campaign which simply uses NFC to engage and reward customers in the pub.
The best advertising campaigns are often those that help people communicate their true feelings and emotions. We are always looking for innovative new mobile marketing campaigns to share on MobiAD News – campaigns that manage to engage consumers in unique ways to build a brand or drive sales.

Wouldn’t it be great to take some of the best advertising campaigns from the past, and bring them into the 21st century world of mobile? The results worked so well that the campaign was awarded the first Mobile Grand Prix at the Cannes Lions festival. Widening the audience for the games meant finding a way to market to non-traditional Just Dance fans, and it turned out that using a mobile app was a great way to go! Beer is of course a very popular drink in Ireland, and most people already have a favorite brand of beer that they drink on a regular basis.
So what can a beer brand do to encourage Irish men to try a different beer when they go to the pub?
Budweiser found the answer to this challenge in a very innovate mobile campaign that provided mobile coupons whose value varied according to the local weather! Part of the beauty of football is that every fan believes they are an expert, and every fan believes they know better than the manager how to run the team. This past summer, Carling Black Label changed all of this, and gave football fans in South Africa the opportunity to “manage” two of the most famous teams in South Africa for one of the biggest matches of the year. Winter is the flu season around the world, and many companies launch special advertising campaigns at this time of year for flu related products. For quite some time, the Coca-Cola company has been supporting environmental causes, including contributions to World Wildlife Foundation (WWF) to help the group protect polar bears and their habitat. This year, for their Christmas campaign, Coke has begun shipping Coke in an all-white can, and has been encouraging consumers to scan the can to make a contribution to the fund. Heineken’s Starplayer app is a real-time mobile game that gets fans engaged with the brand and their favorite football team at the same time. Mapping provider Navteq has released the results of its first hyper local ad campaigns, which saw engagement levels of between 4.49% and 11% on its LocationPoint advertising network.
Istanbul is one of the most vibrant cities in Europe, and the Beyoglu district is the heart of the city. Last summer, mobile agency Mobilera teamed up with media agency Outeractive to do just that for Unilever’s Cornetto brand, bringing an outdoor audience participation multi-player mobile game to the millions that pass through this neighborhood on a daily basis.
The company has used mobile advertising in the past to promote new menu items and bolster brand awareness.
But the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) cleared the campaign of being offensive and irresponsible. GO HOME OR FACE ARREST."ASA chief executive Guy Parker told BBC Radio 4's Today programme the campaign was considered unlikely to cause "widespread offence".
It said the figure referred to arrests which occurred across a large part of north London more than two weeks before the campaign began.

The calls-to-action of the quick-service restaurant brand’s display and SMS ads include click-to-mobile-Web and click-to-download-application. The video follows the Cartier leopard as it reveals a selection of accessories for him and her, and eternal diamonds."Historically, luxury brand digital ad buys started with selecting sites they wanted their brand to be aligned with," said Ken Harlan, president of MobileFuse, New York.
Some critics said the slogan was reminiscent of language used by the National Front in the 1970s. It said that, while the phrase had been used in the past to attack immigrants, the Home Office was now using it in a different context. The advert said there had been 106 arrests in the area in the past week and encouraged illegal immigrants to contact immigration officials for information on how they could be helped to leave the country.
The report said: "We concluded that the poster was unlikely to incite or exacerbate racial hatred and tensions in multi-cultural communities.
He commented on this story based on his mobile advertising expertise.Cartier is a renowned French jeweler and watchmaker. The brand is best-known for its wedding and engagement rings, diamond jewelry and other luxury goods. Mobile adsThe mobile ad for Cartier’s Winter Tale is currently running within the New York Times iPhone application.
In addition, Trojan expanded the Jersey Shore integration to Foursquare, with real-time Jersey Shore cast member check-ins and date venue tips. Additionally, running a time-sensitive promotion is a good way to increase consumer engagement. The microsite asks consumers to join Cartier on Facebook, send the page to a friend, sign up for the branded newsletter and find boutiques near them. Most recently, Fast food giant McDonald’s proved that it is a force to reckon with in the mobile space with a mobile advertising campaign that promoted its breakfast items (see story). Social mediaConsumers can follow Cartier on both Facebook and Twitter online and via mobile.
Handley claims consumer feedback and results from the pre-go-live research study have been overwhelmingly positive, with online and mobile video postings and social commentary increasing every day.
The Facebook destination includes photos of the furry Cartier leopard alongside various products.
Here is the Facebook homepage for the Cartier Winter Tale campaign on PC and on mobile:Multichannel mixWhat is most exciting about this campaign is the fact that it touches consumers on multiple channels.

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