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Because of its wide platform and device support, Flash has long been marketed as a develop-once-deploy-everywhere platform.
The one major drawback to this strategy is that the available feature set usually tends to be the lowest common denominator of all platforms.
Flash's animation antecedents clearly make it great software for game designers, and its new sprite sheet feature offers many advantages for game development.
Generating sprite sheets in Flash CS6 is quite simple: Create a pixel-based animation and put all the sprites in one large flat image file. When Flash was first developed, the goal was to create animations for the Web, and bandwidth was the main issue. From animated vector to bitmap: Flash CS6's sprite sheet feature will export an animation as a series of frames, all saved in a single file. Not only does Flash CS6 make the process of creating sprite sheets easier than in the past, using them lets you quickly and efficiently adapt your game to different devices.
I created a small animation by using a vector image of a penguin that I imported from Illustrator. Previously code-named Molehill, this new technology allows you to render up to 100,000 z-buffered triangles at full-screen HD resolution at 60Hz. Another nice feature is that Flash will optimize your sprite sheet by cropping the sprites before packing them together.
Adobe is supporting mobile developers with various features, most of which are specifically geared toward games. While cross-platform developer tools tend to be limited to the most common features on all the devices, Adobe hopes that there will be a market for third-party developers to provide additional features for Flasha€”a way for developers to just download an .ane file and put it into their Library path. Some extensions are already on Adobe's developer site, and Adobe plans to rotate extensions on and off of the site based on relevance and when new content becomes available. Flash CS6 features Adobe Air mobile simulation, which allows you to test for accelerometer and GPS functions.
Flash CS6 doesna€™t support HTML5 yet, but Flash can still be used as a basis for creating HTML5 animations using Zoe and CreateJS. Hollywood is starting to produce 3D movies at 60 fps, and it's likely that in the near future, we will become accustomed to 3D at 60 fps. Of course, without discovery, developers have a difficult time getting download numbers, which means a difficult time generating revenue, whether from in-app advertising or the pay per download model. There are various companies trying to address this issue, companies like Appboy, Appsfire, Chomp, and more. Originally Bump was used to transfer contacts, but it has since evolved to enable data transfer including photos, music, and more.
In terms of the actual technology behind this new feature, Apple does not have a native API for scanning your iPhone’s apps, so Bump bypassed that restriction by scanning the apps that you recently ran on your device (Appsfire founder Ouriel Ohayon pointed out to me that Appsfire scans your apps as well and also enables you to share them over the air).
Youa€™ll be joining the 130,000 Smart Insights members from 80 countries who trust our advice to Plan, Manage and Optimize their marketing. To help you keep up-to-date with the rise in consumer and company adoption of mobile and its impact on mobile marketing, I will keep this post updated throughout 2016 as the new stats come through to support ourA 120 page Expert members Ebook explaining how to create a A mobile marketing strategy. Our Mobile Marketing Strategy Briefing explains the key issues to plan for in mobile marketing. The latest data shows that we are now well past the tipping point mentioned at the top of this post.
The implications are clear - if you're not able to reach your audience through mobile search or display, or you're not providing a satisfactory mobile experience you will miss out compared to competitors who are. The trend in mobile device usage ('vertical screens') compared to all screen use again shows that we're well past the tipping point. We've created a new summary showing the global popularity of using different digital devicesA using data from Global Web Index to include in for our State of Digital Marketing 2015 infographic.
It clearly shows the popularity of smartphone ownership and emerging mobile devices like Smartwatches. Insight from comScore published in their February 2014 market review shows the picture that marketers need to build up. However, we need to be careful with interpreting data on hours spent,A since we spend most of our time on smartphones checking email and using social media. So with so many site visits still on desktop, it's important when designing using a responsive web designA that the desktop experience isn't degraded and this has led to many larger businesses using an adaptive web design where layout and content are tailored for desktop, tablet and smartphone screen dimensions. We have a separate compilation of Ecommerce conversion stats if you're creating a business case for mobile optimised sites as explained in our mobile marketing strategy guide, this data is also valuable since it shows the variation in conversion rate by mobile type. The data clearly shows that Smartphone add-to-cart and conversion rates are much lower than for desktop - important if you're making the business case for a mobile responsive site. This source is useful since it's a regular survey showing the growth in use of mobile site visitors. Consumer preference for mobile apps vs mobile sites should also be thought through as part of mobile strategy.
We reported comScore data in May 2012 that showed that on smartphonesA 82% of mobile media time is via apps. This 90% figure is a key insight as companies decide whether to develop mobile apps or restrict themselves to mobile optimised sites. This research sourced from a 2015 study by eMarketerA into mobile ad budgets shows a different view.
This update to this post features some of the latest updates on mobile statistics from 2014 and highlight some of the best sources to make the business case for investment in mobile marketing in your presentations and business cases to colleagues or clients. In addition to downloads for each country, you can also create your own charts focusing on KPIs of interest. Comscore is one of theA key worldwide sources useful for marketers to help us find out about the changes in use of mobile media by consumers.
The report shows much lower levels of adoption in other European countries though - not even a fifth in most.
The report also has useful summary of dayparts of different device behaviour, similar to others published.

We hope this compilation of statistics about mobile usage and effectiveness continues to be useful - please share if it is and we'll continue to update it in 2015. If you want a single source of the latest stats across the whole of digital marketing, for Expert members, we compile a regularly updated set of usage statistics to use in presentationsA - it's updated each quarter so all the latest stats are categorised in a single place for including in presentations.
Our "one-stop" download includes the latest stats to include in presentations to make the case for digital investment. I need the exact answer for Future of Mobile applications when their usability is concerned. As per the market scenario, most of the companies realize that in order to survive in this cutthroat competition and capture market they have gone for something through which they interact with their consumers and make them brand loyal. Thus the best option is to make an app or make a website which is mobile friendly, therefore it is useful for both the sellers and the buyers or the consumers.
E-commerce should learn the data and see how their mobile marketing campaign can be improved. If you purchased the portable edition of Minecraft for your Android or iOS device, you might have noticed that it’s a bit different from the current version of Minecraft playable on computers.
For a while now, Mojang has said that they will be bringing more and more features to the currently desolate world of Minecraft: PE. Once this new update is in place, according to Kaplan, future updates will likely come at an even faster pace. Joey Davidson has been a diehard gamer ever since his dad brought home the family’s NES and a copy of Paperboy. Our parent company, IDG, receives advertisement revenue for shopping activity generated by the links. What started out as a simple animation program 15 years ago has been transformed over time into a full-fledged development platform for interactive apps on the Web. Today, the largest markets for such technology are mobile games and devices, so it's no surprise that Adobe has focused on these categories in the Flash CS6 update. Adobe hopes to compensate for this through prebuilt, native extensions that access platform- or device-specific capabilities. Sprite sheets let you convert vector art animations into bitmaps that are saved in a single large image file. In a game, you create the animation by loading this single image and moving it quickly from one coordinate to another. Create your game in high resolution (for the iPad), then change the settings of the stage and export your elements again, say, for a mobile phone. After resizing the stage for an older iPhone 3G, and exporting the elements again, the same animation would run without a hitch.
So instead of using the same size for each frame, Flash automatically adjusts the size, reducing the total required file size.
On the Adobe website you will find this 3D game tutorial running at 60 frames per second as an example of what is possible. For example, to allow your app to vibrate an iOS or Android phone, you'd use the Vibrate.ane file. At this point, you have to hunt these extensions down on your own, which I find a little annoying. In the simulator, you can test your app by entering geolocation data, and by using the gyro and various hand gestures. We give you the scoop on what's new, what's best and how to make the most out of the products you love. We have all heard the numbers, 300k iOS apps, 200k Android apps, plus BlackBerry, Symbian, and all other platforms bring the total number of mobile applications to the millions.
I already wrote a few quick tips for developers, but a new solution was just introduced, which provides a very unique angle on the issue of app discovery. Each one brings its own angle, but today, Bump, which is in my opinion, one of the most futuristic mobile apps out there, is jumping into the discovery ring. I have over 200 apps on my phone, but the ones I would be interested in sharing are obviously the ones I use most, so Bump’s solution actually makes a lot of sense.
Her deck is nearly 200 slides, so we have selected the statistics which best summarise the importance of mobile devices today. Mobile digital media time in the US is now significantly higher at 51% compared to desktop (42%). This panel data shows that the majority of consumers are "multiscreening", accessing retail sites on mobile or desktop, so consistent experiences across device need to be deployed. As Rob Thurner explained in his post on KPIs to review mcommerce effectiveness, it's important to keep track of the split between users of mobile and desktop devices visiting your site(s).
This data from Nielsen on mobile media time shows the consumer preference for mobile apps which account for 89% of media time in mobile as might be expected from the use of the most popular social network, email and news apps. A Today, the latest data from Yahoo's Flurry analytics shows that 90 percent of consumer's mobile time is spent in apps. A You do have to be careful about interpreting this since, as the chart below shows, Facebook, messaging, games and utility apps will naturally have the greatest time spent and browser use is still significant by volume if not proportion.
In 2015 mobile ad spending accounts for 49% of digital ad spending, which is only slightly behind the trends of how people are using their devices. It may be useful for pushing back against over-enthusiastic colleagues or understanding consumer barriers. This graph shows the pattern across Europe - follow the link above for US and other country breakdowns.
So extrapolating UK behaviour to other countries would seem to be a mistake with the mobile figure still key.
Audience growth rate is 80% + on mobile in these UK sites, but lower on grocer sites for obvious reasons. Ofcom Internet usage report.A Ofcoma€™s Eighth International Communications Market Report was published in December 2014, this examines take-up, availability, price and use of broadband, landlines, mobiles, TV, radio and post across 17 major countries. May be this can be the other aspect through which many eCommerce companies are switching towards mobile app development.
By knowing what they are targeting and how mobile marketing works, they can allocate their marketing budget better and also reach more potential audience. Mobile marketing is becoming a vital component of a well-rounded digital marketing strategy. Those features, however, were meant to push the game towards a creative style of play rather than that of survival.

Those that are upset over news of the mobile variant moving towards a survival style will take some joy in one of Kaplan’s responses on Twitter. Gossip Cop can exclusively bust this rumor, which was started by a webloid that has repeatedly gotten a slew of Kardashian stories wrong.
Because the buttons are attached programmatically, they should not be interpreted as editorial endorsements. Now, Flash Professional CS6 has evolved into a powerful authoring environment for creating animation and multimedia content for immersive interactivity across desktops, devices, tablets, smartphones, and televisions. It seems promising that this strategy could open the game developer market for Adobe via Flash CS6. By showing only a small portion of the image and moving the position of the image, Flash cycles through all frames of the animation.
This technique has been used in game development for years because it requires the least amount of processing power; the Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) does the heavy work. Since running the animation relied on the processing power of a desktop computer, this worked out fine. What makes working with this new feature so convenient is that it can also export sprite sheets in Starling format. AIR is available on iOS, Mac OS X, Android, BlackBerry Tablet OS, and Windows, which makes Flash a powerful cross-platform development tool.
The developer community would greatly benefit if Adobe offered a central directory where developers could post their extensions and have users rate them. Adobe is offering a way to create such enhanced realism and fluidity today with Flash Professional CS6. Bump is a cross platform mobile app (iPhone and Android) that allows users to bump their mobile devices together in order to transfer data.
The newest update scans your iPhone apps and allows you to share your favorites with your friend by bumping the two phones together. Will it really help developers spread the word about their apps or is bumping  hands together at a conference something a little too strange to go mainstream? It's now a question of using the statistics to understand how consumers behaveA when using different types of mobile devices and what their preferences are.
Although mobile is growing in importance, this data from Adobe's latest Digital IndexA shows that in all industries the majority of visits are still on desktop. But this has implications for advertising on mobile to reach consumers using apps like Facebook and Gmail.
These stats also show projections for future growth, which is important as it shows where the market is going. As might be expected search was the most common starting point, but it's lower than desktop showing the importance of branded apps and mobile sites. A regular survey for different countries starting in 2011, this enabled you to prepare your own reports.A Now this has been replaced by Google's Consumer barometer which enables you to create similar reports. For example, less than a third of Australians have ever bought on a smartphone and you can see there are barriers of security and preference for desktop purchases.
The International Telecoms Union data reports mobile usage including mobile broadband subscriptions to show growth in use of mobile.
This is a great source for showing the overall level of app usage across the four major mobile app platforms by country and drilling down into the popularity of individual apps for different sectors like retail, banking and travel. As example, here's the picture of desktop vs mobile device in the UK showing that when you look at most important device,A desktop and laptop remain important.
Here is another extensive and visually lush infographic about the growth of Internet, Social Media & Mobile Usage in the last decade. But with so many mobile devices surfing the Web and becoming a de facto game platform, game developers could not use Flash vector art in games anymore because they simply could not be sure that the game would run smoothly. Starling is a popular ActionScript open source game engine for Flash that can be used to create browser-based games as well as games for all major mobile platforms, including iOS and Android.
You can even develop in Flash for Internet-enabled televisions (running on Adobe AIR for the Digital Home). Because Adobe releases new AIR SDKs regularly, you might have several versions of AIR simultaneously on your computer. So while in-software-support for HTML5 is not currently available, Flash can still be used as a basis for creating HTML5 animations using Zoe and CreateJS.
As Jason Kincaid points out, the primary difference between this solution and the others is that this is more personal. The Web Just Lives in It.A This is a key insight as companies decide whether to develop mobile apps or create mobile device specific apps. It is clear that mobile is the future, and within 3 years it will come to dominate digital ad spending. This reported at country, continent and overall levels, so is the best overall source for mobile penetration worldwide.
For example, the latestA mobile app growth figures from Flurry show growth of category use by more than 50% in many categories. It provides them with an easy way to create sprite sheets, and facilitates export and optimization for a variety of platforms.
You are not sharing your apps with your Twitter followers or Facebook friends, but rather with an individual you are currently with, in person. You can keep working with vector art in an animation, but convert to bitmap imaging for the final game. This very useful tool already existed in Device Central, but that utility was dropped from CS6. So in the Help menu, there is a new dialog box, Manage AIR SDK, where you can add all your instances. Of course the down side is that you are sharing it with one person and not many, which means less exposure, but this new feature enables good old fashioned word of mouth to take on a new form, actually sharing the app.
But as soon as new SDK versions become available, you could plug them in here and it will be available in the Properties panel in the Target list.

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