Today, we’ll be focusing on the finalists for Most Effective Financial Services Campaign. Following the launch of its first responsive website in 2013, Al Rayan Bank realised that the mobile version failed to convert visitors to customers to leads as well as desktop. In 2013, DLG partnered with TouchCommerce to launch a webchat program across all of its brands and, following its initial success, additional partner brands. Leveraging Investec’s 10-year sponsorship of English Test Cricket, this HTML5-based web app provides real-time analysis, along with interactive infographics, for fans second-screening while they watch cricket matches.
Lloyds revamped its app to meet the evolving needs of customers, as part of a wider digital transformation. In addition to overhauling its website with responsive design to ensure potential customers had the best possible experience, LV= embraced Google AdWords to bring a new audience to its services, combining geo-targeting and time-based modifiers to drive mobile click-through rates higher than desktop, and making use of retargeting tools to ensure consumers were kept engaged with the brand. In order to reach business and leisure card-holders in India, Mastercard offered its top 10 spenders a holiday package to Turkey, targeting users who had recently visited business-class lounges in airports, four- and five-star hotels and affluent residential areas across India.
Today is a bank holiday here in the UK, so Mobile Marketing Towers is currently devoid of life while we all dance around the traditional Maypole.
At Mobile Marketing we're proud to help tech companies showcase their cutting-edge solutions, whether it's on our website, in our magazine or at our Mobile Marketing Summits.
Overall, Retail, Financial Services and Automotive were the top three spending industry categories in digital.
MarTech: The Marketing Tech Conference is for marketers responsible for selecting marketing technologies and developing marketing technologists. SMX Advanced, the only conference designed for experienced search marketers, returns to Seattle June 22-23. By now, most understand that display ads typically target consumers based on their online behaviour — websites visited, keywords searched or content read.
Whether searching for restaurant recommendations or getting directions, people rely on mobile devices as a vital source of information affecting purchase decisions. Whether referred to as geolocating, geofencing or proximity marketing, they all aim to target consumers and influence behaviour based on their location through an app. Imagine setting up a ‘geo-fence’ to a specific proximity of your retail store, and every time a person who has your app on their phone enters that ‘geo-fence,’ they encounter a push notification with a promotion to a product or service in your store. Another way of receiving location-based information is through Apple’s iBeacon, a Bluetooth low-energy wireless technology that emits a signal to transmitters when someone’s iPhone (containing your app) comes into range.
Taco Bell’s happy hour TacoThe promotion consisted of consumers receiving a push notification when near a Taco Bell location.
Indigo Books & Music’s loyalty program The book retailer’s mobile site serves recommendations for products consumers may be interested in when their app is opened near a retail location. Las Vegas Bellagio hotel tourist guide The hotel’s app helps visitors navigate the facility and purchase tickets to featured shows.
Location-based marketing has yet to be explored to its full potential, presenting companies with the opportunity to gain very valuable information. DeepTarget Mobile's targeted marketing campaigns increase customer engagement for financial institutionsThis article was originally distributed via 24-7 Press Release Newswire. Designed for easy integration, DeepTarget Mobile offers an effective and economical option to provide enhanced marketing capabilities within mobile banking environments such as within MEA's mobile banking solution.
Based strategically in the Midwest of the United States, MEA Financial has a mission of providing the financial services marketplace with software and marketing solutions that will result in revenue growth and improve customer satisfaction.

Today, there is no doubting the increasing trend for banking consumers to use mobile banking more often than any other channel including visiting banking branch offices.
The DeepTarget-MEA Financial mobile solutions will be offered to all existing and new customers of MEA Financial across the nation. MEA provides complete software solutions, including mobile banking, to small and medium sized community financial institutions. Until the ceremony in London on Thursday 26 November, we’re taking a closer look at each of the nominees in our 32 categories. Working with web development agency BPI Interactive, it made incremental changes to the site to improve conversion, driving a 53.9 per cent increase in mobile leads.
In April, this was expanded to support tablets and smartphones, making it the UK’s first insurance provider to offer mobile webchat.
Following its launch, Investec saw a 20 per cent increase in Twitter followers and drove lead generation through 5,000 email sign-ups. The updated version currently holds a 4.5 star rating in the App Store, and monthly customer logins have increased by 89 per cent. Search is the largest single mobile ad format — likely bringing in more than 50 percent of total mobile revenue. Ten companies accounted for 70 percent of total revenues in Q2 2013, which was down slightly from 73 percent in the same period last year.
He writes a personal blog, Screenwerk, about connecting the dots between digital media and real-world consumer behavior. But, with the number of mobile users growing rapidly – more than 17 million Canadians are using smartphones to go online – ad targeting is expected to shift. So having your messages appear on consumers’ mobile devices can be an effective marketing tool. MDG Advertising says 72 per cent of consumers say they will respond to calls-to-action in marketing messages they receive within sight of the retailer. Most apps require location services to be turned on for them to function on your phone, which in turn transmits the co-ordinates of every place you go. Businesses that want to avoid this opt-out from happening must ensure the benefit to the customer is clear.
If a beacon was used in a store for example, a specific promotion can be sent directly to the potential customer’s smartphone based on displays he or she may be looking at, at that time. Depending on the user’s location, the app will also deliver information about the nearest restaurants, services, bars and lounges.
While privacy may be an issue for some, more and more mobile users will opt-in to a mutually respectful relationship, one in which the benefit to them is as great as the one to the businesses.
It now allows financial institutions to extend their marketing campaigns to the mobile banking environment.
Banks and credit unions can deliver the right message to the right person at the right time and even at the right place.
MEA is a national leader in the provision of innovative software solutions to the financial services marketplace with over 350 community financial institutions using their mobile banking solutions.
This helps their financial institution customers strengthen their own consumer relationships. With mobile being such a frequent interaction point between a financial institution and its consumers, it is also being transformed into the most effective engagement and advertising channel for banks and credit unions.

The integrated solution will be showcased at the MEA Mobile Conference 2016 to be held on June 7-9, 2016 in Kansas City, Missouri. You may request a personal demo and take a sneak peek of the DeepTarget OmniEngagement Cloud 1 here. Their digital marketing communications platform maximizes cross-platform playability and enables responsive user capabilities to increase the financial institutions' access to multiple banking channels such as online banking, mobile banking, web, and email.
We leverage their expert knowledge in the industry's software needs to provide market leading solutions.
The service now handles 10 per cent of the group’s call volume with two per cent of the overall workforce. Search was the largest single category and mobile captured 15 percent of the overall total in the first six months of this year.
Presenting the opportunity of receiving interesting promotions and being transparent about the terms is one way of earning consumer trust.
Offering enhanced personalization capabilities, rule-based customer segmentation and targeting, and automated response and tracking tools, DeepTarget Mobile is powered by the same extensive marketing platform used by hundreds of financial institutions for superior targeted communications within online banking, email, and web marketing solutions. Picture an end user checking their balance at a car dealership and sees an ad for their institution's competitive loan rates. Certainly, both companies have a universal mission and purpose in this area and we are excited about this collaboration. Targeted advertising using this channel ensures that financial institutions are front and center with their consumers wherever and whenever they are making financial decisions.
MEA Financial's solutions are not only technically advanced, but provide superior functionality, are easy to integrate, and offer enhanced levels of cost efficiency.
Accordingly we’re likely to see overall US mobile ad spending exceed $6 billion this year.
Building on their integrated solutions is a collaboration with MEA Financial to offer DeepTarget Mobile within the MEA Financial mobile banking suite.
Targeted ads give financial institutions enhanced engagement with their customers and makes offers more relevant and therefore more effective. We look forward to working together in order to provide the most advanced and valuable marketing solutions to our customers," said Preetha Pulusani, Chairman and CEO, DeepTarget Inc. It may be purchased as an annual subscription, with monthly pricing based on utilization requirements. DeepTarget's goal is to provide a 360 degree view of the banking customer to our FI customer - allowing engagement with them wherever they choose to bank. With these solutions, we work towards the goal of helping our clients grow revenue and gain a competitive edge by enhancing their customers' satisfaction. Bombarding people with offers that have nothing to do with what they want will turn them off and, ultimately, cost you sales.

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