According to the Peninsula Press, one in three American cell phone users have a smart phone. Without lifting a finger, you have just successfully advertised your restaurant to 1,340 people.
Mobile marketing apps such as Four Square allow users to track their check-ins to your business, which in turn allows you to offer incentives based on their track record.
Earlier this year, Yelp (a social network for business reviews), published some statistics that are incredibly hard to ignore. Think about it this way: if your restaurant was packed full customers every hour and even just 25% of them wrote a review about your business on Yelp, that's good press (assuming it was a positive review). For a free consultation on mobile marketing and how to get your business in the loop, contact us. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising.
If you love something, let it go mobile: Mobile marketing and mobile social media 4x4 131 Table 1. Marketing tools and strategies are ever changing, parallel with the development of newest technology and human behavior. People nowadays, no matter how young or how old, never go anywhere without their handphones.
Optimize your corporate website and any significant social media pages especially your Facebook business page to be mobile friendly. Since people spend most of their time on their handphones instead of computers like yesteryears, more emails are viewed on a smartphone but unfortunately emails that are not mobile optimized will end up deleted. Attracting new customers using your local listings is a smart move, but you must make sure those listings work for you.
Utilize and install an analytics program such as Google Analytics to find out if your mobile marketing is paying off. Kindly Call us at 012-7521 244 or Email us to get FREE Digital Marketing consultancy services. Do you use a texting service for your youth ministry?A  If you don’t, you need to check out how you can mass text students. As a business owner, you need to capitalize on the free advertising that customers are now offering businesses via social media. If a Facebook user checks in to your restaurant and has over 1,000 friends, that is free advertising. Kaplanmobile marketing–—was the Palm VII, a PDA intro- as any marketing activity conducted through a ubiq-duced by Palm Computing in May 1999.
Long gone the days where the internet is only for youngsters, and long gone the days where communicating with billions of people across the globe at the same time is science-fiction material. It is a must to use email optimized layout, preferably single column, and a font size of no larger than 14.
Go where your potential clients are, keep your info up to date and include all your promotions.

You can make use of the features such as segmenting and referral tracking to analyze your clients’ behavior which is really useful in marketing planning.
A There are tons of services out there from groupme, remind101, simplytxt, and sms360marketing. A The great thing is that they are likely to see the message because a lot of companies are not using this technology yet. Other students get irritated by the constant alerts on their phone and end up leaving the group.
It allowed uitous network to which consumers are constantlyusers to obtain zip code based weather and traf?c connected using a personal mobile device. Regard- they’re dealing, such as current geographical posi-ing the trigger of communication, we differentiate tion in time or space.
Keep the textual content more brief and concise, placing the location and contact information in a prominent space. Mobile coupons are trackable, allowing the cafe to see how many people click on the offer and redeem it at its outlets. A That is alarming compared to the 20-30 percent who actually see facebook messages and posts from pages or groups. Mobilereports, and Web browsing for an impressive $300 per marketing therefore requires three conditions. Additionally, these users willbetween push communication, which is initiated by nearly always agree to receiving information fromthe company, and pull communication, which is the company, for example by ‘checking-in’ at certaininitiated by the consumer (Table 1). When a customer shows the cashier the coupon on the mobile device, the cashier simply clicks the button to redeem it and the data will be recorded.
Two years later, in December ?rst of these is a ‘ubiquitous network,’ a term ?rst2001, NTT DoCoMo launched the ?rst commercial coined by Mark D. We present four pieces of advice for mobile social media usage, which we refer to as the ‘Four I’s’ of mobile social media.
Weiser (1991), chief scientist atlocation-based service on GPS with features such Xerox PARC in Palo Alto, California. Finally, we conclude by providing some thoughts on the future evolution of this new and exciting type of application.
Contrary toas a friend ?nder, a restaurant guide, and a mapping common belief, a ubiquitous network is not neces-tool.
Given that the ?rm cannot know we differentiate between four types of mobile socialwhich customers have ultimately been reached by media applications, depending on whether the mes-the message, we refer to this group as strangers. But it is probably safe to say that the mobile sarily one single network, but rather a combinationmarketing revolution only truly came to pass with the of different networks. The company therefore delay (time-sensitivity) (Table 2).does not know which speci?c clients it is dealing with Location-sensitivity in a broader sense is not newexactly, which is why we call this cohort groupies. Mobile marketing and mobile social become such an essential part of our lives that it ismedia: The new revolution hard to imagine functioning without them. The important factor is not theallow them to read books (Kindle app), to research network itself, but that the switch or ‘handshake’information (Wikipedia app), to make restaurant between different networks happens in a smoothreservations (Open Table app), and to keep in touch and invisible way.

When was the phone to arrange meeting times and places withlast time you met someone who did not have a friends. Today, however, technologies suchactively give permission to be contacted and provide as GPS, GSM, Bluetooth, and RFID make it possiblepersonal information about themselves. And how would you feel if you had ancient as dinosaurs and black and white exchange your Blackberry or Android for, let’s say, Indeed, 90% of Americans own a mobile phone, witha Nokia 3310–—one of the most popular 2G phones, one-third of these being a smartphone; that is, asuitable only for making calls and sending text hand-held computer capable of multiple functionsmessages? For a After the iPhone exploded onto the scene, com- mobile phone this stipulation is almost trivial, sincepanies such as Gowalla (founded in 2007) and many people rely so heavily on their phones thatFoursquare (founded in 2009) appeared on the land- they wouldn’t dare leave home without them. This allows to identify the exact location of a speci?c mobilefor one-to-one communication without running the device at a particular moment.
Forscape, specializing in a new form of mobile marketing other devices–—such as tablet computers–—constantcalled mobile social media.
Similarly, time-risk of annoying your clients, and we refer to this sensitivity allows the creation and transmission ofgroup as patrons.
In this environment, itsuch as cellular phones and tablet computers have should come as no surprise that three out of four U.S. Soon thereafter, these access depends more on the user than on the tech-were followed by specialized applications of leading nology itself, as it requires a conscious decision toInternet companies, including Google Latitude (2009) not switch off the device but instead keep it con-and Facebook Places (2010).
The last condition involves use of aFoursquare is generally considered to be the market personal mobile device.
Mobile social media: De?nition and decide to launch a sales promotion that is only validtypology for 1-2 hours and broadcast this information to all mobile devices within a certain range.
A mobile device is any toolleader in the area of mobile social media, with nearly that allows access to a ubiquitous network beyond10 million registered users and a growth rate of one speci?c access gate. We refer toBuilding on this de?nition of mobile marketing, as applications that are neither location- nor time-well as our previously-published de?nition of tradi- sensitive as slow-timers, and to applications thattional social media (Kaplan Haenlein, 2010), we take account of time and place simultaneously asnow de?ne mobile social media as a group of mobile space-timers. Applications that only re?ect one ofmarketing applications that allow the creation and these two dimensions are referred to as either space-exchange of user-generated content. In essence, Foursquare allows one of a mobile device is a mobile phone, but a netbookuser to notify others about his or her location by also counts if it can access different types of wire-‘checking-in’ at a certain place. Companies en- locators (location-sensitive but not time-sensitive)gaging in mobile social media will often have some or quick-timers (time-sensitive but not location-sort of knowledge about the consumers with whom sensitive). Regarding the Four pieces of advice on mobile social media degree of consumer knowledge, the use of a per- usage (Section 3); and sonal device allows companies to customize their messages to each individual user, similar to the idea A discussion of future–—and not so future–—trends of one-to-one marketing (Peppers, Rogers, Dorf, and challenges (Section 4). It is, however, important to realize that this technical ability for personalization does not imply1.1.
Mobile marketing: What it is, and that all mobile marketing needs to be–—or evenwhat it’s not should be–—on a one-to-one basis.

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