Mobile marketing is the perfect tool to keep new potential clients updated about your business.
Mobile marketing helps your marketing return on investment because the advertisement is always welcomed. Kindly contact us to get free Mobile Marketing – WhatsApp marketing, Waze advertising consultancy services. VTS premier onshore and offshore software, web development and mobile applications development company.
VTS offers wide range of software development services from solving R&D tasks to plain coding. Our mission is to utilize our talented team of creative technology experts to exceed our clients expectations by providing responsive service and high-quality solutions resulting in long-term business partnerships with our clients. We strive to exceed both client and industry expectations with all our projects; in doing so, we continue a history of mutually rewarding relationships with all our clients.
Virtu Technology Group, world class technology rich Company serving IT industry since 10 years. Our recent clients list include Emirates NBD, Dubai, Falcon Pack, Doha, Ras Gas, Doha, AIB Informatiks, Deyta, Tuklu, Local Secrets etc.
TodayA?s businesses require complex custom applications and customizations to operate in spite of the advances in packaged software, technologies, delivery models and configurability.
Most generic software applications do not have the key features necessary to address specific business problems. To fully benefit of running software in the cloud, your applications must be developed for the cloud. Your databases contain critical information and their smooth functioning is essential for all your IT operations. Perhaps you are getting people to your site but your visitors are not converting into sales? VTS hosting provides all web hosting accounts with the world's most powerful web hosting control panels.The cPanel software package offers easy-to-use, powerful tools that perform essential tasks quickly, easily, and reliably. Some of the benefits you will find with your website being hosted and designed by the same company are: Your requirements are better understood so that you get hosting at a rate that best suits your needs. We specialize in web site developing that includes having your database linked to your web site.
Applications are an engaging medium and provide all the learning possibilities at the touch of a fingertip. Many of our clients are medium and large corporates who need the ability to manage and secure their smart phones across the Enterprise. Enterprise apps can also be delivered within a secure 'in-house app store' using the iPhone Developer Enterprise Programmer. Many retailers are beginning to recognize mobile as a new channel for their products and services.
Retail apps can also tie into the consumer's lifestyle and at particular stages of their life.
Transport businesses are also starting to use mobile devices as a way of tracking their vehicles, scheduling journeys and monitoring cargo. At VTS we have the skills and knowledge to build insurance apps with a variety of functions. Mobile apps are rapidly becoming an essential communications channel for many physicians and other healthcare professionals.
The ability to check sports scores, view form, make bets and catch up on all the latest celebrity gossip is a rapidly growing market for mobile.
Clients & PartnersJust some of the businesses and organisations who trust AppMedia as their Mobile App partner.
We do what it takes to make a difference for every customer; a difference that will change the way you work. We offer beautiful themes out of the box or you can have our professional designers create a customised theme from scratch. Build and maintain your own Social networking community, integrate with Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare, Publish News, Events, Deals, Places and Locations, Videos, Podcasts, Audio, Photos, Menus, Banner ads, Push Notifications, Directories, attract Subscribers, and just about anything else you can possibly think of, we have you covered!
With AppMedia you can manage your content and engage your users at anytime from your very own Content Management System (CMS). With AppMedia you have the ability to target and message your users (just like SMS) based on location or other criteria. FREE SubscriptionSign up and we'll send you some of the most interesting App business and marketing tidbits from our experts, and let you know first about special offers and new technologies. Nigel Harrison is a performance consultant with over 30 years' experience in helping organisations to set up internal consulting groups using workshops, coaching and problem solving.
Reach out to the author: contact and available social following information is listed in the top-right of all news releases.
Practically everybody has a SmartPhone or mobile device of some kind running a whole host of mobile apps. Mobile app solutions such as FourSquare provide many fantastic forms of your brand or companies exposure as they include many business listings from Google locations. By providing price cuts, offers, and special deals to your customers; this can help promote your company through the use of these mobile apps. Additionally, relying on decent mobile app solutions, an enterprise can work out a special offer to clients directly via the app on their phone. As a small company owner, it is easy to find a new mobile marketing strategy by approaching this kind of mobile marketing. Some of the most substantial functions of apps, compared with a simple mobile website alone, is they include features that assist you get your business’s message to a broad spectrum of individuals (and prospective clients) and typically, it recommends cost-free. An additional essential feature connected with having your very own mobile app is the capability to have your message go viral. Having the ability to connect with your customers or consumer via  mobile app can really give your business the boost it requires to expand and grow increasingly more profitable without necessarily investing a lot of money. Bulk SMS Resellers required from all across India, Mumbai, Delhi, Gujarat, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Agra, Jaipur etc., We offer the cheapest bulk sms services to our Bulk SMS Resellers in India. We are providing user friendly SMS API , so user can integrate his account with any desktop application to work.
Working on a long-term project, VTS organizes for its valued client a dedicated Software Development Center (SDC). We were recently featured in Forrester Research along with the top companies of the world such as IBM Global, KPMG, Deloitte Consulting, PriceWaterHouse, SAP and Infosys for our development practices. VTS custom software development targets the precise requirements of your business and produces features with the capability to outperform many generic software applications.
In the rush to take advantage of lower operating costs and elasticity, you may be tempted to migrate your client-server applications to the cloud. Your software developers must understand service-oriented architecture to take advantage of scalability, authentication and authorization to ensure security, and learn new APIs. Our expertise extends globally, with support available on-site or through offshore centers located in Hyderabad and Bangalore. Just a small increase in conversions can mean significant increases in the returns you get from your website. This means you can have a list of items, including pictures, on your web site that you can update yourself. Since the release of Apple's App Store, there has been huge potential for educational apps. VTS works closely with IT administrators who need to provide security and policy compliance whilst maintaining the freedom most users now expect.VTS has the technology to secure all smart phone platforms enabling IT to manage privileges to run in-house apps or remove them without affecting access to personal information or requiring user interaction. This means we can work with you to deploy proprietary, in-house applications to authorized users in your company. Often complimenting online stores, mobile apps can enhance a retailers brand by offering extra information that supports the product offering. For example a pregnancy app, offering advice and information about the stages of pregnancy could then offer a range of new born products and services. Planes, trains and automobiles all have apps that support their schedules, routes and navigation.VTS can create travel based apps which use schedule or location data to improve or enhance the user's journey. Not only do apps work well as policy extensions, keeping a track of assets and claims, but we're also seeing a trend in apps being used as instant purchase, such as car cover for the day and holiday insurance. The capabilities of the devices lend themselves to providing up-to-date medical information for specific audiences. VTS works with a number of leading brands in this market providing a range of innovative apps.

With the ability to view form and place bets on the fly, mobile is fast becoming the preferred channel for many consumers.
You can search for industry specific news articles, journals or references at the touch of a button and email them directly to yourself and colleagues. Or, we can deploy your App across all platforms and you can manage everything from the one console. All our mobile app designs and marketing campaigns are created with you in mind, and by professionals who know first hand how to design an effective mobile app experience. This means updates instantly go live across all platforms without having to re-submit your App to the App stores. This means you’ll automatically receive updates to the AppMedia platform for the lifetime of your account. Our push-notification service is an extremely powerful tool to enhance engagement and interaction with your customers. If you desire to move beyond being just a casual developer and seller of mobile Apps to achieving your own best-selling brand, then you’ll want to take a closer look at mobile App marketing. It shows how they must modernise their learning strategies if they want to achieve the same business benefits as top learning organisations. At the CLC Members' Seminar on 17 March 2016, we were inspired by his thoughts on how to improve performance consulting skills. Clive has been a long-standing supporter of Towards Maturity providing independent insights that have ensured our reseach continues to evolve. Businesses that don't optimize for this exponential digital trend with a mobile website or custom mobile app will see their market share decline. A business owner that does not take action to respond to this trend could quickly lose market share to the competition that has.
With the economy still slower than most Denverites would prefer, many contain their dining expenses with carryout and delivery to avoid tips and the cost of drinks and desserts. Everyone hates to have to pinch and slide and wait for the information they want quickly and easily that mobile websites provide. By 2014, or soon thereafter, even more individuals will be accessing the web by means of their mobile devices instead of the traditional method via their laptop or PC desktop. This means your company has an even greater chance to take advantage of this new age of advertising. People will login, leave remarks, discover more about your company and can then quickly share this info to their family and friends. Individuals who download a location-based app to their phone, will also share details about them to the mobile app business.
If you decide to get involved in a mobile App solution, you’ll find that it is not just cost effective but reasonably inexpensive to assist you connect with new and existing customers. If your app user likes your message, price cut, or unique offer, they might send your message out to their family and friends, post on Twitter or Facebook, and so on.
Plan and execute good mobile app solutions for your enterprise and you’ll definitely see an increase in profits and business. Hyderabad and Bangalore are certified to this effect by DNV after their certification process in respect of Quality and Security processes at VTS Development Centers We employ the combined knowledge and experience of the team to help our clients become successful.
But traditional applications are not developed to take advantage of all the cloud has to offer.
They must know how to design an application so that it works on the chosen provider's framework with the flexibility to be moved to another cloud.
VTS offers a full range of database administration services primarily for Oracle database amongst variety of other databases such as SQL Server, Teradata, Netezza, MySQL and UDB. Your online business is no different to any other business-it needs to be marketed to search engines, to achieve higher rankings, increased traffic and more sales, and promoted via online advertising and social media opitmisation so people know about you and can find your site.
This is where the services of an online marketing consultant can prove a sound return on investment.
There is no doubt that every retailer and every brand will eventually use mobile as another, more personal way, to reach their consumers. The proliferation of devices also enables organizations to spread diagnostic and therapeutic information to a wide target audience with minimal costs. Apps can be security enabled or made available to the general public, depending on the information being provided. No need to worry about updating your App for the latest iOS or Android software versions or hassling your developer to add a new feature. You can also link messages to content and in-app promotions, as well as track stats with an Elite account.
Contact us to find out how our App marketing experts can help you generate more revenue from your App today! We hope that our contribution will help shape an environment where real-world research informs organisational improvement. Although your ideas may be compelling, it's not easy to execute a plan without support, co-operation and collaboration from peers, stakeholders and business leaders.
Furthermore, of the 86% who want to facilitate continuous learning, only 11% report that this is actually happening.
Aimee Young writes about how learning leaders can challenge the 'quick fix' syndrome when being asked to come up with business solutions. We wholeheartedly endorse the challenges he is making to the industry and establishing a professional attitude is an essential element of equipping our teams for change' I have been lucky in my job to spend time with many hundreds of learning and development practitioners over the past ten years or so, in all sectors of the economy and in all parts of the world. The vast majority of businesses 1 Click Solutions has worked with over the past few years in the Metro Denver area have taken action by deploying a mobile website or custom mobile app and seen their businesses thrive. Many established restaurants should take note of the age demographic that patronizes their establishment, if older people dominate the mix, mobile and online ordering is a sure way to attract a younger clientele that will become dine-in regulars once the economy improves just a little more. A custom mobile app, while more expensive to develop and host, is critical for building brand loyalty from repeat customers in many industries.
This is a very exciting opportunity for the mobile marketer and small medium enterprise owner, who can monopolize on this phenomenon, by implementing suitable mobile app solutions for their business. This is referred to as viral marketing strategy, sharing information about your company through the use of social media using their mobile gadgets.
If there are people near your company that utilize a specific app, you could work out an offer where the app creators to send out specific offers to those in your area.
If you have never made use of mobile apps as an efficient mobile advertising option, then you’ll quickly find that they provide companies with an unbelievable chance to market their business to a quickly expanding international mobile market. These are message that can be sent by means of your App letting you advertise your accept to get such notices, you can anticipate a high open rate. With high attention rate, the revenues and ROI is easily achieved compared to existing marketing methods. Our services include setting up the official account, content management and mobile marketing campaign that will be tailored to your business objectives. We believe in listening to our client's precisely, to develop a communication solution by emerging technology and aesthetic expertise of VTS. VTS creates implements, integrates, and maintains custom software applications to help support your growth and achieve your business objectives. Our database services provide for secure, optimal management and increased database productivity. Given that 67% of organisations do offer mobile learning in some form, it is clear that current mobile strategies are not delivering the desired impact.The current focus for most organisations, is to ensure that existing content is made available on mobile devices.
Almost without exception I find them to be enthusiastic, friendly and determined to do the best possible job.
Time and again, L&D as an industry is failing to see the organisational impact of its activities and we have now reached a crunch point.
With just a touch of the icon for an app a customer downloads from iTunes or Google Play; reservations, appointments, bookings and purchases can be made with just a few touches and selections from a mobile device. This can be a highly effective kind of mobile marketing because you’re targeting those who can physically come in to make the most of your discount, offer, and so on. While SMS text messaging is similar in many means, and can be simply as efficient, push notices will not cost you a penny, while each SMS text generally costs you per message sent out. Getting your App built will at first cost you cash however the more people who add your app to their phone, you’ll be able to grow your prospect and consumer base occasionally extremely rapidly.
Virtu tech Solutions is a leading provider of advanced software consulting and development services specializing in the next generation INTERNET Applications. Just as consistently, it is apparent that they experience a major obstacle to achieving their goals and providing the best possible service to their organisations. I have had the pleasure of working with them and their customers for a number of years and have seen first hand their commitment to identifying and sharing great practices that really work.

The majority of mid-sized businesses are also failing to embrace informal learning, realising the power of social media for enabling learners to collaborate and solve problems together, despite 64% of L&D professionals in the sample saying their appeal to the millennial learner is a key driver for their use of learning technologies. In their interactions with key stakeholders they are not afforded the respect upon which their credibility as true professionals depends. For example, 84% are using their mobile learning strategy to help people locate in-house experts when they need them (versus 38% on average), with 66% improving the ability to communicate in real time (versus 32%). Clients come to us to discuss the course and not the problem, with a conspiracy of convenience resulting in a reluctance to challenge the ‘quick fix' approach. They are simply not trusted as they should be to apply their technical expertise in solving problems that in practice are beyond the reach of the lay person. It leverages the data of its in-depth Benchmark Study, the largest learning technology benchmark in Europe. These tactics are having a range of significant benefits for Top Deck organisations, including:82% have improved the quality of learning experience (vs. Nigel identifies this as ‘solutioneering' - the process by which clients will jump to solutions without identifying the problem. These are tried and tested approaches that we've used in partnership with our clients to produce effective and award-winning learning interventions that deliver impactful change.1. L&D often find themselves in the difficult position of being 'stuck in the middle' between wanting to fix problems and needing to provide quick solutions.
What would you do?Your internal client, a long-serving, senior manager, calls you in for a meeting.
When it comes to supporting a great learning experience, what can these individuals teach us?The full report highlights areas where L&D professionals are potentially out of sync with how workers learn.
Legislation and government promotion of these practices along with a change in demographics are ensuring they blossom but what solutions exist for ensuring all employees are engaged in the learning strategy? If everyone is happy in their learning bubbles, with L&D rolling out courses, learners completing courses and boxes being ticked, then why challenge and change the way we do things? He is looking for a training programme to ease the upcoming transition from Microsoft Office to Google Apps. He suggests a suite of e-learning modules to cover each of the apps in the suite, along with an option of classroom training for those who still prefer this approach.
Contact 0208 542 2331 if you would like to book a conference call.About Towards MaturityTowards Maturity is a benchmarking research company that provides independent expert advice and support to help organisations use learning technologies to accelerate business performance. Now is the time to be investing in new learning technologies and systems that today’s tech-savvy, self-driven learners need and want.
Work with the subject matter expert or the business customer to identify the main objective of the programme.
This will not only help you design the programme, but will also help you measure its effectiveness. If we jump to the solution without understanding the problem, then the process will eventually have to start again because the problem was never solved. What it means to be a professional To be a professional means a lot more than simply doing whatever the client wants.
Redware has successfully developed and delivered a sector-leading Learning Management Solution to an extensive portfolio of clients.Redware has enabled global brands and businesses to exceed their training and development expectations, by enabling formal and informal learning to be joined, bringing talent to life.
We need to start taking a performance consulting approach, identifying the defined business benefits of learning innovation and establishing the measureable value to the organisation. It provides learners with the same environment they expect outside of work - multi-channel, device and media - to help them achieve their learning goals.Redware prides themselves on delivering a personal and transparent service at every stage of the process.
You'd like a six-hour e-learning package to train customer service staff to sell over the telephone? Our research shows that on average, only 55% of L&D teams are currently analysing business problems before recommending solutions. A two-day workshop to teach every detail of a new company system to all employees, regardless of whether or not they will be using it? We as L&D have to show the value of learning by establishing how we can link this back to business objectives and working closely with leaders, to ensure a link between the learning and why we're doing it. That's what we're here for, to meet your requirements.Hang on a minute, you're probably thinking. This isn't an encounter between a professional and a client, it's simply order taking.When asked to jump, a professional does not ask 'how high?'. Their clients include some of the world’s best-known brands like Boots, O2, Transport for London and Eurostar, to help achieve business transformation and drive long-term performance success. Reinvent the InterventionIn the ‘Aim for Action' step you established a reason for implementing your learning programme.
If it was then experts wouldn't lecture at novices for hours on end; they wouldn't insist on passing on everything they know, however irrelevant, however incomprehensible.
That's why we have learning professionals, so they can explain, in terms that the lay person can clearly understand, how people acquire knowledge, develop skills and adapt to new ideas, and how best to support this process.
Will that raise awareness, instil attitudes and change actions?One way to fuel creativity for your blended learning project is to ask, "How would an advertising executive tackle this problem of awareness, attitude or action? Once trust has been established with the client, we can then begin to ask more direct questions that help us identify the real problem and come up with solutions that demonstrate value.
How would they get people to change?" Advertising agencies live or die by their ability to drive behaviour change. Their patients' interests take priority over those of any body which employs them or their own opportunities to make financial gains.
Get the client to admit to you the problems they are facing, identify what their challenges are and help them see what the solutions look like Map out who is involved with the problem without solving it. Now we all know that, in practice, some doctors, lawyers, bankers, accountants and other professionals do break this trust and put themselves first, but generally we are shocked when this happens and expect the transgression to be dealt with firmly.As those responsible for managing the learning of adults in the workplace, we also like to be regarded as professionals. Clients find it difficult to illustrate complex problems in a linear way, so support your approach by drawing a picture of the people involved, and where they fit within the problem. Every time you develop or deliver content without question as to its efficacy you are doing the same.
Why not make use of the employee newsletter, write a speech for the CEO, prepare cascade toolkits for managers or shoot a video for the Intranet?Now that you have a list of the possible channels for reaching your audiences, take some time to think about your different audiences. For each unique audience group, consider how you want to change awareness, attitude or action.
Now consider what the best method is for affecting this change.In the final step, you'll need to organise the mix into a co-ordinated campaign.
How could they function without keeping up-to-date with the latest building techniques, legislation, materials, and developments in electrics, plumbing and lighting?
Campaign for Change When delivering positive, lasting change there are no ‘silver bullets'.
They would soon be unable to provide an adequate service and would rightly ushered out of the profession.The idea of a technophobic architect or dentist seems ridiculous, and yet with learning professionals it is somehow the norm. And yet it takes as long to become an effective learning consultant, designer or facilitator as it does to become a skilled professional or craftsperson in other fields. If your organisation wants to meet the aim, you'll need to campaign for change!A campaign is a set of interlocking, co-ordinated activities using different media and different channels to achieve a shared objective.If your aim is important, it's time to take the fresh interventions you listed and put together a time-phased and audience-specific campaign. Gap analysis: it's time to face up to the problem One we have established trust and rapport, we can then challenge the client and get them to start thinking about the real problem.
Doing the best for my client will often mean suggesting a solution other than the one requested. They use multiple channels over a period of time to change your awareness, attitude and activity. As you plan your time-phased, audience-specific communications, start with your aim and work from there. If your organisation wants to meet the aim, you'll need to campaign for change!Think about how you can design your communication plan.
If you want to continue to focus on equipping your L&D team then it is time for action.
Tweak one or two elements or add an extra ingredient into the mix.Finally, communicate your results within the business.

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