Success in mobile marketing depends upon a number of factors – including mobile design and advertising, and of course, user experience. Through our mobile marketing strategy and solution services, we help companies create a detailed plan for mobile marketing success. As a full-service agency, we are able to source subject matter experts from across the organization in order to create winning mobile marketing solutions. To learn how we can create a complete mobile marketing strategy for your company, please fill out the form on this page.
The mobile marketing strategy must take into account all the phases the mobile user is going to be involved in. To get started, think about which of the below components of online marketing is the most important to your customers. Mobile marketing is defined as a set of practices that enables organisations to communicate and engage with their audicence in an interactive and relevant manner through any mobile device or network. We have identified 5 steps that need to be completed to successfully engage in mobile marketing. There are different ways to make your website mobile friendly and our presentation available for download at the end of this article reviews each option in further details. The table below offers a summary.
Marketing tools and strategies are ever changing, parallel with the development of newest technology and human behavior. People nowadays, no matter how young or how old, never go anywhere without their handphones.
Optimize your corporate website and any significant social media pages especially your Facebook business page to be mobile friendly.
Since people spend most of their time on their handphones instead of computers like yesteryears, more emails are viewed on a smartphone but unfortunately emails that are not mobile optimized will end up deleted. Attracting new customers using your local listings is a smart move, but you must make sure those listings work for you.
Utilize and install an analytics program such as Google Analytics to find out if your mobile marketing is paying off.
Kindly Call us at 012-7521 244 or Email us to get FREE Digital Marketing consultancy services. Indigenous developers who transform their idea into an app do not have a fortune to spend on the marketing side. The developers who have been building apps backed by game changing ideas must not be worried about the resources, they would need to spend on the marketing as there are ample ways to assist them in app promotion that costs nothing. There are some tried and tested ways which can help you market your app without having to spend a lot of resources. Being active on social media platforms exposes you to a huge user base which you can leverage to project your app in the best way possible. There are several factors that need to be considered when devising the strategy for the mobile app marketing.
Talking of social media, there is no dearth of platforms where you can talk about your app even before its launch.
If you thought inviting your friends to like your app page is all you need to do for social media marketing, you are terribly mistaken.
Good ROI can be expected when you use the social media websites to their full potential and engage with the target users. Facebook login integration has helped many apps reach out to the users and reports suggest that apps without Facebook integration have fared badly as compared to those apps which allowed the users to login through Facebook. As already mentioned, there are millions of apps available at the app stores and for your app to be visible to the users, optimization is a must.
Selecting the App category wisely as it can affect the ranks and consequently the number of downloads. Making sure that your app is published on multiple stores in order to tap the users on all the fronts.
Encouraging the users to rate and review the app as it goes a long way in building the credibility of the app and boost the downloads. After you are ready with your press kit, which can be anything from a YouTube video to a PDf file highlighting the salient features of the app, you need to have it published at the right places. Although your app is for mobile phones, the users must be targeted through different channels.

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Hi Ashni, properly marketing your app is so critical but unfortunately it often gets overlooked and not given the attention it deserves. Hi nice through, This is most comprehensive article on mobile App Marketing so far, keep up the good work. Creating an effective mobile marketing strategy is the goal of many brands who are trying to take advantage of the mobile revolution.
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Our mobile marketing strategy and solutions services help our clients pull it all together. Some companies approach to us asking what they would need to do in the mobile channel: should we have a mobile website or a mobile app?
First of all, it is necessary to benchmark competitors ir order to know which tools seem to be the most relevant. Long gone the days where the internet is only for youngsters, and long gone the days where communicating with billions of people across the globe at the same time is science-fiction material.
It is a must to use email optimized layout, preferably single column, and a font size of no larger than 14. Go where your potential clients are, keep your info up to date and include all your promotions. You can make use of the features such as segmenting and referral tracking to analyze your clients’ behavior which is really useful in marketing planning.
The number is constantly on an upward surge which is indicative of the fact that mobile apps are here to stay. In fact, their budget might not allow spending even a penny on advertisements and marketing on different platforms. All you need to do is to be smart in choosing your channels for marketing and make the most of them. There have been many instances where large companies have pushed extraordinary app downloads through Facebook, Twitter and other social media engines. If you are on a shoestring budget, achieving the target becomes challenging but still possible. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and many others enjoy a humongous user base and your app can get an unprecedented visibility. The additional things that you can do to push your app are the incorporation of Facebook login, starting campaigns on Twitter and much more.
By app optimization, it means that the name of the app and the use of keywords must be optimized, so that the users are able to find it easily on the store.
All you need to do is to retrieve the contact information of the top tech journalists, come up with a press release which announces that the disruptive app is finally being launched.
Also, you can have your app reviewed by niche app reviewers which will further help in cementing your position in the market. Creating a microsite for the app which takes the user to the app store can lead to better user acquisition to boost the downloads.
You must target the intended users in order to showcase the distinctive features that your app is offering to them. She has a flair for writing on diverse topics which revolve around digital technology in general and mobile application development in particular.
Read the specialists, share your opinions and sign up to become recognized for sharing your expertise by writing on this site! Apart from building a mobile website or a mobile app, a mobile marketing strategy may include tablets or smartphones sites, mobile search visibility, mobile SEM, mobile advertising, SMS, location-based marketing or social marketing. You can also visit it from a smartphone or tablet device to see the different smartphone layouts directly. Keep the textual content more brief and concise, placing the location and contact information in a prominent space.

Mobile coupons are trackable, allowing the cafe to see how many people click on the offer and redeem it at its outlets. Even without a budget to spend on marketing, you can ensure that your app gets good exposure and is able to target the intended audience. Inbound marketing is what you need to perform at this point of time when users are looking for great apps and will come to you, if you are able to offer them what they desire. Making the most of other social sites like Pinterest, Reddit and Instagram can also be instrumental in making the app a run away hit. Public relation campaign for the apps requires you to be very careful and not miss any opportunity. Your microsite does not need to be a full fledged website but a web page which showcases the app in the best light and presents the highlights and the distinctive features of the app.
Furthermore, you can link a blog with the microsite that you have created to generate the web traffic.
For instance, you can start a campaign on social media platforms for the icon selection, etc.
Her articles and blogs have always been laden with innovation which she strongly believes in.
These tools may have multiple features such as product invetories, product images, gelocation, mobile coupons, store finder, customer assistance or social sharing. The first phase is, of couse, awareness: the company must assess how customers find it through mobile devices.
When a customer shows the cashier the coupon on the mobile device, the cashier simply clicks the button to redeem it and the data will be recorded.
Without a proper marketing strategy in place, your app may get lost in the quagmire of the already existing and popular apps. Perform research and make use of Google Keyword tools to create keywords that are the most searched by the users. Hanging out in the conferences lets you get acquainted with the journalists and bloggers who can be of great help in reviewing your application and start word to mouth publicity. You need to understand which tech journalist is covering which apps because a journalist would not like to review more than 2 or 3 apps of the same category over a short period of time. You must have observed many mobile app giants creating a build up before the actual launch. You also need to enlist the features of the app in the shortest and the most crisp way so as to attract the consumer and convince them to try the app.
Nevertheless, our response is always the same: you need to think of a mobile marketing strategy. Make sure that the page is responsive in order to track those users who are using mobile browsers.
Companies must need to know where they are heading to, which their goals are, what they want and need and what content they have. Sharing the blog posts on different social media websites like Facebook, Stumbleupon and Twitter will also help a great deal.
However, the users are not easily mesmerized and hence, you must come up with a teaser that highlights the salient features of the app in the most effective and attractive manner.
Once a company is able to answer all these questions a mobile strategy may begin to be deployed. The company or brand must deploy its content through different mobile channels so users keep engaged. During this phase users will need to access to key data about company’s products and services.
Actually, most marketers, strategists and technology consultants are obsessed with conversion rates. Of course, the buying experience must be optimized so that a smooth, clean and lean process allows the user to buy company’s products. The mobile channel can be a very powerful tool in order to do that specially leveraging key mobile apps funcionalities.

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