Lead capture forms need to minimise data collection, but of course you do need profiling info to qualify the lead so you can follow-up with relevant content or contacts. The Marketing Ninja from Singlehop has produced what we think is a useful infographic summarising the issues to boost form conversion which collates different advice on best practice for increasing form conversion including how to test your form, which buttons to use and more. To make this post more useful, we asked The Marketing Ninja for details of resources for form best practices so you can follow-up on these if you’re working on this.
The lack of options for content grouping in Google Analytics has been surprising given that it has been a core feature of established analytics systems like Webtrends and Site Catalyst since as long as I can remember. It’s true that you can use the Content Drilldown to review the effectiveness of different content types in driving visits leads and sales as we recommend in our guide to Google Analytics, but this only works if you have a site structured with a clear hierarchy of folders. In the real-world, many sites particularly Ecommerce sites, or other sites pulling products from a database don’t have this.
Add a single line of tracking code in the snippet that identifies the content index number and the Content Group to which that content belongs. This looks to be the best option if you don’t want to involve IT or an agency to change the tracking code.
Once you have setup Content Grouping, Content-Group statistics are available in the Content reports that offer Content Grouping as a primary dimension. Here’s a summary of research specifically of interest to readers selling to marketers, but also relevant insight on best time for follow-up for B2B marketers selling technology to other professionals.
Leadjen has backed this up with their study from 2010-2013, to look at best prospecting practices to Marketers, and traditional lead generation techniques. Leadjen made over 1 million calls and email contacts across more than 20,000 conversations.
Follow up calls on those who initially showed no interest, can still generate 13% more appointments. Follow-up your call with an email, regardless if they are interested or not, and use a branded email template so it looks professional. One of the biggest challenges business owners as well as marketers will face in 2014 is how they can use different online media together to achieve inbound marketing success.  Many think of (social media, email, search…etc) in silos, and that’s the reason why many inbound marketing strategies may fail. Once you figure out the steps that lead to a purchase, you need to apply the best channels to support each step of the process. As I mentioned before, all the online mediums that your business should be benefiting from should work together in order for the strategy to work.
As you can see in the diagram above, there are 4 main phases to turning strangers into loyal customers. Let’s say that you’re not a patient person and you want to jump through the funnel above by directing all of that traffic to a sales page.
Assuming you’re paying 25 cents per click, you’re going to get 20,000 visitors to your sales page. That means that only 200 people of those 20,000 visitors will convert into paying customers. They’ll probably leave and never come back again because your copy didn’t convince them, they don’t know you, they don’t trust you…etc. Would you throw 19,800 visitors out the window while you can get more of them to convert into paying customers? This step is all about turning complete strangers who probably never heard about your business before into visitors who see your content multiple times.
In order to achieve this step and get to the next one, there are several effective mediums that you can use.
Blogging if done correctly will help your business attract strangers and turn them into visitors who check your content regularly. Social media: Many businesses use social media as a direct selling tool and that’s exactly why they get disappointed when they don’t get results from this medium. Each medium is good at something, and social media happens to be very good at getting awareness for your brand as well as retaining existing customers and turning them into promoters as you can see in the previous diagram.
Now that you have visitors who showed interest in your brand, the next step will be getting them into an email list because this medium happens to be very good at converting your prospects into paying customers.
In order for you to convert those visitors into leads, you need high converting landing pages.
A lead magnet could be any free offer from ebooks and reports to video series and webinars. This phase is all about turning those leads into paying customers and you do that by overcoming your prospects objections.
Let’s say that in your buyer persona, your prospects objections were: I don’t think your product is right for me, I don’t have time, I don’t have budget, Why would I trust you…etc. By answering all of those questions in an automated email autoresponder series, your prospects will be more likely to buy from you since those objections are the only thing that was holding them from buying.
The great thing about email autoresponders is that they save you tons of time and help you automate the process of overcoming your prospects objections. Why stop at that point, when we can get those customers to become promoters for our business.
The best promoters are customers because they used your products or services and when they recommend them to anyone inside their circles, they’ll respond. Some of your customers might have a friend or a family member that can benefit from your product. A study from Nielsen reveals that the number 1 thing people trust when it comes to purchasing is recommendations from other people they know.
Some brands go and waste money on advertising while they already have a loyal customers’ base that can help them promote their brand for them.
Now that you know my ideas on the 4 steps of inbound marketing success, I would love to hear your thoughts on this. Affiliate Marketing had a big year in 2013 with the industry now estimated to be worth a staggering ?9bn. A big thanks to Kevin Edwards, Strategy Director at Affiliate Window, Helen Southgate, UK MD Affilinet and Owen Hewitson, Associate Director Acquisition from Starcom MediaVest Group. Helen Southgate (HS): I’m not sure we’ll see any big changes as such, more a development and progression of the current channel. Owen Hewitson (OH): The biggest challenge in our industry lies in how we represent ourselves. Kevin Edwards (KE): I would like to think we’ll see the industry working with third parties to crack the cross-device challenge if individual companies cannot do it themselves. I’m sure individual companies must be assessing what they can do, so the challenge will be whether they innovate or they rely on piggy backing someone else’s technology to understand consumer behaviour. HS: I always find the question of mobile entertaining as mobile has affected us much the same as most other digital channels.
If I think about my Christmas day at home the room will have 3 iphones, 3 ipads, 1 kindle, 1 Hudl and a smart TV.
OH: I think that some of the developments in mobile such as receipt scanning apps could help ease the introduction of many FMCG advertisers into industry where traditionally it’s not been clear what their place could be.
But in the latter part of 2014 there will be one major new development that I foresee as revolutionising mobile: Glass. KE: It can’t be understated how much of an impact mobile is having and will continue to have but few people have crystallised the opportunity well.
I want 2014 to be the year when we stop talking about the ‘tracking challenge’ and we start talking about clearly defined mobile opportunities for both existing and new affiliates.
OH: The publication of the IAB’s Online Performance Marketing Study was a major step forward in demonstrating the maturity of our industry. KE: From an Affiliate Window point of view it’s been the transformation in how we process data internally. On a more macro level, seeing how affiliate marketing is perceived in the UK by overseas affiliates and advertisers has been eye opening. It goes without saying that Google continues to cast a long shadow and we know anecdotally some traditional affiliates continue to slip from the channel. OH: Amongst budget-holders both client side and internally to organisations our industry seems to suffer from a confusion between the aim of activity and the channel through which it should be run. It’s also depressing that networks seem content to appeal to the lowest common denominator as a point of differentiation to win business: price.
HS: Working closely with their networks to understand the value of their affiliate channel throughout the customer journey. Get stuck in and allocate more resource to it: don’t judge purely on pricing and challenge your network on who your affiliates are, where their traffic is coming from and how you can work better with them. The basics haven’t changed over the year: there remain few shortcuts, but if it’s not already, try and make 2014 the year your programme turned intelligent. Do you use webinars and want to make them more effective, or are you considering using them for the first time in 2014? If you’re wondering how our voices sound so professional (why are you laughing?), it’s because we use a great microphone (the Blue Yeti) with an anti-pop screen (like this one). Find a quiet, echo-free room from which to present: When we first moved into our offices, they were very echoey. We had acoustic tiles fitted to the walls and ceiling of this office, to make it ideal for conference calls and webinars.
Before or during this call, send out a Google Doc that contains the planning templates for the call.
Create an outline for the call, so each presenter knows how many minutes they can speak for.
Assign one of your colleagues to join the webinar as an attendee, so they can see and hear what the attendees see and hear. Ensure that the presenters, moderators and organizer will join the webinar half an hour before it starts (so they can check that the technology is working). Agree upon the time and date for a post-webinar call, so you can review any remaining tasks that need to be completed.
Give the presenters, moderators and organizers the URL of this article, so they can follow the checklist themselves.
Ask for photo(s) of the presenters, and the email addresses of the presenter(s), moderator(s) and organizer(s). The blog post is surprisingly fiddly to set up, partly because the time zones are difficult to explain (and GoToWebinar doesn’t make things easy).
Be careful who sets up GoToWebinar, because this person will receive all of the email enquiries (and there may be tens or hundreds of them). Copy and paste from the Google Doc the description of the session and the follow-up emails.
Once all the parties have agreed upon it, transfer the blog post from Google Docs to your site and to your co-presenter’s site.
When the presenters have submitted their slides, combine them into one slide deck and check that all of the fonts and transitions have worked.
This subtle drop-down list in PowerPoint is the secret to adding someone else’s slides without ruining their formatting. Close any applications you won’t be using—including ones that only appear in the menu bar, like Screenhero and Jing. If you have it (and if you don’t, you’re missing a trick) activate Caffeine (for Mac), which stops your computer from going to sleep or starting your screen saver. Set yourself a reminder to restart your computer afterwards, so all of the above software starts again. Ensure your backup internet connections are ready (your wireless card, phone tethering, etc.). Minimize any possible sources of noise: Turn off doorbells, unplug unneeded phones (note that a phone in vibrate mode can still make a lot of noise). PowerPoint doesn’t work well with multiple monitors, so unplug any external monitors before you begin, and present the slides from your main screen. When the talk starts, mute any presenters who aren’t speaking, to minimize any background noise, and to reduce the likelihood of bandwidth problems. If agreed beforehand, export the GoToWebinar reports and send them to the other presenters.
Restart your computer, to restart the software that you paused before the session (Dropbox, Time Machine, etc.). Edit the video (we use ScreenFlow for Mac, but Camtasia for Windows is very similar): Crop any excess content from the start and end of the video. However, if the other presenters are consistently quieter than you (because they don’t have an awesome microphone, perhaps), then it helps to turn their sections of the audio into separate clips, and then to edit the volumes of those clips independently.
Rather than create a new post, we edit the one that we used to announce the webinar, because it’s not needed any more, but there might still be links pointing at it.
If you found this article useful, then you’ll (probably) love our free articles on conversion rate improvement. Verify your Google profile – Google+ made huge advances this year but try some simple updates.
Prepare for a crisis – While it’s quiet, take a step back and look at the risks and vulnerabilities in social. Test Twitter Cards – Get to grips with Twitter’s Lead Generation Cards; these allow you to collect leads directly from tweets. Do more with LinkedIn – Sponsored Updates let businesses promote any post from their company page directly into a specific demographics’ news feed. Play with video – Now you can create and edit videos on the Instagram app as well as photos. Get on the right side of the law – The UK legal system wasn’t made with social in mind so it has had to adapt. Lay down the law – Once you’re aware of the legal risks, you’ll no doubt want to get your housekeeping in order. According to a recent survey, only 34% of small business owners use technology for customer relationship management, and only 18% have marketing data fully integrated with their CRM.
To remain competitive, your business must be able to compile information, analyze data to create dependable leads, and actively build relationships with customers. To help qualify a lead, a CRM tool can track demographic and risk-related information for an agency. A CRM can automate your outbound marketing, which allows for more effective communication with current customers and prospects. Understanding where customers are in the sales funnel helps you manage leads more efficiently. Evaluating technology options for innovation in marketing – do you know your hype cycles?
If you’re involved in marketing strategy development, you will be constantly making judgements and doubtless arguing with colleagues about which digital technology innovations are most relevant to  your organisation.
You may well know the Gartner Technology Hype cycle since this has been published for over 10 years, over time they have added a comprehensive range of hype cycles covering technology applications like Ecommerce, CRM and ERP.
In August 2013, Gartner followed with their Latest 2013 Hype Cycle of emerging technologies.
Marketers who follow new technology will not be surprised to see Big Data nearing the Peak of Inflated Expectations along with wearable technology. 2 Peak of Inflated Expectations - In the next phase, a frenzy of publicity typically generates over-enthusiasm and unrealistic expectations. Selecting amongst hundreds of alternative projects is a challenge I commonly hear when talking to digital strategists. We’re fast approaching 2014, the year when mobile analyst Mary Meeker predicted that mobile Internet traffic would overtake desktop traffic. In this talk for Smart Insights I started by showing that 2013 was the year that many businesses started to prioritise integrating mobile marketing with other channels to the level it deserves. This Slideshare was presented as a webinar by Rob Thurner of Burner Mobile at the Smart Insights Digital Marketing Priorities 2014 summit. In today’s MarketingSherpa blog post, we’ll give you an abbreviated look at some data and resources compiled by the MECLABS Business Intelligence team to help you understand this new and still-evolving customer behavior. What struck me about visiting New York City a few months ago is the sea-change in behavior of office workers. Website traffic coming from mobile devices increased 84% from Q4 2011 to Q4 2012, according to a report from Walker Sands.
Nielsen also shows mobile growth but breaks it down slightly differently and looks at a slightly different timeframe – July 2011 to July 2012.
How you can use this data: First off, this data is a great proof point to secure the budget necessary to reach mobile customers. Second, you can use these mobile growing habits to help grow other, more traditional channels as well. According to research from Forrester, 24- to 32-year-olds, known as Millenials, Generation Y or simply Gen Y, are most likely to own smartphones and use apps. How you can use this data: One of the biggest fallacies is simply everyone uses smartphones. This is used as a proof point of universal smartphone adoption, but really only shows that lots of marketers use smartphones. As you see in the chart above, while 93% of Americans owned mobile phones, only 50% owned smartphones. The views and opinions expressed in this blog are strictly those of the author and do not necessarily reflect in any way the views of MarketingSherpa, its affiliates, or its employees. There is no doubt that marketing can make a difference when it comes to an enterprise’s success.
Among the several methods for implementing a mobile marketing campaign, we can find landing pages, QR codes, NFC, viral videos… and hashtags. Although it’s nothing new, hashtag marketing has come of age to drive marketing opportunities in the mobile environment.
Hashtags were first used by social networks users, especially Twitter, as a means of categorization for the shared content.
QR codes: You can easily generate a scannable QR code that takes users to your website when they read it.
Landing pages: A landing page can be easily created with a mobile websites editor, like Onbile, and since the most usual way of sharing this kind of sites is through SMS (which means that they will be accessed from a mobile device), it makes sense too. Augmented reality: Similarly to QR codes, augmented reality is a way of engaging the mobile audience that will be curious to know what this can reveal. Last Sunday the United States lived one of its most popular events: Super Bowl, which attracted the attention of millions of spectators. Hashtags are a great symbol for brands to include in their ads, because they work on many social networks.
But Twitter and Facebook are not the only social networks that are being used while watching TV.
Twitter has a good website and app available on all OS, on iOS and Android you can manage multiple accounts. With mobile marketing reaching new heights with the introduction of the smartphone, smart tablets, cellular data networks, and increased cell phone battery life, mobile marketing for real estate has become a growing trend within the real estate industry. Mobile marketing has gotten to the point where it is considered one of the major differentiating factors when it comes to the success of a business. According to the report at the bottom of this article (which you can open up and view by clicking on it), searches related to real estate on Google are up a whopping 253% in the last 4 years and up 22% in 2012’s third quarter alone.
A majority of marketers and real estate investors are hopefully aware of the fact that 90% of all home buyers are now using the internet for their searches. If you ask most real estate investors, the reasons they give for not having a mobile marketing strategy right now is because they need money and deals right now and they simply do not have the time for it. Lastly, but certainly not least, the marketers who will have the most success are the ones who have the most content and data. Unfortunately, despite all the information and statistics pointing towards a rise in mobile marketing for real estate, most real estate marketers are still not taking advantage of its endless capabilities. Thanks for sharing the idea there would be some apprehensions from segment but i am up for it. I have always seen Reel Club under Wildfire when I would go out to eat at Oakbrook Center, but I never went in until last week when a friend suggested we go there for lunch.
I was tempted to get the lobster roll as well, but I opted for sushi since seafood is one of Reel Club’s specialties.
Between our meals and the delicious pop-overs that were brought to our table before we had even ordered, it was safe to say we had very little room for dessert.
Our server was very attentive with refills of water, iced tea, and the previously mentioned delightful popovers as well as informative about the happy hour and weekend brunch the restaurant offers on Sundays from 11 am. Reel Club partners with the Shedd Aquarium to ensure sustainably harvested seafood is served, but this does not compromise the taste or the freshness of each meal.
I am such an advocate of the River North neighborhood when it comes to restaurants and bars.
However, I understand oysters are an acquired taste and not everyone is going to be excited about these flavorful and almost buttery appetizers. I also tried caviar for the first time at GT, and I can now add that to the list of my favorite seafood. The decor of the restaurant is cool and modern with a basic black and white color palette with touches of wood and netting, which seemed reminiscent of a fishing boat.
We were sad to find out one of our go-to diners in Westmont closed, but Intern Amy has the scoop on the tasty place that replaced it.
If you liked Moondance before, you will be happy to know the food is still as good as ever.
If you are debating where to grab breakfast any day of the week, make sure to check out this new and improved hotspot conveniently located in the James Crossing Shopping Center on the corner of Ogden Avenue and Route 83. So you have a MojoBistro mobile app, and you have a Twitter account, what do you do next to promote your restaurant?
Whether you have a dedicated social media team member or not, here are some tasty tweets to schedule on a periodic basis to keep your fans engaged with your restaurant via your mobile app. Place your order at the counter and the very attentive wait staff brings your order out to the table.
Which brings me to the bakery, after your meal, even if you don’t need groceries, I highly encourage you to walk around the store. Although this is an extremely popular place for lunch or dinner, make sure to keep it in mind when thinking of places to grab a drink after work or on the weekends.
If you really love it, make sure to join the Cellar Club where you will get monthly tastings and your choice of three favorite wines to bring home. Although most commonly known for the vast selection of local and global craft beer, Old Town Pour House Oak Brook offers delicious meal options for both lunch and dinner. The downtown atmosphere is a low key yet classy place to lunch and is easily converted to a swanky bar on nights and weekends, and the Oak Brook location is more of the same. Brian Pautsch wouldn't turn down a trip to Mama Maria’s Taco and Tequila Bar in Orland Park, Illinois! Chris Pautsch is a foodie with a taste for the fine dining at Perry’s Steakhouse and Grill at Oakbrook Center. Keith Franklin has a taste for the Meed, a honey wine, at Ethiopian Diamond, or the margaritas could pull him in the direction of a Mago Grill and Cantina.
Recently, a question was posed on LinkedIn as to whether or not a business should invest in a mobile app.
The first thing a company needs to have before making this decision is a strategy, documenting what the objectives and goals are and the possible technologies that will accomplish them. Overall, the goals of your company should be thoroughly reviewed before making your decision. Do you have additional questions about the benefits of either a mobile app or a responsive website?
MojoBistro mobile apps are exclusive to the restaurant industry and offer proactive restaurant owners the chance to engage with customers from the comfort of their own mobile phones.
Stop by our booth this weekend at the 2014 NRA show to get a full tour of our app offerings, including ordering, from one of our mobile app experts. 2014 is quickly approaching and with it comes a new set of resolutions for a better, brighter year.
Start off the new year with these mobile apps on your phone and sticking to your resolutions will be a piece of cake!
Ray Pun, Strategic Marketing Manager at Adobe, recently sat down with Small Business Trends to discuss his insights into Adobe's recently released Digital Index 2013 online shopping data for Cyber Monday. For more from Ray Pun, make sure to check out Brent Leary's interview for Small Business Trends.

A neighborhood staple located in the heart of downtown Arlington Heights, Uptown Cafe has been serving up delicious breakfast and lunch items for years. Stepping through the doors is like walking back in time with the memories of meals past and the friendly greetings from the owners. MojoBistro has the rundown on what is sure to be trending in the restaurant industry starting in 2014.
Ice Cream Sandwiches: As food trucks and pop-up restaurants continue to grow in popularity, these portable desserts are about to get the same treatment as the cronut of yesteryear. Seafood: Sea-to-table will introduce far out fish dishes including octopus and monkfish liver. Infused Ice: Bars and restaurants are enhancing the flavor in their drinks with infused cubes of ice. This Thanksgiving was a record breaker for mobile app usage with an upswing in use of 68% over last year. One of the first things you may notice when you are seated is the removable table center and controls on the side of the table. Each menu item is accompanied with a large selection of banchan—traditional Korean side dishes.
The restaurant does not look like much from the outside, but enter through the doors and you are greeted with warm wood accents, vibrant colors and a welcoming atmosphere. If you are looking to try something new, I would definitely recommend you make the trip out to Woo Lae Oak.
At MojoBistro, we have put together our top marketing tips to help you attract customers during the holiday season. For more tips and inspiration for your restaurant, make sure to check out the MojoBistro Blog! Located in the Ritz-Carlton, deca offers an unparalleled Thanksgiving day brunch and dinner. Spend your Thanksgiving meal at the luxurious Palmer House Hilton with seating options available in the dining room or mezzanine, overlooking the hotel’s historic lobby. Offering the largest selection of menu items out of all the restaurants on the list, ZED451 has got your family covered. Gourmet dining at a reasonable price meets the holidays at Red Door’s Thanksgivukkah feast. So it’s difficult to get the balance right between sign-ups vs data collection for lead generation.
In these cases your best option was to create a custom filter for grouping content as Peter O’Neill outlines. It announced these just before Christmas, so we thought we would alert readers to these here. Content extraction – use a regular expression to identify content types for a URL, page title, or screen name. It looks like this could be more useful for adhoc reporting, for example, assessing a content marketing campaign identified with a particularly string identifying the content or folder. Used Social media and websites so your recipient knows you have taken the time to understand them and their business. They go through a conversion path that is designed to turn them into customers and then turn those customers into evangelists who will promote your brand for you.
Following this funnel will ensure that you don’t lose the other prospects who might be interested in what you’re offering, but they’re not ready to purchase yet.
You won’t obviously ask for the sale directly here, you’re just educating them about your brand, your products or services. According to a HubSpot study, companies that blog get 55% website visitors than companies that don’t! They then start blaming the medium instead of analyzing why exactly this medium doesn’t work in terms of direct selling. Some people call them squeeze pages, others call them opt in pages, and they all basically have the same job. For this you’ll need a lead magnet or as some people prefer to call it an ethical bribe + a landing page to show the benefit of that lead magnet. Just make sure it’s perceived as high value by your prospects so you get better conversion rates. I’m not saying this is wrong or anything, but I believe we’re here to maximize conversions, right? You can use them to deliver exceptional customer service, over deliver on what you promised or get personal with the most loyal customers. Houssem is a Social Media Marketing Consultant helping small business owners make more profit using digital channels. With that in mind I asked some thought leaders in the Affiliate Marketing industry for some of their thoughts on 2013 and what they think will change in 2014. Collectively, affiliate marketers have been guilty of far too much naval gazing and talking to ourselves about ourselves.
We’re way past the tablet and handset tipping point and all research shows us consumers are interacting with multiple devices in order to purchase online. The industry has been working to drill down and down into data, and we work reasonably effectively on a granular level, but more and more affiliates will recognise the power of their data and use this to build better client relationships – as well as to create additional complexity and sophistication in our understanding of the channel.
I read a lot of reports in the industry about the growth of mobile and always wonder why we are surprised at this and why it is headline news. I think the industry has struggled to keep up with the rapid change and growth of technology in this sector, but when we do get it right it will be hugely valuable. Looking ahead, there are some interesting technological developments on the horizon that have immediate applicability to our industry. With Apple hardly innovating in mobile technology it’s only Google that has the capability to produce a game-changing device. I think we’re all confused by what we’re supposed to be focusing on and that lack of vision has led to a scatter gun approach with some companies throwing everything at mobile in the hope that some of it will hit the target. It’s frustrating that we’re still talking about tracking as being a challenge: that a network can make a statement that 75% of their mobile sales track and pass it off as a positive news story is pretty damning when some clients are seeing one in three or one in four sales through handsets. We have had a very strong year despite a slow summer period for online which has been mitigated with a strong end to year. Whereas previously the best guess of the value of performance marketing was Econsultancy’s slightly finger-in-the-air guess, now we have a study that’s concrete, broad and properly-audited. The insights we have as a network now, compared to a year ago, have changed how we approach certain elements of the business and how we talk to clients. The revenue is being replaced with new blood but it’s critical we try and ensure we support those who are struggling.
I’ve seen a lot happen in our industry over the years and our industry has definitely grown and professionalised, however I feel the industry has lost some of the entrepreneurial spirit that it used to have.
Very often a client request for a mobile acquisition campaign (for example, an app download campaign) will be funnelled to a mobile team or agency that will then typically run a display-based campaign. This is nothing new but nothing irritates me more than the peddling of certain beliefs that are passed on as fact when little critical analysis has been done to prove or disprove them.
It commoditises a complex channel and makes us all poorer, with fewer resources to support what is still by far the best solution for most advertisers looking to run affiliate programmes.
The channel is diverse and wide-reaching yet we focus too heavily on the short-tail of publishers. Rather than getting bogged down in fruitless debates about cross-channel or multi-channel attribution that seek to weigh the contribution of each channel and apportion a budget on the basis of a perceived value from sitting in a certain part of the user’s path-to-purchase, we should look at what happens after the conversion.
Advertisers that have done this have generally a very positive story to tell about the affiliate channel, a fact I have argued for earlier this year and which I believe we should seek to emphasise in case studies and media packs in 2014.
Think of all the parameters you collect when storing affiliate sales and how these can be linked to provide better insights. In fact, this year we have experimented with turning down almost every conference speaking request we have received, and instead we have spent that time giving webinars. This year, we have reclaimed a whole month that we would otherwise have spent visiting conferences, and we have had our highest sales ever. They are time-efficient, for you and for the attendees, who don’t need to travel to a conference either. They are like a stressful cross between organizing an international conference, giving a presentation and making a VoIP call. We’ve recorded a comparison of the different microphone options, so you can hear what a huge difference it makes.
So we had the walls lined with Ecophon Texona acoustic wall panels, and we had Ecophon Solo panels suspended from the ceiling. They are almost unnoticeably discreet; they are on every wall except the one by the stairs.
That way, you provide valuable content to their subscribers, and in return you get exposure to a new audience. If, at the start of the webinar, you accidentally start showing your screen without realizing it, this person can run into the office shouting and waving their arms. Remember that time zones vary by date, so don’t just look at the time differences as they are today. Also, share cell phone numbers in case any one of you needs to be contacted in an emergency. You can do this by emailing the URL of the Google Doc to the presenters, moderators and organizers.
You don’t want to start the webinar out of breath because you’ve just had to wrestle several people out of the room. So give this job to your guest presenter (just a joke—the organizer should probably do it). The one on the left is for slides and GoToWebinar, and the one on the right is for instant messaging, accessing the web, and maybe joining the webinar as an attendee so you can see what attendees see. Here’s our Spotify playlist of exciting songs—though you’ll probably want to create your own.
Read all of the attendees’ questions, even if you haven’t promised to reply to all of them. If you have used any non-standard fonts, then save the file as a PDF before uploading them, otherwise they’ll look terrible.
Optimize the sound by maximizing its volume, being careful that none of the peaks get too loud (in Screenflow they appear red when this happens). And thought, if you find a little time in-between now and the New Year, it’s a good opportunity to do a little social media housekeeping. If you haven’t already, customise your URL so your company page is legitimate and easier to find and share. And not just because we are co-authors, but because it has insights from over 30 of the leading practitioners in social media and PR!
Christmas is a great time to trial new things, and these have no form for users to fill in – an added bonus!
It’s the coolest thing since sliced bread, and leaves a trail of breadcrumbs for your customers to follow. Take stock of threats and opportunities and work them into a viable framework to build up your online strategy.
And what’s more, these videos exceed the 6 second restriction of Vine, so it’s worth testing which platforms work best for you. Get better prepared for legislation in 2014 with our free resource (including real life examples of what not to do, it’s well worth a read!) Download Risky Business: How to stay legal when using social media.
Download The Social Media Policy Workbook to draft your new company policy; it covers everything from changing passwords to protecting the company against liability caused by your workforce. 2013 was the year that Twitter went public, Facebook launched Graph Search, and Instagram allowed video and Direct Messages. Unfortunately, many smaller businesses are falling behind in their use of technology and missing out on potential sales opportunities.
A marketing-driven CRM has the power to simplify these time-consuming tasks and take your company’s sales strategy to the next level. If you’ve gathered all the relevant data about a prospect, you can create concise and sensible solutions that fit his needs. A CRM tool can help you alleviate your customers’ stress or confusion by automatically notifying customers about renewals and policy round-outs and build loyalty by optimizing discounts with multiple policies and in-house incentives.
With a CRM, reporting all sales and marketing metrics, you’ll know where to focus your efforts and be able to see the exact results of your time and money investments.
Taking advantage of technology-assisted sales correctly has been proven to increase initial lead-to-closing ratios dramatically. No longer will you miss a chance to round out a customer’s policy or allow changes to his coverage slip through the cracks.
It’s great to see companies investing in understanding technology and marketing trends to try to create a roadmap for prioritising and implementing innovative digital technologies for marketing applications. If you don’t know it, this is one of the best ways to find out about the upcoming technologies which may affect digital marketing. Scary-sounding new technologies to watch include the Brain-computer interface, Human Augmentation and Neurobusiness. Alternately, in digital marketing, many smaller, nimble companies have gained an edge amongst early adopters of an approach such as social media or Web 2.0. There may be some successful applications of a technology, but there are typically more failures.
One approach I have developed when consulting, to help with this, is the matrix below which we describe along with other alternatives in our guide and template to justifying digital marketing investments. Retail week reported that 60% of retailers listed omni-channel as their top  business priority for 2013. You used to walk through Midtown Manhattan and see people on the street in front of office buildings taking a smoking break. Go to a marketing event and a speaker, usually from a mobile vendor, will ask attendees to raise their hands if they have a smartphone. If your audience skews younger, accounting for a mobile behavior is likely quite important in your marketing plans.
Imagine the potential when Twitter hashtags generated more than 11 million mentions last year.
Being able to identify users’ tastes and preferences in an accurate way and geographically located means that advertising campaigns could be much more segmented and focused, and therefore more potentially successful. It is an easy way to engage customers, asking them to take action to go to your website by promising them some kind of reward (extra content, discounts, promotions, etc.). Advertising during the Super Bowl is known to be the most coveted and effective, and all eyes are on those companies that can afford to be one of the 53 products advertising during this event.
Twitter has been so far the favourite tool for real-time discussion of live events, but Facebook is slowly catching up (in this year’s Super Bowl ads, four specific references were made of Twitter, and five to Facebook).
Especially for business, it is a very lucrative platform and should be seriously considered within any business?s ecommerce strategy.
Having started as a way to create a cleaner experience for users, now it has become a sort of communication between users.
There are also tools that can automatically update your Twitter handle with new blog posts pulled from your own RSS feed. Not only is the industry recognizing the need for mobile marketing, but customers and potential customers are learning how to use today’s new technology to search for and find anything real estate related.
Additionally, mobile searches for real estate terms have increased 120% while searches using tablets to find real estate terms have exploded over 300%. These same real estate investors probably do not know that 24% of people using the internet for their home search ended up taking physical action the same day.
Unfortunately, not a lot of real estate marketers fully understand how to use it efficiently. The more content and data you have the better you can market your products and services to the house seeking public. Think about this, it will only take two or three real estate mobile apps to lock a majority of buyers out of the market. All of their rolls come with an option to order a half of a roll, which makes it easy to try more than one type at a time. However, the warm brownie topped with vanilla ice cream with a side of salted caramel on the side seemed too good to resist, and I think it goes without saying that it was! Weather you want to share some sushi at the bar with some friends after work or plan to go out for a nice dinner, Reel Club caters to all occasions. GT Fish and Oyster has plenty of other options including king crab legs, lobster mac and cheese, mussels, and non-fish options like eggplant, duck, pork, and tenderloin. There was two different options one from California and one from Israel (we opted for the more local option for the check’s sake). I started with a martini and then switched to a glass of wine from their extensive bottle list. However, if you are in the area and want to stop in there is seating at the bar and a long table up front that multiple couples were sharing. Check back weekly to find other Restaurant Raves for great dining spots around the Chicago area.
The basic setup is the same, but with vast improvements to the decor and all of the favorite Moondance menu items are still there (phew)! The tortilla soup was a regular favorite before, and customers were elated to see it on the Citrus menu. No problem, they have plenty of high chairs, booster seats, coloring menus, and crayons to keep them satisfied while they wait for the food. And for social media measuring benefits, use bitly to make a custom link to your app download so you can track how many people click through your tweet to get your restaurant's mobile app.
Standard Market in Westmont is your one-stop-shop for a quality meal and groceries in the Western suburbs. Along with all of the other menu items you can taste the freshness from start to finish of each ingredient. While you wait you have your choice of water infused by fruits and vegetables such as raspberries and cucumbers. The produce section is the equivalent of the world’s best farmers market and just around the corner is the bakery with cakes, tarts, and cookies galore. The wine shop, located at the back of the store complete with patio seating, is a great place to unwind and taste some wine paired with cheeses from all over the world. A new location with the same great food and wide variety of beer is now open at Oakbrook Center.
The outdoor patio at the Oak Brook Pour House features two fireplaces perfect for a cozy yet posh night out with a new flame or old friends.
Keith also says he wouldn't turn down a trip to Florence, Italy for some authentic Italian food. Dan prefers places that keep the kids entertained as well as fed so he says Dave and Buster’s is the best place ever to go with his kids.
This is a great selection for the Chicago sports fan dad who appreciates a good steak and a cold brew. The basis for the inquiry was to point out the efficiency of this mega-trend over other current and traditional methods. User Engagement: Mobile apps can significantly increase your user engagement and keep your company relevant by taking advantage of some unique characteristics like social, interactivity, real-time, and geo-location. Single Website and URL: This option covers all devices as content is adjusted based on the device and screen size. SEO: More efficient and can be easier as you do not need to create separate content for a mobile website. Cost: The cost of a responsive site is usually quite a bit less than a customized mobile app, and there is no extra maintenance required. The technology that best provides the functionality you need and the convenience for the customer should tip the scales in the direction you need to go. Come visit us at booth #6070 within the Technology Pavilion to check out our new features including in-app and online ordering.
Our full suite of app features includes reservation system integration, push notifications, coupons, social media, events, photo galleries, menus, locations, and new this year, in-app ordering! Customers are granted access to your full carry-out or delivery menu within the custom-branded app, they select a time for pick-up or delivery, they can choose to enter their payment info or pay at pick up, and then, you receive a notification of the order on your custom MojoBistro iPad to accept or deny the order. A custom-branded mobile app from MojoBistro builds a connection with your customer that goes above and beyond food and atmosphere.
To make it a bit easier to stick to this year’s resolutions, here are some apps that will help you develop better habits, stay sharp, keep up to date and be more effective in your activities.
Manilla: Stick to your budget this year with Manilla, a website and app that stores your bills in one place, sends you reminders when they are due and files them for you.
The statistics, collected by Adobe, back up claims that we are now living in a mobile age, with a record 18.3 percent of sales originating from mobile devices, an increase of 80 percent over last year.
If you are a regular, you can bet that the owner Georgia will be greeting you by name and with a warm hug. The wait staff are super friendly and the owners are constantly walking around, visiting with customers and helping with orders when things get busy.
2014 is set to continue blurring the lines of hospitality, as vegetables are incorporated into desserts and ice cream sandwiches get the gourmet treatment.
Follow in the well-received footsteps of the ramen burger or dessert pizza with your own concoction. Look for local eateries to begin implementing a more multipurpose design with fine dining on one side and a more casual atmosphere on the other. From small geographic regions to a single city focus, specialized ethnic cuisine is becoming very specific. These entertaining presentations are sure to delight customers and translate to an increase in sales. In addition to dining on delicious turkey, catching up with the family and cheering on their favorite football team, mobile device users logged 1.3 billion app sessions over the Thanksgiving weekend. Stop in to Woo Lae Oak out in Northwest Suburban Rolling Meadows for a taste of authentic Korean delights. Take a trip out to the Northwest Suburb of Rolling Meadows for a bit of authentic, traditional Korean dining. Once removed, the center of the table transforms into a grill that allows your food to be cooked right in front of you.
Wait staff dressed to the nines in slacks and crisp dress shirts bustle throughout the restaurant, visiting with guests and answering questions regarding the menu. As the holiday season moves through December and into January, the desire for dining out and entertaining increases as customers are looking to celebrate out and about with their family and friends.
Go traditional with brined and roasted turkey, sauteed green beans and cranberry chutney or try something out of the ordinary with seafood gumbo and sushi and sashimi prepared to order. An expansive spread starts with autumn greens and Belvedere cheeses before moving on to entrees of smoked lake trout and maple honey molasses-roasted turkey. Pumpkin raviolo, wild boar terrine, fame consomme and turkey roulade all promise a savory take on your Thanksgiving staples. Oven-roasted turkey, pineapple glazed ham and traditional sides such as stuffing, brown-sugar glazed sweet potatoes and green bean casserole are sure to please even the pickiest of eaters.
You can be sure that everyone can find something to enjoy with their bountiful Thanksgiving buffet. Dine on everything from roasted turkey breast and brussel sprouts with lamb bacon to noodle kugel and latkes. Often this balance isn’t right as analytics shows campaign targets are not attained with bounce rates too high. You might get lucky turning very few of those strangers into customers from the first interaction if your product and copy resonates with them really well, but then you’ll be missing on the vast majority of the remaining prospects that could really benefit from your products or services.
If you ask every marketer on earth, they’ll always tell you that people buy from businesses they know, like and trust which are the outcomes the funnel above achieves for your business! So you basically create the content once, and it’ll continue to serve you for months or even years to come!
Some businesses go even further and send personal hand written thank you notes to some of their customers. He’s also the founder of High Quality Social Media, a blog dedicated for small business social media marketing advice.

The RMR comes into effect from 1st Jan meaning cashback cannot be used in the utility sector.
As a result we have taken our eye off the ball when it comes to how those outside of our channel see us, and where we fit in the multi-channel mix. Without additional insight into what this journey looks like the affiliate channel, like any other digital channel, will effectively be working blind. It’s a change of consumer behaviour that’s not limited to the affiliate channel, and one pioneered by the genius of Apple!
It’s about getting the right message, to the right person, at the right time and in the right format. Apple’s iBeacon technology, which use Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) to transmit or receive with an app to offer micro-location awareness may not be immediately applicable for publishers’ apps but provides a huge opportunity for app download campaigns as retailers start a land grab to get their apps on consumers’ devices.
I’m not convinced by any of the wariness around Glass and expect that its extraordinary features will outweigh concerns around looking stupid when wearing it. Let’s not run before we can walk: app download campaigns, mobile wallets and Display are all well and good but if we’re haemorrhaging revenue that should, by right, be ours, then we’re doing a pretty poor job. The UK market is really dominated by one affiliate network but I think there is room for a quality network, with excellent people looking to deliver top class affiliate marketing; and this is what I intend to do.
That another is planned for publication in 2014 can only solidify the progress made by this year’s.
I think data should be about empowerment: unlocking the potential to make better business decisions.
There’s great untapped potential there and we should all be working harder to bring it to these shores. I feel that some apathy has crept in at all levels of the industry from networks, to advertiser, to agency and to publisher. But the original requirement was to produce app downloads, which is an acquisition, the budget for which should therefore naturally sit in our channel. I’m also not a fan of multi-attribution commission models and have seen a certain creep (still a trickle rather than a flood) towards them that worries me.
To have a truly sustainable and scalable programme naturally you need to focus on the short-tail, but nurturing a long-tail will drive awareness and actions and advertisers will reap the benefits. Or more precisely, what the customer referred via the affiliate actually looks like – their relative value to the advertiser against other channels, and against other affiliates, in terms of metrics that would indicate this value.
It goes without saying that not all affiliate traffic is equal but this understanding needs to work across the whole purchase cycle from initial interaction to longer term customer value. It’s unusual to have more than 100 people attend a talk at a web conference, but this is normal for a webinar.
We just wish we could find one that can be read by delivery people, who appear to be blind to it. If your door is locked, take the keys out of the door, in case someone needs to let themselves in. This allows you to see what time lag there is between you showing a slide and the audience being able to see it. Here are immediate future’s top 14 recommendations (seriously, we are doing our tidy up too!) that will improve your social footprint no end. Show-off your work with internal presentations, newsletter and creative comms using Vine, videos, infographics… Celebrate your social success! Tracking and reporting these opportunities automatically eliminates the grind work and leaves you time to focus directly on your existing customers. By having all the necessary information about a customer at your fingertips, you ensure quick, reliable, and pleasant service interactions.
A California agency in the property and casualty sector was able to effectively utilize a marketing-driven CRM to increase revenue by 25% and total insurance policies by 35%. The technology available today makes managing your relationships and data easier than ever, which allows you to focus on your customers — and your business’s growth.
Digital marketing specialists may be surprised to see some established techniques such as content marketing, attribution, responsive design and mobile analytics only at the innovation trigger stage although some of these are reaching the peak of the hype cycle. The final height of the plateau varies according to whether the technology is broadly applicable or benefits only a niche market.
Of course this structured approach won’t fit the culture of all organisations, but even a simple unscored version of this is useful within a workshops to help discuss the relative merits of different digital projects.
Marketing companies and businesses looking to advertise their products are always on the look for new ways of advertising their products, and although mobile marketing is anything but new, it’s still the latest trend. A study in particular, carried out by RadiumOne, found out that 51% of regular social media users said that they would share hashtags more often if they could win rewards from advertisers, like discounts. But remember that users read QR codes with their mobile phones, so it may be a good idea to send them to a mobile website or to a responsive website, because otherwise the experience can be ruined by a bad website experience. So there is no doubt that social television is a phenomenon that’s here to stay and advertisers are taking good advantage of it. As the firm revealed, advertisers received more than 700,000 Shazam tags, which led to millions of interactions from users.
The only trouble is that promotional tweets are everywhere and they have been classed as spam by many consumers in recent years.
Companies and businesses who are still choosing not to implement a mobile marketing strategy into their overall marketing strategy are quickly falling behind their competitors. Another thing a lot of people probably do not know is that people who buy foreclosures are much more likely to use the internet than others, and they alone were responsible for an increase of 180% in related searches via mobile as opposed to the 7% that used desktops. A majority of marketers think that video is used by customers and potential customers for home tours and to watch testimonials, when in actuality people use video more often to find out more about a particular community. If someone else has an app, but you don’t, why would anyone want to come to you instead of someone they can work with through their mobile devices while on the go? My friend had been craving a lobster roll for a couple of days at this point, so her meal decision was easy.
Reel Club offers both table and booth seating as well as an outdoor area that is perhaps perfect to sit at on a summer afternoon for happy hour.
Their portions are small plates and perfect for sharing and trying many different dishes as opposed to just one. A one and one sixteenth ounce of caviar was served with blinis and six different pairings that included egg white, egg yolk, pickled onion, and chives. Going out to breakfast on Saturday and Sunday is frequently the most relaxing part of my weekend. The new restaurant looks and feels tremendously fresher and has been brightened with white walls and vibrant lime, orange, and yellow accepts on the booths, flatware, tables, and wells.
This is a bowl filled with brown rice, seasonal market vegetables, and peanuts all topped with a peanut ginger glaze. Beverages choices are not limited to Coke or Pepsi products but include smoothies, juices, and a plethora of high-end wine and beer. When you are done with your meal you and every member of your party are served a small, warmed brownie or cookie from the bakery.
The staff is very helpful when making a decision and eager to offer any suggestions they may have. From the truffle popcorn appetizer, to the large and in-charge pork belly grilled cheese, these items will not disappoint. Your choice of seating varies from traditional tables and booths, to bar-style seating and spacious private dining areas. The menu variety and functionality of the space lends its atmosphere to both a family-friendly vibe as well as a nighttime hangout.
You should consider touch screen navigation, interactive features, and the incorporated use of other phone features such as GPS and cameras. However, you do still have to think about what information makes it on the mobile-sized site.
However, there are companies that have invested a lot of money into solving some common business problems with a mobile app and made that platform available to the market at a lower cost than designing frameworks from scratch. You just have to find the right formula and use it correctly to turn it into something that will be successful and lasting for your business.
The final transaction goes through your restaurant’s existing point-of-sale system for your convenience.
Actively build restaurant loyalty and engage your customer base by offering your restaurant virtually in your customer’s pocket. It can be easy to get started but often, after a few days, we lose track or start making excusing. Now it is easy to see exactly how much cash you have left and stick to your planned budget. With the Push.co app, you can enable real time notifications for your favorite blogs and news sites.
When comparing mobile experiences, Adobe found that the average time spent in a mobile app versus on a mobile website ranged from two and a half times longer to four times longer depending on the mobile device used. Overall, Uptown Cafe is just a great option for those looking for a cost-friendly, delicious, low-key meal at a quaint neighborhood cafe. This increase highlights a growing usage trend as mobile and mobile apps continue to gain in popularity.
The chicken was tender with just a tad of heat while the brisket was the thinnest I have ever seen and cooked to perfection.
Our server was amazingly helpful, patiently answered all our questions and explained the dining process.
With this potential influx of customers, it is important that you make sure your restaurant is on their list of hot spots. Whether it is a Christmas-themed happy hour or a New Year’s Eve countdown, the holidays are the perfect time to celebrate.
A twist on customers' favorite traditional desserts is a great way to spice up your holiday offerings. Do not miss out on dessert which includes such sweet options as pumpkin pie, cinnamon flan and cranberry almond puffs. Leave room for dessert, with options ranging from pumpkin chiffon and pecan pies to chocolate layer cake and New York-style cheesecake. I’ve even seen some cases where CEOs write thank you notes and send them to some customers!
The challenge for 2014 is to recognise this and reposition our industry as an acquisition-focused delivery mechanism. Despite talking about it a lot and releasing lots of data, I don’t think that anyone in digital or the affiliate channel has totally embraced mobile, probably because it’s moving so fast. There are so many opportunities going forward which not just the affiliate industry needs to embrace but also the broader digital industry. This time next year I expect that when we talk about ‘mobile’ we’ll mean much more than just phones and tablets.
I hope we get some of that spark back as we need it to not only grow, but to fight to keep what we already have. This is incredibly simple to do, requires no technological trickery and does not necessarily mean interrogating huge amounts of data. A network typically only captures a certain segment of that data so when brands challenge them on making informed decisions, appreciate the limitation of what they have access to in order to do so. Also, start up instant messaging (Skype, etc.) so you can use it to communicate with other presenters if anything goes wrong.
With the exception of Email Marketing, all other marketing channels such as Display Ads, TV and Online Video Ads, Newspaper etc. If you were just optimizing for technology, you could simply, or not so simply, make sure something reads well on mobile. 60% of those same people took action within 60 days and 7 out of even 10 who took action used local keywords to search.
The Main Lobster Roll came on a New England style roll stuffed with fresh lobster with garlic butter drizzled on top.
I went with a party of five and we got a dozen and a half order that included every type of oyster they had from both the East and West coasts, and I still could have eaten more.
So, you can imagine my disappointment when I found out one of my go-to places, Moondance Diner in Westmont, had closed.
My coffee mug was never empty before I was offered a refill and the food came out hot quickly after it was ordered.
The others being located on Fullerton Avenue in Lincoln Park and on Aurora Avenue in Naperville.
The wait staff is accommodating, friendly and eager to offer any recommendations on food and beer.
If you are stopping in during the lunch or dinner hour and are not planning on shopping, definitely take advantage of the valet parking services as parking in that area is tight. The kids love the racing games and games that award tickets so they can pick out a toy when the family leaves.
A good rule of thumb is to design for the mobile size first and add as you get to larger desktop views. Our all-in-one iPad app ordering management system makes it simple and easy for your employees to manage to-go and delivery orders. From easy-peasy in-app reservations to no-nonsense in-app ordering, a MojoBistro app offers your diners a non-stop, 24-hour connection to your restaurant. With Lift, you can track your habit-forming activities as an added motivator to keep you going. The menu is filled with traditional breakfast favorites included loaded omelets, fluffy pancakes and over sized waffles. They are more than happy to refill any side dishes and are attentive without being intrusive. Incorporating seasonal touches and holiday decorations adds a fresh quality to the dining experience and is a great way to set the festive mood for your customers and staff. Focus on greeting and thanking your customers rather than sharing your other promotional messages. Maybe it is a free slice of peppermint pie with an order over a certain dollar amount or discounted sales of a creative seasonal menu item.
From a food drive to donating a percentage of sales to a local charity, your good deed is sure to create some buzz and drum up warm feelings.
From Yule logs and pumpkin cakes to eggnog cheesecake and sugar cookie milkshakes, these holiday desserts are sure to win rave reviews with your fans.
The FCA will likely want to show their worth since taking over from the FSA so I wouldn’t be surprised if we see some potential impacts there in the financial sector.
A client’s request for an ‘email strategy’ should not be interpreted to mean simply that they want to send more emails. If you don’t have the ability to challenge that data, give it to your network who might be able to do it for you. You can build relationships and keep up with your existing customer base without ever picking up the phone. I just read that Facebook’s biggest regret was not getting in on mobile marketing sooner!
If you’re a marketer, note that the most popular states for searches related to forclosures are Florida, Nevada, Georgia, Arizona, and Illinois. The real estate marketers who implement mobile marketing into their marketing strategies will survive, the ones who don’t?
The rolls were served with a side of garlic mayo dipping sauce along with traditional soy sauce. The oysters take a while to come to your table as they are freshly shucked in the kitchen, so I recommend ordering them when you order your drinks to get them as soon as possible. Multiple flat screen TVs, indoors and out, make this a desirable destination to watch a good game accompanied by an even better beer. Sweet Baby Ray's is the perfect choice for the dad who loves to BBQ but wants to relax on his big day even without a special buffet.
Once you have downloaded the app, you can write your own habits, draw on suggested habits from the community or even join a group of people who are working toward the same goal. Everest encourages you to take your goal and break it down into more manageable, bite-sized bits.
If you are looking for something besides your usual breakfast menu, Uptown Cafe also offers a wide range of standard diner fare including wraps, burgers and soup. This is the perfect way to make customers feel special and entice them to keep you in mind when planning their holiday celebrations. Spread the news of your fundraiser by reaching out to the local media and posting on social media. The IAB AMC is keeping tabs across all of these changes and will keep all relevant stakeholders updated. In most cases, there is an acquisition-based KPI behind such a request that is front-and-centre of a client’s mind as an aim, even if articulated with reference to a channel. I would love to go back soon for their happy hour to try some of the other rolls they offer. Your delivery folks will love our in-app map systems with geo-fence to verify that the order is placed with your delivery zone. We are better placed as an industry when we can put ourselves in a position to identify that need.
They give each kid a little gift bag that has an activity sheet – connect the dots game, etc.
The app will plot your check-ins on a calendar and highlight when it becomes a regular occurrence. From pumpkin pancakes in the fall to the fruit festooned waffles in the spring, make sure you give them a try. But the most fun Dan says is when he makes handcuffs and tells the kids they can’t escape from him. In a report by Knotice, a digital marketing firm, it was reported that 36% of all email opens are now on a mobile device. This is a very high number when you consider that webmail and PC opens decreased by 11% and 9.5%, respectively, in 2011.
And considering that nearly 41% of mobile users check email on phone, it is obvious that 36% of emails are now being read on a mobile.Now this forces traditional email marketers to start focusing on responsive mobile email designs so that the emails are actually readable when opened on a mobile device.
Image if you send out 10,000 email messages, 4000 are being deleted because it is not optimized for mobile! Also according to a BlueHornet report, 30% of the subscribers who receive unoptimized mobile emails will unsubscribe!
Email marketers need to adapt for mobiles with a sense of urgency.According to a survey by ExactTarget, 56% of US consumers have made at least one purchase in response to an email marketing message delivered on their mobile phone. This should motivate email marketers to take mobile more seriously.Tips and Suggestions for Responsive Mobile DesignsDesign for small dimensions.
Double cloumns are good for traditional email messages but not for mobile.Use Sans-Serif fonts such as Arial and Verdana only. Sans-serif fonts were specifically developed for the low resolution screens in the early days of traditional desktop PCs.
But with mobile, we go back to the basics again.With mobile email marketing messages, marketers have to remember that people do not have all the time in the world to read through the email messages.
With desktops and laptops, people may lean back and patiently read through the entire email. Mobile click-to-callWith so many advanced features such as apps, browsing, wallets and so on in a mobile phone today, marketers can sometimes forget about the very feature of a mobile which 100% of the mobile users use – that is using the phone to make and receive calls! Talking with a prospect on the phone is the most straight forward way for businesses to establish relationship and trust with them.According to Google’s research, people would rather prefer to call a business than visit their website when searching for information on their mobile phones. That’s because reading long sales copies or subscribing to a lead form is not so easy while using a mobile phone.Imagine you are in a new city and you need a cab. And there is no indication that Microsoft and Yahoo can have a pie in this mobile search market. But as of now, Mobile search ads are cheaper than the traditional PPC ads and one can get a first mover advantage if they jump into this right now.Click-to-call feature is not a complex technology. It is just a simple tel: link which the mobile operating system recognizes as a phone number. Mobile WalletsI am not sure about you, but when given a choice I would rather choose to lose my wallet than my mobile phone. Since we carry our phones wherever we go it makes sense to use it as a wallet to pay for tickets, passes or even groceries. Both Apple and Google are trying to set standards in the market for mobile wallet and one thing is clear – it is only a matter of when mobile wallets become second nature of mobile phones. Boarding passes, coupons, loyalty cards and movie tickets are some of the main “currencies” supported by Apple Passbook. Credit card payments are not yet supported by this App right now, but we can expect it very soon.Passbook is connected to Apps in the App store and depends on the apps. For example Lufthansa airlines has an app with which you can book flight tickets on your mobile phone and then export the boarding pass to your Passbook app.
You can show the pass while boarding and there is no need for any physical paper boarding pass ever.
The app will also show the flight timings and will give a push notification if the flight is delayed.
EventBrite an event management company also has enabled booking tickets to events via the mobile app and load the passes in Passbook.As of today there are 23 airline companies who allow the use of Apple Passbook app.
We can expect NFC to replace 2D barcodes completely in the future – as of now iOS devices do not support NFC.Google has upped the game to the next level with their Google Wallet technology. Google Wallet can store your credit cards as well and a special device at the point of sale lets you tap your phone on a special NFC device and enter a PIN for security on your phone to complete the payment. Another more secure technology called SingleTAP allows payments without entering PIN numbers.Right now Google supports MasterCard credit cards and Google prepaid card which can be loaded with cash using any credit card. Visa, Discover and Amex cards are yet to be supported by Google Wallet at the time of writing this article.Restaurants like KFC in UK have already implemented Mobile Wallet payments and they claim that 5% of all their transactions are now through mobile. Other companies in the same league offering mobile wallet payments are McDonalds, Starbucks and Carrefour (a grocery store chain in France).So what’s in it for the retailers in offering mobile wallet payments? It is a known fact that people who spend in cards have lesser spending resistance than people who have cash.
With mobiles becoming more dependent on complex operating systems, it is also vulnerable to hacking attempts and identity theft.
Mobile wallet promoters and ambassadors should communicate their security features while trying to convince the customer to use mobile wallets.4. New Mobile Ad Formats Replacing Mobile Display AdsIf someone is telling you that mobile display ads are the future of mobile marketing, they are probably living under a rock.
Let us keep the statistics aside for a while and remember the last mobile display ad you clicked on and actually found it useful. Chances are that you never clicked on a mobile ad and if you did, it was probably accidental. If the mobile users spends 2 seconds or less in the destination website or app after clicking on an ad, it is considered an accidental click.GoldSpot media has an ad platform through which they serve millions of mobile ad impressions. Now who would want to run a mobile ad campaign where 50% of the clicks are wasted?Also static banner ads get more accidental clicks than rich media ads because users find out an ad more easily when it animates itself and avoid clicking on that. Internet users wanted to avoid display ads are not new and Ad Blocker apps and browser extensions have been in the loop for quite some time now.Enlightened marketing souls who understand the reality of display ads will not go for it (at least not with aggressiveness) in the coming years. If mobile display ads are in the decline, what can replace it?Some industry experts have propoesed a full screen rich media ad which can be skipped in 5 seconds just like we have the pre-roll video ads on YouTube.
Such a mobile ad would take up the full screen and thus commanding enough attention of the user but also less intrusive for the users who just want to consume the content. For example, Pandora online radio displays ads on mobile along with audio which engages the user on a higher level within more than one sense.Also mobile display advertising is moving from the control of networks to the large publishers. ShowroomingShowrooming is the practice of trying out or examining a product at a brick and mortar retail store and then ordering it from an online e-commerce store for a cheaper price.I have done this myself the last time I wanted to buy a Shoe.

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