What developments have we seen in 2014 that promise to have a big impact on email marketing?
E-marketers and mailbox providers are not the only ones taking advantage of email this year; scammers have also found email to be a great revenue opportunity. Following, are the most important developments in the email space in 2014, which will continue to influence marketing in the year to come and beyond. Google made headlines throughout this year with its launch of three new email advancements. This new image-based view provided Gmail users a creative visual display of their promotional emails and the ability to infinitely scroll through their inbox — providing a catalog-like feel to their shopping specific emails. For email marketers, this new view created an opportunity to stand out in the inbox both because of the additional visuals as well as via the “Top of inbox” paid advertisement. The most recent Google release, Inbox, is a visual revamp of Gmail’s inbox platform — an alternative way to view and deal with email.
Currently available by invitation only, Inbox focuses more on inbox personalization and organization by content rather than organizing by chronological order like most mailbox providers. Expanding on last year’s Gmail Tabs release, Inbox offers four additional standard tabs (now called bundles) of Finance, Purchases, Travel, and Low Priority as well as the ability for Inbox users to create their own personalized bundles.
Mobile open rates reached a high of 51% in December of last year, but then declined to 46% in May of 2014, according to Return Path’s (my employer) recent report on mobile trends. A recent study by Google (PDF) found that 90% of the time, it takes two devices for people to accomplish a task, and what device they use is based on context.
For example, Cyber Monday was the biggest day of the year for email opens last year and that trend continued this year (so far, at least), according to the Return Path data. Based on our analysis of last year’s data, I believe people are more likely to open emails on a smartphone or tablet on Christmas day, as well. Data breaches are not a new occurrence but the depth and severity of these breaches has been increasing over the years. One recent (and high profile) email data breach involved the home improvement retailer Home Depot. After identifying the breach, Home Depot reached out to affected customers warning of the email breach and provided additional information on how to avoid phishing scams.

Understanding and avoiding phishing scams is not just important for customers, Companies that want to protect their brand and their customers need to take steps against phishing.
And, once the bad guys get the data, they can use it to concoct spear phishing campaigns targeting the businesses’ customers. To protect against data breaches, companies should be checking DMARC on all inbound email (and recommending the practice to their vendors, as well). Leveraging SPF and DKIM, DMARC protects your customers from spoofed email as well as providing DMARC users feedback on the health of their email authentication program. While DMARC isn’t a silver bullet for these types of attacks, and may not have prevented these data breaches, businesses should be doing everything they can to stop fraud, and email marketers can do their part by implementing DMARC. Some opinions expressed in this article may be those of a guest author and not necessarily Marketing Land. MarTech: The Marketing Tech Conference is for marketers responsible for selecting marketing technologies and developing marketing technologists. SMX Advanced, the only conference designed for experienced search marketers, returns to Seattle June 22-23. Infografik: “Marketing Budgets 2014? – 63 % der Unternehmen wollen ihr Budget fur Mobile Marketing erhohen. Sichern Sie sich jetzt Ihren Wissensvorsprung in Mobile Marketing und Mobile Business und abonnieren Sie die Meldungen von mobilbranche.de ganz bequem per E-Mail. NewsletterSichern Sie sich jetzt Ihren Wissensvorsprung in Mobile Marketing und Mobile Business und abonnieren Sie die Meldungen von mobilbranche.de ganz bequem per E-Mail. The biggest influencer was Google, which launched new products to offer a more personal email system for its customers and to take advantage of its wealth of data. Towards the beginning of this year, Google released Gmail Grid View which allowed marketers to showcase an ad image and their logo in the inbox, in addition to their subject line and preheaders.
Google realizes that the inbox is a data treasure trove and can help it not only serve more relevant ads, but also further monetize the inbox — which is becoming more challenging as users shift to mobile.
Mobile email consumption continued to rise throughout the year, but only reached 49% in November of this year, compared to 50% last year.
Germany and France see the least variation, but Germans slightly prefer webmail (39%) and the French sway to mobile (36%).

Toward the end of 2014, Home Depot was the target of a massive data breach resulting in 56 Million credit cards and 53 Million email addresses (PDF) of their customers being stolen.
Spear phishing is an evolved form of phishing that is more personally targeted to the email user. Examples include an invoice approval or password reset email or even an email purporting to be a real day-to-day contact.
The Target data breach of last year was reportedly caused by a phishing attack against one of Target’s vendors.
Tom uses his knowledge of ISPs, spam filters and deliverability rules to advise marketers on how to get their email delivered to the inbox.
Rund 18 Prozent des mobilen Datenaufkommens gehen europaweit auf soziale Medien zuruck  – in den USA sind es 16, weltweit nur 8 Prozent.
However, more emails were opened on mobile than on any other type of device on Cyber Monday in 2013. He began his Return Path career as an email deliverability consultant working with top-brand clients like eBay, MySpace, IBM and Twitter. Im Durchschnitt werden mobile Webseiten innerhalb von 5 Sekunden geladen – im Vorjahr waren es noch 8 Sekunden.
Davon sind mit rund einem Drittel mobile Videos neben Bildern (63 Prozent) der Wachstumstreiber des mobilen Internets schlechthin. YouTube ist dabei fur rund 49 Prozent des Datenverbrauchs verantwortlich, Facebook fur rund 4 Prozent. Doch auch mobile Werbung druckt hingegen der Mehrheitsmeinung der Smartphone-Nutzer aufs Datenvolumen. 59 Prozent der Smartphone-Nutzer glauben immernoch, Werbung habe keine Auswirkungen auf den Datenverbrauch.

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