Having a mobile strategy is no longer a nice to have, it is indeed a must have component of your marketing strategy. My general recommendation is that it is not wise to be first with market changes as you should learn a little about how to do things right.
With mobile we are very deep into the revolution and non participants are now considered late to the game. Aside from the strong recommendation of having a mobile or better yet a responsive website, you need to think specifically about your actual marketing promotions to make sure they are sound. Dave Kerpen a thought leader in my business and someone I respect very much recently wrote this piece on this topic for Fast Company. Today marks the first earnings call for the Social Media giant, Facebook and the public is very curious to hear what is going on inside. This call should be very telling and I for one am very interested to hear where they stand. Response Expo 2016 was an amazing experience full of learning opportunities and insight on various concepts related to direct response. The vibe of the event was welcoming, engaging, and full of educational opportunities that would benefit students and seasoned professionals in the marketing and communications industries. This entry was posted in Marketing, Marketing Faculty, Search Engine Marketing, Social Media and tagged Kisa Puckett, Michael Becker; National University, Social Media on April 28, 2016 by admin. This entry was posted in Marketing Faculty, Mobile Marketing, Social Media, Social Media Marketing and tagged Demographic Trends in Mobile Marketing, Mobile Marketing Association, Social Media on July 29, 2015 by admin. This entry was posted in Marketing, Mobile Marketing, Social Media, Social Media Marketing and tagged Linkedin, Marketing jobs, Social Media on May 13, 2015 by admin.
We’d like to hear from you as we plan our April workshop in Los Angeles on Social Media.
The diagram here is from eMarketer, showing the Worldwide Social Network users in 2015 by continent. Teens are using Social Networks, even if they tell you that Facebook is no longer relevant to them. Here’s my resume, which you may want to use as a template for building your personal profile. This entry was posted in Marketing, Social Media, Social Media Marketing and tagged Linkedin, National University, recruitment, Social Media on March 23, 2015 by admin.
National University seeks to help the adult learner sharpen skills that can be applied right away, in a one month one course format.
Here’s just one fast example: How many times a day do most people check their mobile phones? Answer:  The MMA says that the average person checks their mobile phone about 150 times a day. This entry was posted in Marketing, Mobile Marketing, Social Media, Social Media Marketing and tagged Mobile Marketing, Social Media on February 8, 2015 by admin.
Today, 25 February 2016, a senior member of our content & optimization team, Juraiporn Paparpun took to the stage, elaborating on Social Media Trends for Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Google Plus in 2016 alongside other digital marketing experts at the ADF digital innovation 2016 conference (InterContinental Bangkok). Yes, we are talking about Facebook’s new dislike button, which turned out to not literally mean the thumbs-down icon. For the past couple of years, when we refer to content marketing, the first thing that comes to mind is blogging. Then why is it that this article is titled: The Big Content Marketing Shift 2015? Will blogging slowing lose importance? Over the course of 2014, many trends have carried over from 2013′s predictions and have since evolved to accommodate the fast-paced rate of digital marketing trends. With video becoming increasingly more popular and together with enhanced analytics, its important that marketers either continue or start to engage with their customers through this channel. Here’s a look at some of the most compelling reasons on video marketing and its trends for this year and 2015.
Now when we talk about marketing (offline or online, doesn’t really matter) advertising will always be present. Already this year we saw many activities happening on that front, such as Google’s AdWords Dynamic Retargeting for retailers that was released sometime June 2013, twitter’s new ad retargeting exchange and the developments on Facebook Exchange (FBX).
This is probably the number 1 trend with the Internet getting much more integrated with mobile devices. As for advertising itself, from 2011 to 2016, mobile advertising revenue is predicted to grow by 400%. Mobile App Marketing On Facebook : An enormous number of people congregate on Facebook and it is not possible not to pay attention to that fact currently in our time. Mobile App Marketing On Twitter : On Twitter, you must be as concise as possible since you are limited to only one hundred and forty characters.
Mobile App Marketing On LinkedIn : You can find various business connections by way of discussions and groups on LinkedIn, along with interested clients and partnerships.
Given the current hype about social media as a marketing channel I thought it might be nice to see how our respondents in the Pleased to Meet You survey responded to this channel. When we take a deeper look at the mobile communications people engaged in, we gain some interesting insights into what works well, and where mobile is weaker.
Whilst advertisements are the largest single type of contact, accounting for about 40% of total contacts, they are not that well received.  Comments from the participants indicated that they found SMS adverts to be repetitive, poorly targeted, and quite interruptive. On the other hand, customer service texts informing participants of issues like bank balances, new bills online, hospital appointments, and the need to top up pre-paid phones were received extremely positively. Of great interest to marketers should be the evidence that participants were regularly using phones to discuss products they were buying, and offers that were available, and it could be that with development this channel could provide an excellent vehicle to propagate well targeted offers virally.
Welcome to Customer Intelligence, a blog for anyone who is looking for ways to improve the business of marketing and communicating with customers. The blog content appearing on this site does not necessarily represent the opinions of SAS.
It’s becoming increasingly important to adjust your digital marketing strategy for the growing trends in mobile marketing and global social media. More and more people around the world are accessing the Internet through their mobile devices and the largest percent of usage is spent visiting social networks.
YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world as well as the second most accessed social network. Since search on YouTube mobile site yields less page results than on a desktop, make sure to target your video’s SEO with keywords in the title, captions and descriptions so users are more apt to find it. To make sure your global visitors have the same experience on your mobile page make sure content is regularly updated. Instagram has over 100 million MAU on mobile and is quickly growing due the visually engaging nature of the app. That said, it’s important to have translated Twitter and Instagram accounts for the countries you have a large presence in.
Once you’ve optimized your social networks for mobile, analyze your results and ask for feedback to improve your social media intelligence and increase site rankings.
For more information on how to adjust your social media networks for an international audience, take a look at our Global Social Media solution. Outperform competitor search rankings, increase traffic, reduce campaign cycle time and cut the total cost of global campaign execution. This can be a frustrating reality for business owners as it always seems that just when you finish one project a new one creeps up that is mission critical for your survival.
One of the many benefits to us, but negative to the company are these constant public inspections on their stability. Facebook is without a question the Social Media industry leader and their success and failures impact us all. This year was my first year attending and afforded me the opportunity to be engaged by many thought leaders in the industry including seasoned marketing professionals in the finance, marketing and web development, and automotive industries. There were also several companies offering the latest in order and product fulfillment and call center services.

From this experience, I’ve gained additional industry knowledge and the opportunity to network with many amazing marketing professionals from all over the country. This was presented in Los Angeles on April 17, 2015, and perhaps will also be presented at a future workshop to help us get better acquainted with platforms that allow us to network with other professionals like ourselves. Most of us feel that we need to know more about these topics in today’s very fast changing world.
Find our more on your schedule, as we have many classes that you may find valued and relevant.
Trends such as social media marketing, mobile marketing, and content marketing were the big winners of 2014. Developing presence through videos that are both useful and creative for consumers and capitalize on the power of video engagement. Small screens means less display space, means less area to put your message across, means less user patience and tolerance towards anything that’s unclear.
On mobiles, you don’t want to cramp lots of content into the small screen and leave it to your readers to pinch away on their mobile touch screens. Consumers are smart and with increasingly easy access to the Internet and free Wi-Fi almost everywhere you go, not to mention the fact that mobile service providers are packing together carrier service with data services, more and more people will rely on online search to find information.
So far we’ve said content, simplicity of messages and mobile will gain a lot of interest moving forward. Then there was Google’s DoubleClick recent addition that enables users to buy retargeted ads on Facebook.
Online marketing is growing in many directions and quickly becoming an integral part of any brand’s marketing campaign.
Quite a lot as a matter of fact which is no surprise when it comes to the online world where the pace is fast and environment volatile. However, to obtain the most desirable outcome and to increase your app purchases, it is necessary for you to primarily focus just on two or three digital platforms in relation to social media. To reach all its population is unobtainable; however, your objective now is to gain the attention of as many of your ideal consumers as possible among your target audience with the chief aim of engaging them enough to prompt them to purchase what you are offering.
Place the link in all places where you have social media or web presence: this includes discussions, forums, websites and email footers, etc. Fill out the simple form and our review team will check the application and review it and publish it. As you know, our target audience are App Developers, App users and App Industry Influence-rs.
In particular we will compare it to the mobile channel which was previously flavour of the month but seems to have lost its sheen. Critical to this will be the identification of social leaders who act as central points in mobile social communities, and the active bridges between communities.
And we hope to inspire the use of analytics for everything from multi-level marketing to social media campaigns.
Twenty-five percent of its global views come from mobile devices, making video a great asset to an international social media strategy. Due to varying laws in different countries, YouTube may block access to your videos in certain locations due to the nature of the content.
The most common reason YouTube prohibits mobile syndication is due to a match to third party content or other various copyright laws. According to a study by TechCrunch, there were 66 million monthly average users on Android and 91 million on iPhone in September 2011. Since mobile visitors aren’t able to see as much, the most important information and status updates should be at the top and updated as frequently as possible.
Sixty percent of Twitter’s active users access their accounts from mobile devices, as stated on their blog. These networks are a great way to share updates and insights into your company with your global customers.
Please upgrade or install another browser to experience our - and other - websites properly.
More importantly they can show us what does and does not work and we can adjust our plan accordingly.
In a place like Manhattan you are likely to be walked into at least once per day by a passerby deeply engaged with their little screen. If it is not, the value will be lost AND more importantly that user will likely not come back. The event also included the latest and greatest in technology applications for social media management, analytics, and media. I currently work with local government and nonprofit organizations as well as small businesses. If you want to learn more about how Mobile Marketing and Social Media will change your life, or your business, or both, you can enroll in this online class now. Continuing on through the end of the year, new trends will be adopted and optimized for the upcoming year. In this article, we’re going to go back in time a bit to the very beginning to gain a better understanding of where the practice all came from and really dig into the facts and figures this year, followed by an overview of key opportunities and challenges. The largest search engine has just replaced its algorithm with hummingbird, a contextual search algorithm which caters to mobile and tablet users. The increase in consumer’s demand for easy and quick access to relevant information is already happening and will probably amplify even more in 2014 and beyond.
Friendster ( if anyone still remember what it is) revamped itself into something else entirely, Zynga Facebook games has seen its own rise and fall while we see a shift from activities on social bookmarking sites such as Digg to information-based social networks such as LinkedIn and Google Plus. Areas we feel will gain even more recognition and should be stressed are mobile, content marketing, ad retargeting and social media, while the overall trend is a shift towards “Less Means More”.
It’s nevertheless important for business owners to not only always keep up to date with new trends but to take action fast as well. The foremost stage in the process of deciding which social network sites you will use is to be able to analyze your target clients (ideal consumers) and aim to figure out where these kinds of people are spending their time on the worldwide web. Approximately half of members of the Facebook social media site sign into their accounts each day.
Twitter provides solutions to various marketing issues: It enables you to build a list of followers who desire to be notified about the launch of your mobile app. You will be able to communicate your experience regarding mobile apps and will have the opportunity to employ new specialists to join your work team.
Admittedly it is somewhat challenging to make videos; however, if your are up with the times, you will be pleased with the result that will be terrific. Your content should be related to App Industry, App marketing, App advertising, App promotion, App development, in some way.
I most enjoyed the marketing mix and how many of the companies attending the event as sponsors and exhibitors interconnected in one way or another in support of direct response marketing. This event gave me a broader perspective of direct response marketing and the chance to reflect on how technology has evolved over the years to allow marketers a greater platform to maximize their marketing budgets using advance tools and software that support analytics in a way that has never been done before. This event has given me several connections and opportunities that I know will lead to advancing my current employment and business in the marketing world.
By adding new blog posts to your website, you are essentially adding more content and web pages to feed search engines. But what we are seeing in 2015 is an increased focus in 2 other content marketing channels: specifically Social Media and Email Marketing. In 1900, Michelin launched a 400 page guide: The Michelin Guides which was created to help drivers maintain their cars and find decent lodging while on the road. First of all, analytics have become more advanced and now comes in many different forms, such as video tracking, scroll and heat maps. If Google themselves are putting in effort to please mobile users, is it not a sign that there is something definitely going on there? If you have kept a close examination on search this year, you’ll have noticed that Google has been making its search results more and more content based; pulling information from Wikipedia, Google+ accounts and what not.

It’s mid-year 2013 now and what most marketers have predicted to be the next trends for digital marketing is becoming much more evident and obvious. According to marketers content marketing helps to build brand awareness, lead generation as well as acquire and retain customers.
Do not hurry to sign up for each social media site that is out there since it is firstly important for you to know which social media sites are most influential among your ideal clients, your target market. Search for people who are followers of accounts for mobile apps with similarities to your own, or those people who keep informed about topics of interest that you are also interested in. You will want to upload information in documents about your apps and allow them to be shared in the newsfeed on LinkedIn.
In terms of psychology, likes essentially reflect a positive attitude towards oneself and one’s brand.
The more information search engines gather about your website and services, the better they can rank you for matching search terms. Video analytics have also made an appearance while social analytics have developed beyond imagination. If the big players already see the need to move in that direction, it’s not something we should be taking lightly. Five thousand is the beginning base number of people that you are to be selling to in order for your mobile app marketing to be considered successful. You can participate in someone else’s discussion by including tweets with intelligence. Because the videos were viewed more than ten million times, purchases were significantly astronomical for a long period of time.
See the full 2015 Digital Marketing Trends infographic by Syndacast here to see how Mobile Marketing will play out, as well as other notable trends. If your website is not responsive or mobile friendly yet, high time to look into website usability on mobile.
Facebook will continue to dominate the area with Google Plus and LinkedIn following close behind. If Facebook groups and pages which you have investigated in relation to your area of interest possess only a minute number of ten to one hundred individuals, it is best to choose not to use this social media site. More than one million Facebook members sign into their accounts by way of mobile technology. Seek out relevant discussions, including ones that allow you to discuss what you are working on.
At times, it’s also a reflection of authentic feedback regarding certain topic or products (I am talking about organic likes FYI). Your audience just doesn’t have the luxury of time to go through long ad text or play Where’s Wally to find your call-to-actions.
Have you ever come across a page with low number of likes and then decide against liking the page and the posts yourself? We now examine what social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are able to present to enable you to advertise your mobile app. You should possess numerous objectives in place when you are utilizing the Facebook platform. You also are able to advertise on LinkedIn; that is pertinent to the expanding sector of B2B and apps with relevance to productivity. If you compare two Facebook pages, the audience tend to end up following a page that has more likes. On the web design and development front, this means the move towards minimalist design and responsive websites. The first thing is, that you should make sure that your ideal clients will be able to with ease locate and download your mobile app. If it happens to be that your mobile app is already on the market, place a Twitter logo on your website and request people to follow it.
When you are advertising on LinkedIn, you can take advantage of the supreme targeting tactics that it offers to you, which includes giving consideration to the job descriptions and experience of your ideal clients.
Include a scene of you speaking in the video with the desired message you wish to communicate with those watching the video. The next thing, is that you will want to try establishing a decent relationship with your clients based on trustworthiness.
The amount of time to make an account for a fan page on Facebook is only two to three minutes.
Place a Twitter handle to your other social media platforms to connect with subscribers there. After choosing a name for your page, you must create the greatest, engaging description for your app. Adobe programs with top notch add-ons cost more, but increase what you can do in designing and editing your videos. Once you have sent the link of your recent press release to your followers, politely request that they retweet it on your behalf.
When you are designing your videos, they should follow the plan of presenting a problem and a solution, along with showcasing a demonstration. It is imperative to add a link to the App Store along with Google Play–this is of utmost importance indeed!
This is a fantastic method of getting the word circulating in relation to your app and builds a communal sense of unity among those in groups with the same interests. Explain the client’s problem and the solution your mobile app provides and then demonstrate how this all works together to show what your mobile app can do. Also, place a call-to-action with the invitation to people to visit your website or page on the App Store with more information, where they can download your mobile app.
Be sure to request team members, friends and acquaintances to choose to like your app fan page right at the beginning, since this can help in getting your page to go viral.
When the time has come that you have reached a sufficient number of subscribers, send them out an invitation to view your app website to get information about the app or to link directly to your app’s product page on the App Store. Request that they try out and review the newest version of the app currently, which should contain the best graphics, sound, and so forth.
However, do exercise necessary caution, since it is frequently possible to pay a lot of money on individuals who are simply going to your page because of curious minds with no real intent to purchase from you. Tweets deliver information that helps people to understand how to use the apps and tweets provide solutions to general problems. Do not rush and watch how the engagement on Facebook holds influence over the amount of purchases. There is a vast difference between drawing in subscribers and gaining interested consumers. Business accounts are appropriate for your mobile app and personal accounts are for sending personal communication. It is best for the name of your page to implement both general terms in order for people to locate you and your specific mobile app in order to provide a quality of uniqueness to your page.
Building your base of contacts will take more time than just one day or one week; therefore, it is necessary to engage in building and maintaining connections with individuals who possess large numbers of subscribers. For instance, sports celebrities with massive groups of followers on social media sites would be ideal candidates to promote sports apps. Before requesting such a partnership, make an attempt to become the person’s friend first. You will be involved in taking some risks; but if things turn out as planned, you will receive many ideal followers and will have the ideal person or to promote your future endeavors.

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