Try Mobile BillboardsHigh Tech Advertising Hits the Streets Do you sometimes wonder if your ad campaigns make any impact at all?
NomADic genius is a mobile rolling, scrolling 3D illuminating machine – built to attract your target audience’s attention. According to Regis, Americans spend an average of 15 hours a week in their cars, either as driver or passenger, and they perceive that traffic is increasing. Mobile advertising doubles the attention of a static billboard, and has a mind-boggling 97% consumer recall rate. Mobile truck advertising is practical, affordable, has a high impact, and offers exceptional frequency and reach. Meet the Blog’s HostLisa Chapman serves her clients as a Business and Marketing Coach, Business Planning Consultant and Social Media Consultant, specializing in increasing revenues.
Mobile advertising is a growing trend that many small business owners are looking at with awe and are seriously considering to give a try. Did you know that mobile advertising can be used as modern form of viral marketing?Let’s say, you are running a house cleaning service and Wednesday happens to be your slow day. A bit of creativity along with commitment will not only give a personal touch to your marketing techniques but also give you an edge over your competitors.
Like online business advertising, mobile advertising will also play a vital role in the small business marketing campaigns. Short Message Service (SMS) Advertising – In this type of mobile advertising, the small business owner purchases the advertising packages from a third party vendor.
In Page Advertising – The potential customer should have mobile Internet apps in his mobile phone. This Music mobile phone design advertising PSD material contains the below related topic information, such as Poster material, music, cell phone, design, advertising, PSD material culture and art, shading background.

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Use mobile advertising to your advantage by sending text messages to your potential clients that you offer discounts on house cleaning on Wednesdays provided they get back to you in a stipulated time period. Here, when he searches for a particular item on his mobile, your advertisement will appear if it is pertinent to his search. The new and established SMB owners should consider making mobile advertising a part of their marketing campaign.
So advertisers have a captive audience – attracted to the movement of a very bright, intriguing new technology – and its advertising message comes alive.
This is one of the reasons that mobile advertising has made it to the top 10 list of mobile applications in the year 2012. Many find it difficult to come to terms with how mobile advertising can benefit small and local business owners.
Also mention that this discount can be transferred to friends and family members within the vicinity of your business.
Leverage the power of mobile technology to reach out to more and more potential customers and maximize the impact of your advertisements. Maybe the sound of your own headphones to pass out.please,NIST is responsible for providing all the vital technological advancement to different association including GSM, the shielding radius is 5 to 40 meters.who you wander so far away ah! With offices in Nashville Tennessee, but working virtually with international clients, Lisa M. Here, it is worth mentioning that one of the salient features of mobile advertising is that it can target customers of a particular demography. This form of advertising works best when you want to send discount coupons and limited timed offers.

With questions,Sanders for his single payer healthcare plan while racking up more donations from large pharmaceutical companies than any other candidate." Blatter is suggesting. Chapman serves her clients as a business and marketing coach, business planning consultant and social media consultant. This statistics will become factual with the wide usage of mobile Internet and its applications. For instance, if you are a coffee shop owner, you can SMS advertising coupons to your regular local clients on their anniversaries giving them a small discount. Restaurants, entertainment venues, local businesses and retail owners have found this type of advertising to be a success. One needs to reorient and review the advertising strategy in tune with the exciting world of mobile technology and garner maximum attention. As a Founder of iBrand Masters, a social media consulting firm, Lisa Chapman helps clients to establish and enhance their online brand, attract their target market, engage them in meaningful social media conversations, and convert online traffic into revenues. Another example is if you are an ice cream shop owner, you send coupons for a free scoop of any ice cream for your customer’s kid’s birthday. There are endless opportunities to keep in touch with your customers through mobile advertising. Let's face it, you don't often see trucks like this particular truck – so it’s astoundingly memorable.

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