This multibillion-dollar business has carved out its own section within the technology industry. Over the past year we've seen some great mobile apps both from well-known developers and lesser-known shops too.
Between Apple's App Store and Google's Android Play Store, there are more than 1 million apps to choose from. But not all apps are worth your time, so we picked out the 100 best from a variety of categories like games, news, social networking, and productivity. Just like last year's App 100 list, a lot of these apps are some of our favorites that we use every day. In this roundup I am going to cover most popular android photo editing apk of 2014-15 year.
I made this list depending on their popularity theses android photo editing apps gets thousand of downloads and social shares worldwide everyday. I also published a handy list of top 30 Most Popular Android Games Apk Free 2014 you can download these games for passing your boring time when you are sitting on a bus or waiting for train.
This app lets you add Hoarding frames to your favorites pictures from gallery or take it from your camera. Retrica offers numerous professionally designed filters, many more than any other camera apps do. If you are searching for a great time killer and funny photo wrap app with more than 500 stickers, color text and painting on photo or lot of features in a single app, this one is for you. Pixlr Express is a fun and powerful photo editor that lets you quickly crop, rotate, and fine-tune any picture, all in a completely ad-free experience. A very comprehensive photo editor and pretty much everything you could ever want to do on your phone.
This camera application will allow you to make excellent pictures very fast and simply, utilizing all advantage of your phone or tablet. Have fun with the basic features of Cymera of taking pictures and retouching them(making collage, editing, decorating, make up and more) with the photos in your “private album” that you share with your global Cymera friends. This is wonderful and awesome online photo effects application which makes use of cloud photo funia.. Easy and convenient editing Adjustable brightness, contrast, saturation, resolution ,Cut & rotate . We will continue to add new functions and improve existing ones in order to maintain our current 4.5 star average, and hope you will continue to enjoy taking and decorating photos with LINE camera! Free editor Background allows you to make the desired change the background of any photo or picture. This is mobile hidden camera, free and powerful Camera application for your Android device. Camera HDR Studio is the best app for taking a real or fake HDR photos, it also contains a large amount of features which makes it a great replacement to your default camera. It can create stunning animal eyes and face on your face,It looks special and magical for your photos by using InstaFace. Mobirise Website Builder – Create mobile friendly, refined-looking website in no time! We update daily and try to bring useful and free resources for our readers from all around the web. Smartphone cameras are quickly becoming the device of choice for photo lovers to take and store pictures. This app has recently become available to Android and is quickly becoming popular for adding an array of filters to photos. Snapchat is the app that users use to send each other photos and videos called “snaps” that immediately disappear from the app upon viewing.
Much like Perfect 365, You Cam is an app with 5 million users that gives you the ability to edit your selfies and add makeup, organize photos into collages, and even adjust the appearance of facial features and body parts in pictures.
There are so many apps now that you can use to share selfies and other pictures with friends, families, and even random acquaintances from the Internet. Taking photos is immense fun, and it is for the most part, a popular past-time throughout the globe and due to digital photography, attaining a professional looking photograph is at this time, much easier than a good number of people believe.
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Building on its hard-earned success from the previous years, Google’s mobile operating system, Android, continued to maintain its position as a leading name in the business all throughout 2012. Other than many a well-reputed developer releasing long-awaited Android variants for their popular mobile, web or desktop apps to the Play Store, 2012 has seen a huge shift in standard Android app UI, courtesy of the change in Google’s design guidelines. Tweedle is also considered one of the best Twitter apps since it possesses refined, modern design by default. Through tapping one of the headers, you are able to speedily shoot the top of your Inbox or timeline. Login through Twitter account, getting back a list of unfollowers and followers, detecting non-followers, and mutual friends as well as your fans, showing user profiles and supporting many accounts.
You can also Try these Apps On your Computer By Downloading Bluestacks App Player that Plays Android Apps On your Pc. These Were Some Of the Best and Free Photo Editing Apps For Android.We Will keep Updating this Post and if you have some Info that You think Is Good for This Post then Feel free to Comment and I Will Update it in The Post. A Cool Fun Loving Guy Who Came into field of Blogging Just for fun and now is on the way to be an entreprenur and now reading books for fun. I have read your blog for the point Photo Editing Apps For Android .This provides good knowledge and i learned more thing. Please, I am requesting to you that you will remain continue to providing such type of knowledgeable information. When you throw in apps from BlackBerry's App World and the Windows Phone store, we're dealing with a mind-boggling number of apps. We also took a careful look at some of the best and most popular apps that launched over the past year. The best apps look incredible, take advantage of our phone's powerful hardware, are fast, easy to use, and make life easier or more fun. Best hand picked collection of design related resources, useful tools, tutorials, tips etc. These apps are hugely popular for few reasons, first of all you can use these apps for editing your captured photo and give them hundreds of mind blowing effects like a professional photo editor you can also adjust lights, colors of taken photo in low light and set them into eye catchy frames and so on.. Create awesome Photo Effects of your photos using this App.100+ Photo Effects is a free app that allow you to convert your photos into awesome effects.
It is the most popular free photo editing app, designed for both your mobile and tablet devices, with over 100 mln installs, one of the fastest growing photo artists’ social networks and galleries of artwork. With photo mirror, you can create many left-right, up-down, repeat, reflection style of photos. If you want to see your photos in Coffee Mug Frames then download this app.Its totally Free!!!.
You can pick a picture from your gallery or capture one from your camera to generate the sketch. I'm very passionate about following topics as web design, social media, internet marketing. We would recommend you to subscribe to our newsletter to stay tuned with daily updates which we are sure you don’t want to miss. Selfies, or pictures that you take of yourself, have become extremely popular on social media. A front camera is essential for selfies; if your phone is an older model, you might need to update. It offers many more filters than most apps and gives them a high quality look along with many editing tools. Flickr is a photo and video storage app that you can use to store all of your media to save space on your Android phone. Apart from the release of the powerful Samsung Galaxy S III and numerous other top-of-the-line Android devices, the recently-concluded year saw Google introduce the quad core-powered Nexus 4, and the first tablet in the Nexus series, the Nexus 7, followed by its 10-inch variant, the Nexus 10. The resulting trend of Holo-themed apps continues to increase to the point of becoming commonplace, a glimpse of which you’re about to get in the following list.
Sports Republic (Justifiably titled ‘Flipboard for sports news’, this app stands head and shoulders above all other user-curated news reading apps for mobile devices. Reddit Sync (An insanely feature-rich unofficial Reddit client that keeps improving with each subsequent update. Swype Beta By Nuance (A brand new beta release of Swype for Android supporting 4-way text input: swiping, tapping, speaking and drawing.

Smart Settings by Root Uninstaller (Allows ultra-customizable sound and system profile definition and event-triggered automated profile switching on Android. Boot Animations (For rooted devices only: Tired of looking at the same old boot animation on your Android? When it comes to deciding on an app, the sheer amount of options can prove to be a daunting task because there are just so many apps readily available. When you require a Twitter app which looks the part, and will not need changing in the minimum half-a-dozen varied customization options, then Tweedle is the app for you. After Posting About Best Antivirus For Android This Post Is on Photo Editing Apps For Android. I consider to be myself very social person and would love to meet a lot of new, different thinking people. Thirty million users of Snapchat are active, and over half of those users use the app every day. Obviously enough, 2012 wouldn’t have been complete without adequate advancements on the software front as well. Since its release, Solid Explorer has maintained its supremacy over most – if not all – rival root-level, dual-pane Android file management apps. However, you need to download Twitter apps that are going to be more convenient for you to use. Others are its capability to mute people, without unfollowing them and real-time feed streaming among others.
It’s wrapped in a neat and clean interface and features attractive desktop  Twitter widget as well as instant notifications.
In order for you to see this page as it is meant to appear, we ask that you please re-enable your Javascript! Sites like that will also give you Android mobile price comparisons so you can choose the right one for your budget.
You can use the app to look at celebrity photos, upload your own photos (especially selfies) and popular memes. You can give your selfies a Photoshop-like effect, even adding makeup and features such as changing eye color, whiter teeth, and flawless looking skin. It not only detects your unfollowers but is also going to make them think twice prior to unfollowing you. It has a  minimalist interface but is packed with editing tools and filters for the best smartphone pictures that you will see on the Internet. As an app that has a higher percentage of younger users than most, Snapchat is very popular among different smartphone platforms. The free option offers a terabyte of storage, the ad-free one offers no advertisements, and the Doublr account offers twice the storage than the free version. As a result, the inflow of apps in the Google Play Store (formerly Android Market) has continued to increase and so has the number of big names making their debut on it. Among its main features also include mute users, background notification alert, offering photo previews in your Twitter timeline among others. It has a number of filters to edit your photos, complete with cropping and framing into its trademark square-sized picture.
This is a fun way to share many photos with your friends and family without having to worry about them being saved. This post, like the one at the end of last year, focuses on the best free Android apps of 2012 that were featured on Addictive Tips.
There are even several apps that you can download to edit your photos before you post them on Instagram. They expect for these also to be in line with Snapchat’s “disappearing” approach to media sharing. Users follow each other, gaining access to each user’s gallery of photos that update in a stream similar to Facebook.

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