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In this society, every 16-year-old must take an entrance exam involving what appear to be hallucinogenic jello shots to determine which group they belong to. Following the test, there is an ostentatious choosing ceremony, where the teens pick the faction they will belong to. Frankly, it’s surprising that more of these 16-year-olds aren’t running to join this glamorous crew. Beatrice, rechristening herself “Tris,” undergoes the brutal Dauntless initiation training – the violence of which was toned down from the book. However, when The Hunger Games author Suzanne Collins adapted her own novel for the screen, with input from Billy Ray and director Gary Ross, she made the smart decision to leave Katniss’ narrative voice out of the screenplay. Shailene Woodley is just as strong an actress as Lawrence, but the screenplay of Divergent does its best to undermine her. This article was published in its original form in The Massachusetts Daily Collegian on April 9, 2014. Soren and Josh discuss the S6 premiere of #GameofThrones, "The Red Woman," emphasizing how terrible Dorne really is. Released in 2000 movie is a classical, adventurous and action movie starring Russell Crowe as Maximus.  He is a Roman General who is betrayed by the prince of Rome and his whole family is killed by them. Then come join us this Thursday, January 15th at 3:30 pm for our monthly family movie time.

Beatrice Prior lives in Abnegation, the community service clique located in a post-apocalyptic Chicago restructured into five high school-like groups. This ceremony should be unnecessary, as most of them should already know where they’ll end up from the test they just took. In Roth’s novel, a peripheral character takes a knife to the eye, the heroine is nearly sexually assaulted, and most of the trainees regularly beat each other into bloody unconsciousness.
The random, shocking violence in the novel created an atmosphere of peril and urgency that the nearly nonexistent conflict couldn’t supply. The movie tries to give us a good scare with a violent inter-faction coup-d’etat in the fifth act, but it’s too little, too late.
After lots of twists and turns finally he returns to Rome as a Gladiator and takes revenge from Commodus (Joaquin) who has become King after killing his own father.
We will be watching an action packed adventure of how a mischievous little squirrel and his friend plan to steal a store.
Kids bring your snacks, pillows, blankets or whatever you need to enjoy these popular children’s movies.
Children are encouraged to snuggle up to a cuddly stuffed animal or blankie while enjoying a Disney film featuring Mowgli’s jungle adventures with King Louie, Kaa and Baloo! There are the geeks (Erudite), the jocks (Dauntless), the happy hippies (Amity), and the oversharing smartasses (Candor).
She is Divergent and her test proctor (an imposing Maggie Q) tells her she must hide her condition, or else.
We are repeatedly told that “Divergents threaten the system” – but the movie never gives us a reason (perhaps because the book didn’t supply any answers, either), so we’re left with a conflict sans any sense of immediate danger.

But, as in the The Hunger Games, this ceremony exists to force the heroine to transform into an ass-kicking action lead. In The Hunger Games film, the constant threat of death and bodily harm (retained from the novel) kept things interesting, even during the more banal moments. The movie spends plenty of time letting the characters train for a fight without giving them an occasion to use their skills. The character’s silence, combined with the quiet strength of her portrayer, Jennifer Lawrence, made Katniss all the more compelling.
He is an angry and selfish person who can take any step and go to any level down to fulfill his own greed. Check. A Kravitz (Zoe, following her father Lenny’s footsteps after his role in The Hunger Games)? If you can’t keep track, don’t worry – each faction is color-coded for your convenience, outfitted in different monochromatic uniforms. Accordingly, Beatrice signs up for Dauntless, the tattooed, pierced, leather-clad military faction. At the end Maximus proves him wrong and gets back his own image of a nation lover and becomes famous as a great warrior. The latter jumped into the midst of battle early on, while the former stays stuck in the training stage for far too long.

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