There are a lot of fascinating movies in Documentary genre that were released in 2014 but we are sure that Angel Maker: Serial Killer Queen is one of the best of them!
For those who don't know what a movie transition is, this is the effect you add between two video or photo files.
You can add these transitions and effects each videofile at a time, or its possible to let Movie Maker decide it for you. We can find different themes when we click on "Home" in the menubar (1) and then in the section "Automovie Themes" (2) in the workbar. Clicking on the downpointing arrow will open a menu (3) where you can find all available themes that are available in Movie Maker. When you move the cursor on a theme you will also see a example of it in the preview window. Did you choose a theme and would you like to remove it later, then click the first theme in the list "Default" (4). This will open a window where you need to navigate to the sound file you want to add, you select it, and push the "Open" button.
When a theme is applied 4 small squares wll appear on top of each thumbnail in the storyboard (1).
Of you move the cursor over a thumbnail a information window will appear where also the transition between the two thumbnails is being mentioned (2).
To add music to your project you have clicked on the "Yes" button when you were asked to add music, or you click on the "Add music" button on the workbar when the "Home" tab is selected. How you did it doesn't matter in both cases this will open a window where you will need to navigate to the soundfile you want to add, select it, and click the "Open" button. When music is added to your movie a few options will appear that you can set for this music. The first condition to see these options is that the time indicator (1) is located on a thumbnail where music is present. The first button "Music volume" will control the volume of the music which seems pretty clear to me.

The two options on the right will set the fade in and out at the beginning and end of the music.
For those who don't know what this means, fade in is from soft to loud and fade out works the opposite way.
With the next three options we can set the starting time, the start point and the end point. First is to place the time indicator on the position in the timeline where you want the music to start and click the "Set start time" button.
A second way is to drag the musicbar (this is the green bar on top of the thumbnails) to the position you want. To do this place the time indicator on the place where you want the music to start or end and click on the corresponding button. To remove the music you added, just click on the green music bar and push the "Delete" key on your keyboard. If there is some anoying background sounds in a videoclip and you wish to remove this then you need to, select the video (1), choose the "Edit" tab (2), click on the "Video volume" button (3), and drag the scrollbar entirely to the left (4).
To do this click on the "Movie Maker" button (1) in the menubar, and choose "Save Movie" (2) from the dropdown menu, and choose for "For High-definition" (3). When its done you open a new project by clicking on the "Movie Maker" button in the menubar once more, and choose for "New project" in the dropdown menu. When the videoclips which you have imported in your project have backgroundsounds and you have added an audiotrack to your project, you have the possibility to mix these.
The left icon (1) is for the backgroundsounds of the video and the icon on the right (2) is for the inserted audiotrack.
If you move the scrollbar to the left the backgroundsound of the video will become louder and if you move it to the right the inserted audiotrack will become louder.
When you are using Windows Live Photo Gallery to organize your photos and films, you can insert all photos and videoclips on your computer directly into Windows Live Movie Maker.
Navigate to the photos on your computer which you want to insert to Windows Live Movie Maker and select them (1).

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