High-resolution sounds for high-resolution images: From quiet sound collages to dynamic orchestral melodies a€” with MAGIX Music Maker Movie Score Edition, your creativity knows no boundaries. Microsoft recently released Windows Essentials 2012 for Windows 7 and it includes support for Windows 8.
Then you’ll find the Windows Essentials programs on the Windows 8 Start screen, but they all run in desktop view. If you’re a blogger or thinking of starting, one of the best publishing apps to use is Windows Writer (formerly Windows Live Writer). It’s still called “Live Mail” probably so it’s not confused with Windows 8 Mail included in the OS by default. This was introduced in the first version of Live Essentials as a replacement to Windows Movie Maker in XP.
While SkyDrive is included as a default app in Windows 8, this makes the storage service easy to use from the desktop.

The software suite has been renamed and some new features have been added to Movie Maker and Photo Gallery. We’ll be covering them in more detail in future articles, but this will give you an idea of what to expect.
It also lets you create panoramas, photo collages, and supports popular online photo sharing services – including a new partnership with Vimeo. It lets you connect to your IM contacts as well as Facebook, LinkedIn and support for audio and video chat. It works with all of the most popular blogging services like WordPress, Blogger, TypePad and more. If you want a more robust client for managing your mail – without dealing with Outlook, Windows Live Mail is a solid choice. It’s received some enhancements like Video stabilization, new effects and easily adding background music to your videos.

It integrates with Windows Explorer and if you’re new to the service, you get 7GB of free space. I mean you can already blog from Word, and I have started playing around with that capability in Word 2013 and it’s pretty slick. While it’s weak compared to professional tools like Adobe Premiere or Final Cut Pro on Mac, it’s a perfect free tool for creating your own personal short videos to share online.
If you do have Outlook installed on your system it also includes the Outlook Connector Pack to manage your Hotmail account.

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