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A comprehensive PDF tutorial using the pre-installed Windows Movie Maker software in Microsoft’s Windows 7 operating system.
Movie Maker is a basic but very capable video editor providing a multitude of functions to create your own individual video clips. All Creative Designs provide a Web Site Design and Development service with a difference and produce professional and innovative designs to your requirements. Many people wants to cut or edit their videos at some time, specially its a modern age and we find everyone taking videos through mobile, digital camera and camcorders. Click on start button and in all programs and accessories you will find windows movie maker.

As it will be in pieces press control+A or select all video pieces and drag them to video line. After splitting the undesired part click on that part and press delete, that unwanted part that was split earlier will be removed and you will be left with the part you want.
Very nice tutorial on how to cut the video from wherever you desire and then use it for any purpose. Ask you to even thought of using much more video to the body blog posts to be able to keep on the readers even more interested?
Practical instructions presented in a step by step sequence with 27 full color screen shots. This tutorial is suitable for the beginner to video editing software and as a reference resource for the more advanced user, explaining techniques to build on your knowledge.

Learn how to add title frames, credits, music, apply transitions, visual effects, trim, join video clips and more. Duration of this tutorial is approximately 2 to 3 hrs, but the project can be saved and completed in stages.

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