Cristina writes, "I am making a Christmas slide show on my Windows Movie Maker but it absolutely will NOT let me import ANY of my Christmas music and U think I've tried everything.
Since you're importing songs from iTunes and they don't work, I'm going to assume you also ripped the CD of Christmas songs using iTunes.
By default, iTunes rips CDs to the AAC format, which is a great format for storing music, but is also incompatible with Windows Movie Maker.
Now right-click the music file you want to convert to MP3 in your iTunes Music Library and choose Convert Selection to MP3. Next right-click the MP3 file and choose Show in Windows Explorer, then drag and drop the MP3 file into Windows Movie Maker to use in your video project.

If your file was purchased from iTunes Music Store, you might need something like SoundTaxi to convert the song to an MP3. You can use iTunes to convert AAC files to MP3, but you need to make a few changes in iTunes first. Right-click the MP3 file you want to use in your movie and choose Show in Windows Explorer. I made a new folder on my desktop and tried getting the songs from there and still did NOT import. Geregistreerde gebruikers hebben toegang tot de snelste downloads en extra community mogelijkheden.

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