When I was a kid, I watched a lot of the early films, but I only recalled them through the murky veil of nostalgia.
After each movie, I immediately jumped on Facebook to post my thoughts about each of the films, but as we all know, Facebook is a pretty terrible place to put out lengthy reviews or thoughts on anything. Fortunately, I have the opportunity to put out a series of articles for the Pokemon films as a whole here on Earn This as part of this nostalgia-free article series. This 16-entry long article series will cover each Pokemon film, each with its own article talking about the basic premise of the film, the history surrounding the franchise at the time of the film’s release, differences I noted between the English translated dubbing and the original Japanese dub, and my thoughts and impressions on the film as a whole. We will go through all the films in chronological order from the first all the way through to the sixteenth as part of a weekly serialization.
For everyone who has seen these films, I hope that you all will enjoy reading my thoughts on these films. Store media file information on your PC including Box Sets, Actors, Cast Members, Actor Filmography, Movie Posters, Actor's Pictures and more. Scan your hard drives for any type of media file or DVD folder and let MovieManager intelligently load the database.

Create lists of movie posters or actor pictures based on genre, actor, movie and many other criteria. One click access to your movie, series, episode or actor on IMDb, the Internet Movie Database, to download pictures, actors, episodes, directors, writers and other information. Generate versatile HTML pages containing your movie information including links to play your movies and to preview them up on IMDb. Built with the rock-solid Eclipse RCP platform and data is stored in the powerful Derby 10 relational database. Most PC's already have the Java runtime environment installed but if you need to, you can download Java for free. Some try to get a leg up and hit the books in anticipation of classes for the following semester. To make sure I wasn’t unfairly treating any of the films, I watched the entire set of movies from the very first film, Mewtwo Strikes Back released in 1998, all the way through to the most recent film, Genesect and the Legend Awakened released in July 2013. In addition, I watched through each film with its original Japanese audio just to make sure that I didn’t miss anything in translation.

Below is a rundown of each of the films we will be watching listed with their original year of release along with the English title of the film in parentheses. It lets you scan your drives to locate any type of media file, identify and catalogue movies and catalogue DVD, lookup movie information on the web and play movies on your Multi-Media PC. MovieManager Pro is Movie Database Software with Movie Poster Views, Box Sets, Split Movies, many additional Movie and Actor attributes, Actor images, enhanced image management along with many other features and options.
Over Winter Break, we college students take the time to relax after two hard weeks of final exams.

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