It is a Free MP4 Player and MPEG4 Player that allows you to see or play MP4 or MPEG4 video file on your PC. ViVi DVD Player - An easy to use and powerful - dvd media player that combines the great picture and sound with full featured DVD navigation. This is the portable version of MP4 Player - an application which allows you to play media files with the MP4, FLV, AAC and MP3 format. Since installation is not required, you can place Portable MP4 Player on a removable drive, plug it into any computer and directly run its executable file. The interface of the program is simplistic and familiar to the one of Media Player Classic. So, you can use basic media player functions like pause, navigate back and forth within the clip, switch to full screen mode and adjust the volume.
The simplistic media player runs on a moderate amount of system resources, supports several keyboard shortcuts, has a good response time and didn't freeze, crash or pop up errors during our tests. Also, we weren't able to switch to full screen mode (Portable MP4 Player seems to have some compatibility issues with Wi`ndows 7).
Why on earth microsoft can’t make things easy and just include an mp-4 extension for media player automaticly is baffling!

Divx is an option would it not be that you get all in Chinese because they link you to it at the divx webpage ( why nobody can tell or knows ).. To solve this issue, download Elecard MPEG-4 Codec Pack or try Faasoft Video Converter to change MP4 to WMP supported formats. Just google search Step by Step Guide to Convert MP4 to Windows Media Player with iDealshare VideoGo, you will find a detailed guide. There is another chance that you can play .mp4 files directly on your computer and no extra plugins needed. Free MP4 Player and MPEG4 Player is simple to use and easy to install, It allows you to open and play an mp4 video file within three click. Play it, view it, and sync it to a portable device for enjoying on the go or even share with devices around your home all from one place. There is no help file available but that's because Portable MP4 Player is easy to work with.
When setting up the media player for the first time it gives you a list of file extensions to play and nowhere in there is mp-4. Most phones only have mp-4 extenions, how the heck are you suppose to play them on your computer??

If it doesn’t work in Windows Media Player though I recommend you just download and use VLC for those files. Why not try Macgo Windows Blu-ray Player for free, which can Play any videos or audios like MP4, MOV and RMVB, etc. Macgo Windows Blu-ray Player is a versatile media player dealing with almost all the media formats including Blu-ray. In fact, a recent survey on a technology site showed just as many users using this pack as the official Microsoft pack. VLC is widely known as a player that plays everything and it’s invaluable on any computer because of that.

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