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Ewig hat es gedauert, nun wird die PS4 doch noch zur vollwertigen Multimedia Konsole, denn sie enthalt endlich eine App mit der man diverse Audio- und Videoformate abspielen kann. Problem: FAT32 kann nur bis 4GB kopieren, viele Filme die ich 720p und 1080p auf der Platte habe sind meist pro Film 7-11GB. Du hast die moglichkeit es auf die Konsole vom PC aus zu streamen oder du splittest das MKV Format in 4-5 Parts was nur ein paar Sekunden dauert. Imagine you have a very important file you downloaded but the media players installed on your computers cannot play it. Robin Khokhar on How to Improve Your Typing Speed: 4 Free Online TutorsTunde Sanusi (Tuham) on 6 Habits That Can Help You Become a Successful Entrepreneurclancy tucker on Blogger Comment won’t show?
VLC media player has had something of a rocky history on the iOS platform, getting pulled from Apple’s mobile platform several times thus far over various licensing issues. Having been absent from iOS for nearly four months, the popular cross-platform media player which renders dozens of non-iOS-friendly video formats will be relaunching on the App Store in the coming days. According to Felix Paul Kuehne, lead developer for VLC for iOS and OS X, the app has already been submitted to Apple for approval and could be heading back to the App Store later this week. In answering a question about VLC’s unavailability in Europe, Kuehne confirmed the software will be back on the App Store soon, “probably early next year due to the iTunes Connect holiday shutdown,” according to his post on the VideoLan Forum.
VideoLan , which recently reorganized itself as a multinational development team spanning twenty nations, has been managing the VLC media player project. VLC made its App Store debut in October 2010, courtesy of its original developer, a company named Applidium. However, VLC got pulled a mere three months later over issues with the GNU General Public License (GLP) requirements after developer Remi Denis-Courmont, one of the lead contributors to the VLC project, filed a licensing claim.

Following what turned into a two-year hiatus, VLC then resurfaced on the App Store in the summer of 2013. Sadly, the aforementioned licensing issues just wouldn’t go away, resulting in another removal nearly four months ago. There’s definitely a need for apps of this kind, especially for power users who want to watch home videos and movies encoded in formats not supported by iOS. Another app that comes to mind is Infuse, pictured below, which I’ve written a lot about. VLC is arguably among the most widely used cross-platform media players and its comeback on the App Store will be watched closely and followed with great intent. It is a way through which developers submits their apps for approval to get it on AppStore. I’m so glad it’s returning to the App Store and quite frankly, it should have never been pulled! Das Programm nennt sich schlicht Media Player und nistet sich ab heute als Icon automatisch im Menu der PS4 ein.
It is quite frustrating to encounter such situation, but you don’t have to worry much because I am going to introduce you to some media players that will play every multimedia format be it audio or video files for you at any point in time.
VLC PLAYER:  VLC player is the best media player on the internet today, this media player is by default capable of playing every media format. KANTARIS MEDIA PLAYER:  Kantaris media player is capable of playing any media format and there won’t be any need to install any separate codecs. GOM MEDIA PLAYER: GOM media player is yet another free media player that can play all audio and video formats. Windows Media Player: Most of us already have Windows media player in our systems because it is the Windows media player for XP and other Windows OS which offers a great way to play audio and video files but it is limited to quite a number of formats.

Though the forthcoming release will be a new app, there should be an update for versions downloaded before the app got pulled. It was one of the first apps on the App Store that could transcode foreign media formats directly on an iPhone or iPad. Luckily I still have a jailbreak and was able to just download an ipa and install it in the meantime.
If you found any app is not freeware, Trial or Ad supported please contact us and app will be removed shortly. This player was built with many codecs so there won’t be any need to install any separate codecs. Now I know this one is going to be a surprise to most of you but I am going to show you how you can play almost all known media formats with Windows media Player.
It is also free just like the VLC and it also has an easy to understand user interface that makes it easy to use. First you will need to download and install K-Lite Codec Pack 8.60 (Full)  This codec will do the magic, while you are installing the codec please choose all audio and video formats and after that your Windows media player will start to play all media formats. It was built with some advanced features such as screen capture, audio capture, playback speed control, A-B repeat and other video effects.

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