One free phone call with Hal Davidson, and you’ll quickly learn that decades of promoting experience offers you a major edge. A music festival is an annuity for the community.The entire region is affected by your event.
Rent a promoter brings your event various services from an experienced promoter (otherwise known as an Event Producer), without the cost of employing a concert consultant or music festival consultant, long term. Hal`s corporate background in resort and travel marketing enables him to tie in the back end integrating ecommerce and merchandise and sponsors easily. PROMOTERS NEED PROMOTERS TOOProducers and promoters need feedback from time to time, someone with some sense you can bounce things off of.
If you have an established event but need help, call 7 days a week to discuss exactly what you need and when. HAL`S PAST IS VASTAt age 21, Hal promoted the biggest bluegrass music festival in American history, Stompin 76 in Galax, VA. In a stark reminder of the perils of going digital-only, a UK music festival plunged into chaos over the weekend as its cashless payment system failed- leaving music fans unable to buy food or drink and being forced to queue for hours.
Others told how they were left hungry and thirsty and bombarded organisers with angry messages on both Twitter and Facebook. The official website explained that users would need to register their ticket online beforehand and then exchange the physical ticket for a Dog Tag wristband when entering the festival site. Police have trialled the system since April 2014 in “controlled environments”, but this is the first time the portable NeoFace surveillance technology, made by NEC Corporation, is being used outdoors in the UK on this scale.
Leicestershire police said it hoped the system would enable them to find organised criminals who prey on festivalgoers who are often victims of theft. DC Kevin Walker told the Police Oracle website: “Strategically placed cameras will scan faces at the Download Festival site in Donnington before comparing [them] with a database of custody images from across Europe. Los programas de television y el mundo del cine se benefician de las redes sociales y, en general, todas las formas de entretenimiento han podido comprobar como el social media ha ejercido una fuerte influencia en el comportamiento de sus usuarios. La musica cuenta a su favor con una importante ventaja: tiene un gran componente viral, lo que ha permitido tomar un lugar central no solo en el mundo del espectaculo, sino en la mayoria de los aspectos de la comunicacion relacionada con los consumidores. Todo lo empezo Pepsi en 1960, al darse cuenta del gran potencial de marketing que tenia la musica. Buen ejemplo del poder de la musica, esta en el My Festival de Heineken que puso en marcha este verano, donde los usuarios podian crear automaticamente el cartel de su Festival Heineken, mientras sonaban canciones de las bandas elegidas.
Sonadisimo fue en el momento de su lanzamiento y todavia sigue siendolo, el mediatico Plan B de Ballantines y su embajador Carlos Jean. La musica ha demostrado que se puede integrar no solo en las redes sociales, si no en los planes de marketing de las empresas.
Aprovechar el poder de la musica para que nuestro publico nos asocie cada vez que oyen una cancion o artista. Cumplimenta este sencillo formulario y nos pondremos en contacto contigo a la mayor brevedad posible.
Twitter Facebook Google+ LinkedIn Pinterest Reddit E-mailIt’s summertime, which also means that it’s summer festival season. Amy’s style tips include a denim vest over a romper, both of which are big trends for the summer. If you want to look a little more girly and feminine, wear a tie-dye maxi skirt with a wide belt and a large floppy hat.

You can also wear a sheer maxi dress that you can pair with black denim cutoffs and a camisole. Digital IntelligenceJOSIC MEDIA is a leading provider of news and insights on Digital Trends. Maybe your expertise is elsewhere and you know when you need the assistance of someone who can step into a particular task and handle it professionally. Someone you know is also a promoter who is looking out for your best interest, and that won`t compete against you. I couldn’t have obtained this valuable information anywhere else at such a low price. Wireless has been equipped for the service as an option since 2012, but this is the first time that there has been no safety net. Around 90,000 people attending the five-day rock event in Derby had their faces scanned by “strategically placed” cameras, which are compared with a database of custody images across Europe.
Los musicos son los primeros que tambien se benefician de las redes sociales, ya que mas de un 70 por ciento de los usuarios en redes sociales han escuchado la musica de un artista despues de que alguno de sus amigos lo publicara en su perfil de redes sociales. La musica a menudo suele ser un punto de conversacion para la mayoria de los consumidores, ya que  suele promover la interaccion y suscita opiniones apasionadas. Su estrategia desde el principio fue asociarse, de manera inteligente, a un gran numero de super estrellas del universo musical, como Ray Charles, Michael Jackson o Shakira. El cartel se podia compartir en Facebook o Twitter y cuantas mas personas escucharan el playlist, mas posibilidades tenian los participantes en ganar grandes premios. El productor musical se ha embarcado en el proyecto mas revolucionario de los ultimos anos, en plena polemica sobre el dano que hace Internet a la musica.
No hace falta tener a Beyonce para atraer a nuestros seguidores, tambien hay otras formas que nos ayudan a extraer el poder de la musica. Podemos crear listas construidas a traves de servicios como Spotify y Grooveshark  que tienen un aspecto listas de exitos y que ademas tienen la capacidad para ser compartidos. Groovershark cuenta con listas que se pueden compartir a traves de Facebook y Twitter, e incluso incrustado en sitios como StumbleUpon y Reddit.
Since then, the phase’s influence has stretched far and wide, even making its way deep into into the entertainment business. Crafted just in time for this weekend’s Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival, a sleek #WHHSH beer will be introduced to the polo fields in an effort to draw even more attention to the City of Lights. Top off your look with a flower crown (a summer music festival must have), black ankle boots and a pile of necklaces. Lollapalooza started in 1991 and takes place every August in Grant Park, which spans four city blocks.
You are providing seasonal employment, forging business relationships and opportunities that can last decades.
In these times, you need to combine what works with trends and industry secrets, to ensure a winning music festival.
Calling you before that meeting was the right move because it more than adequately prepared me for my dialogue with the Stadium. Almost any new music festival needs an aggressive marketing medley of advertising, promotions and public relations.As a former Ringling promoter and independent event producer, promoting in many cities including in Canada and Australia, Hal can work in any market, city or rural.
That`s valuable, and after you speak to Hal once, you`ll see that his words relate directly to a better, more profitable festival.

No part of this website may be used online or in print without written permission in advance. Esto supone una oportunidad de oro para que la mayoria de las marcas conecten con su publico.
Esta estrategia fue luego copiada por otras muchas marcas, sobre todo las de bebidas alcoholicas, que incluso han realizado colaboraciones especiales con musicos, festivales, escuelas de musica, etc. El Plan B esta demostrando que las nuevas herramientas online no danan la industria discografica si no al contrario, la web 2.0 y las redes sociales proyectan una energia brutal para crear proyectos musicales unicos. But it can also be uncomfortable and unbearable in the heat if you don’t know how to dress comfortably for it. Jenn says, “it is no point going to the festival if you can’t see the band.” Don’t just go to be seen. Develop logo and branding standards, icon design, copywriting, marketing research, conference promotion; 5) 2005 - May 2011.
Consult clients on design needs, develop design concepts, and supervise project from start to finish.
It’s administration, ticketing, stage production, site production, venue plan, security, hygiene, power, hospitality, catering, transportation, insurance, legal, accounting, sponsorships, beverage and vendor considerations, venue relations, talent selection, your event staff, there are over 65 cost centers on a major music festival!
To avoid paying more for rushing, making last minute mistakes, raising stress levels and diminishing talent selection, start early or move back the date. Carlos sube las bases musicales para que cualquier artista o aficionado pueda aportar su granito de arena a la hora de componer esas canciones, se mezclan las aportaciones y se vuelven a subir de nuevo a la web. Amy Pham and Jenn Im will show you how to plan your outfits accordingly for the summer festival season.
How about starting now for the following year?Hundreds of facts, methods, promoter`s timeline and bits of advice can be found in Hal`s best selling promoter`s manual. Cualquiera puede votar el proyecto y, a traves de los perfiles de Facebook y Twitter de la marca, los usuarios opinan, comparten, aportan, proponen… Para finalmente, grabar un disco con las aportaciones mas votadas y colaboraciones de artistas reconocidos.
She pretty much made up her mind that she was going to get into fashion, somehow, some way. Critical components need to be addressed simultaneously.It`s knowing what not to do as well as learning what to do, and how to do it properly.
That right festival in the right place and the right time of year, will provide you or your organization with an expanding annuity for the rest of your life. The quality, presentation and logic behind your site will directly influence your ticket buyer. Compelling web design or re-design for greater marketing effectiveness, online marketing, web site merchandising, web site optimization (improves search engine ranking) and streamlining navigation are all important to making your web site the most important online festival destination in your region. Hal can streamline the effort by suggesting cost effective, proven systems and methods.Hal can be on site and run your entire operation or handle segments you need help with.

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