Since the release of iOS 5 one thing about the iPad Music app has become clear, people hate it.
I’ve heard many complaints, most of them have to do with the new user interface and a few missing features. You will notice from the photos above that the sidebar is gone in iOS 5 and now to access Podcasts and Audiobooks you will need to go to the More button at the bottom right. One other thing to note is you must go to Settings-> Music and enter your Apple ID and password for either app to display your shared music library. Here you will see that there is an option to turn the lyrics off and on in iOS 4 but the feature is missing in iOS 5. Hopefully Apple will correct this soon because it seems strange for lyrics to work on the iPhone but not the iPad.
The other complaints I’m hearing involve the loss of Chaptering and the rewind 30 seconds function in Audiobooks and the ability to get more episodes of the same podcast in the Music app. We are interested in hearing what your thoughts are on the Music app but more importantly let Apple know. We’ve already heard several times that Apple has been facing investigations from both the Department of Justice and Federal Trade Commission over how it negotiated with labels for Apple Music.
Apple has been accused of using its large pull with labels to put other streaming music services like Spotify at a disadvantage. One specific example of this that has been pointed out earlier is Apple forcing labels to reduce the music that it makes available to ad-supported services in an effort to bolster the selection available on Apple Music. Universal Music Group also points out in the letter that it does not have any deals with Sony Music Entertainment or Warner Music Group to block the availability of music on free and ad-supported services. I was also not involved in any anticompetitive practices with Apple during Music negotiations. Not this tired old whine and cheese… Every time apples wants to make a product someone gets their underwear in a knot that they must have done something illegal.

Here’s another small but handy feature added to iOS 6 – the revamped Music app now lets you use Complete My Album without leaving the app. Instead, you can complete the album with just a couple of taps from the individual album page in the Albums section of the Music app. Apparently the Videos app has added a similar capability – with Complete My Season when buying TV show episodes.
I can’t say my life felt incomplete without this functionality in the Music app, but I do like the trend in iOS 6 to accomplish more things directly within some of Apple’s built-in apps. AndroidTapp is the best Android App Reviews, Android Apps, Android News, Android App Recommendations, and Interviews with mobile app developers. The changes started with the icon itself going from an iPod icon to a music icon with iOS 5. If you do not have any Audiobooks or audio Podcasts these items will not display in the More section. The photo on the right shows the option to turn ON lyrics in setting on an iPhone with iOS 5. Now, the New York State’s attorney general has posted a letter from Universal Music Group in which it claims that it is not doing anything illegal to prohibit the access of free music services by the consumer. Schneiderman of New York and George Jepsen of Connecticut, were behind the infamous antitrust ebook case. So you can choose to purchase the remaining songs on an album you enjoy without being pulled out to the separate iTunes app. My favorite of these is that you no longer get bombed out of the App Store when you choose to install an app.
With a revamped Music app and, as reports suggesting, Apple could launch revamped music streaming service along with it, the iOS 8.4 is going to be a big software update.

I still find the Music app decent but given the choice I would go back to the iOS 4 Music app.
Last year, Apple was found guilty of anti-competitive practices in the long-running ebook case, settling at  $450M.
It’s a breeze to download free music on your Android and it even has a Tag Editor for correcting artist, album and song title information.
Video Podcasts are now stored in the Video app and are no longer accessible from the music app, only audio podcasts.
You still have the option to create your own playlist you just need to go to the playlists section to do so. They protect consumers, however inconvenient they may be for multi-bajillion-dollar corporations. As discovered by Macrumors forum member that this new audiobooks handling seems to be part of the all-new Music app.
With iOS 8.4 beta, chapter titles can now be selected, but titles still cannot be displayed. User can also drag the book cover art to the left or right and hold to move back or forward further within the audiobook.

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