By the time you graduate, you’ll have the ability to project manage yourself and a portfolio crammed with real life experience.
At Bucks New University, we have excellent teachers, well-equipped spaces and household names as partners. Work with the BBC Every month, Bucks students work with BBC Introducing, a project for unsigned artists to promote themselves online and on BBC radio. Use professional equipment and studiosYou’ll record and produce audio in the Sennheiser Sound Lab.
We have a working relationship with our local theatres, such as Wycombe Swan Theatre and Wycombe Town Hall. Applications for full-time undergraduate courses must be made through the Universities and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS). Audio and Music Production can lead into many different careers, including studio and live production, sound design, music performance, music technology retail, and music hardware and software support.
How will you help me prepare for my future career?Throughout the time you spend with us, we’ll support you to on route to your chosen career.
We run work placements for our students, giving you the opportunity to develop within a work background. There are two common approaches to mixing: mixing as you go and mixing when you are done with everything. Unlike recorded music, majority of sounds in electronic music are created synthetically so it’s easier to bend and shape sounds to your leisure.
Whatever method used for mixing, the most important concept to bear in mind is choosing the right sounds that work well together.
Your attitude when mixing cannot be taught, but certain techniques can be learned to achieve a specific result. Big dance records demand big sound, if everything in the mix is proportional and balanced, you’ll have a boring mix.
For example I was working on a remix project last year for a South African artist (listen here). After coloring, labeling and grouping your mixer, set your monitoring volume to low-moderate levels. Bring in lead vocals and make sure there are sitting a tad bit on top of other musical elements.
Reference other Tracks – User tracks that you know sound great on different speakers.
The music production tips you’ll discover below contain a mix of practical and psychological suggestions to help you advance your music production. You’ve probably heard of the fix-it-in-the-mix mentality by now and you also know you should avoid that line from ever entering your mind. Manuals and text-books are good maps,  though they don’t always show you the actual territory of the production process. Luckily, you can now also watch other producers, even some of the pros, provide music production tips on YouTube and other video sites.  Music production forums also give you the opportunity to connect with other producers. Computer music production is great, no doubt.  Computers and software however like to sometimes crash. It sucks to get a mix just right, crash and then realize the last half-hour of your work has vanished into the abyss where all non-saved work dwells.

The point? Develop the save often habit into a compulsion.  You may find yourself hitting the save shortcut (Ctrl+S) even while browsing the web! The visual sense takes priority with most of us which means that while your eyes are open the ears are pushed to second place. The visual aspect of computer-based DAWs makes music production much more of a visual activity, often at the expense of good sound. The point?  Keep your recordings clean on the way in and the mixing stage will offer many more possibilities for creative work.
As an artist you may draw inspiration from chaotic environments.  This changes the moment you put on your producer cap. Tidiness,  whether it be in your studio,  your computer file-system or your DAW session,  will allow you to be creative. The point?  Keep things tidy so you won’t get overwhelmed or bogged-down with technical issues or searching for files when you want to be creative or productive. The point?  Take regular breaks every 15 to 20 minutes to avoid brain-fry and cloth-ears,  especially when mixing.  This will save your ears,  give you more perspective and boost your output.
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Audio and Music Production prepares you for a career in studio-based music production, sound design for TV, film, games and animation, and live sound production. To reflect the real world, you’ll work as a part of a production crew on campus and off on site with our partners. Our Careers and Employability team will also help to find you work placements in and around the area.
Audio and Music Production is also a JAMES and SkillSet accredited course, which carries real weight with employers when you graduate. Our main studio has been fully equipped by our partners, Sennheiser, a world leading production supplier. A typical offer will include GCSE Maths and English at grade C or above and a UCAS Tariff score of 200-240.
Fee costs for subsequent years are subject to rise with inflation or course delivery costs.
We’ll help you to develop crucial skills, encouraging you to become enterprising, employable, and good leaders. Our modules and teaching expertise will help you become more independent as a learner and more certain of your discipline expertise. Mixing Dance Music – Wether you mix as you go, or you do it the old school way (pulling tracks together at the end), its the mix that brings your production of a great song to its fullest potential. Techniques like marrying the kick and bass, applying compression within context, creating depth and space to a vocal performance, creating punch. Not all sounds have to be loud, like a good food recipe, one key ingredient has to stand out. Get to know these plugins intimately and experiment frequently and this applies to all DAWs. Like martial arts – Learn one technique at a time, master that technique, move to the next and then perform combos.
Organizing tracks in the arrangement view, sub group your mixes, label your tracks and Auxs correctly.

If you are mixing early in the day, give yourself at least an hour for your cognitive brain to kick in. If I can make myself sing after many long hours of working on the track, it must be a good mix. Most club systems and radio stations are mono and your mix needs to translate well there too.
Your browser is an eight year old browser which does not display modern web sites properly. Heaping on the effects or compressing the living life out of a track during the mixing stage won’t give you the fat sound you lust after. Adding compression to this weak signal during mixing will pull up the noise along with the signal.
This is where seeing producers at work can pay huge dividends for your own music production progress. As well as theory, you’ll learn practical skills on live projects with companies such as Sennheiser and the BBC.
You’ll collaborate with students from other courses, including Film & TV and Performing Arts on projects ranging from the screen to the stage. We include business modules to give you an insight into the challenges that freelance technicians face, such as finance and legal guidance.
We also have visiting tutors who keep you updated on the latest developments in sound production. Your work will get airtime on the Bucks, Berks and Beds BBC Introducing radio show, as well as BBC YouTube and possibly even iPlayer.
We have other top quality suppliers, including Midas, Focusrite, Novation and AC Lighting, so you can get your hands on the same tools as the best in the business. Also, producers went to great lengths during recording to ensure that sounds would fit together using different mic placements and techniques. This will reduce the amount of time jumping from one track to another at the heat of the mix. Learn how to use the gear you have,  learn and use different mic techniques,  study the basics of acoustics, computer recording and mixing. Their goal was to achieve an end mix that in which all parts were already balanced and needed minor surgery. This will come very handy during the heat of the mix, you’ll know which tool, when and why. For further details of our international English entry requirements, please visit our international pages.How much does it cost? If every move you make seems to completely destroy the integrity of the mix, you’re probably done.

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