Music Radar run down a list of some of the best free open-source music making programs available today.
Friendzone share their story on how they met, working with rappers like Main Attrakionz and how they balance productivity and quality. Chicago house pioneer Marshall Jefferson shares his 10 ten favorite pre-house records which includes the likes of Tony Cook and The Party People and Secret Weapon. Ask Different is a question and answer site for power users of Apple hardware and software. I'm looking for an application which can take a playlist of all of the track I'm listening to at the moment and re-arrange them so that they are in a logical sequence (based on BPM etc) then mix them all together as a mix. I've tried Tangerine but I wasnt very impressed as it didnt have a way to automatically sort the tracks and the analysis of the music wasn't very good. The 'Pro' and 'DJ' versions of this program integrate very tightly with iTunes and an iTunes managed library if you have one.
I'm a huge fan of Megaseg, but it suffers from small little usability quirks (the program's insistence on sorting songs with each artist in alphabetical order for instance).

Mixxx has the ability to sort songs by BPM or other metrics of your choosing, though I have found it easier to use other programs to manage music libraries.
I have not tried Mixed in Key, but I do know that Beatunes is a bit finicky with larger libraries.
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Is there a music application that integrates with iTunes and shows the waveform of the song? Music Creator is a professional audio recording and editing program developed and sold by Cakewalk.
With Music Creator you get the tools, instruments, and effects you need to create, record, edit, mix, and promote your music in one integrated software solution. It can play DRM-protected purchased songs and can synchronize playlists, playlist folders, metadata, sound check adjustments and album art with iTunes. It features some iTunes integration but is quite usable without iTunes and has several integrated organizational devices to make custom playlists or bundles of related songs.

It has the ability to connect to several USB MIDI controllers and turntables, has automatic BPM analysis, a more robust loop control, and the ability to handle multiple simultaneous sample playback. Where AutoDJ and automatic crossfading are integral components of Megaseg, feel like more of an extra feature for Mixxx. It can also match songs with similiar BPM for smooth transitions and can easily handle thousand-song playlists.
However most, if not all directly associated file extensions should be listed with its appropriate program.

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