There’s no denying the power of the Internet, and it can play a very important role in keeping people across the globe connected.
A Facebook Live Video about an exploding watermelon may not sound like much, but at one point, Buzzfeed’s video had more than a million live viewers, and it has since garnered more than three million views. If videos like these can bring the Internet to a stop, you wonder what will be the reaction to a serious piece of news.
The curvy VH1 star confirmed that she was involved in the melee, however says she was only defending her family member, "I'm wrong for defending my under age cousin. Fans argued back-and-forth whether or not she should have gotten into a fight despite being much older and potentially destroying her career.
Chrissy Teigen & John Legend Welcome Baby Girl: Couple Name Their Daughter Something Unique, Find Out What!

We'll send you "feel good" news that'll make your week -- plus the scoop on the most entertaining of stories. The University Of Oregon athletics mascot is the Oregon Duck, who is beloved by all the students.
But that’s not to say it is perfect, and two videos going viral over the weekend provided ample proof of what is wrong with the Internet.
Here are some hilarious tweets by users, including Twinkle Khanna, and writer Amish Tripathi.
The video was nothing more than two Buzzfeed reporters conducting an experiment to see how many rubber bands it took to explode a watermelon. When announcing the global release of Live Videos, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg claimed that this new feature could be really helpful for citizen journalists.

Also follow BGR India on Facebook and Twitter to stay tuned with the latest technology news. Although you can't see their faces, you can hear the "Ride or Die" singer screaming at the woman before being pulled off. If you are wondering, it took more than 500 rubber bands and about 45 minutes to complete the experiment.

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