Watch your new creation and share your masterpiece with your family and friends on Facebook, YouTube or email. It allows you to easily import any photos from iPhone camera roll to the movie maker, however it lacks the ability to edit your photos in the movie maker.
Movies will be generated into your Camera Roll on iPhone iPad, so you can easily transfer or share the videos from there. To sum up, this movie maker for iPhone can help you create a simple slideshow video in minimal time, but it is only good for very simple slideshows. Color Pick с помощью курсора-пипетки позволяет быстро определить код цвета на странице в онлайн режиме.

However you will have to buy movie templates, also you will find it comes with few features.
It has also the built-in share on Facebook feature so you can easily upload the slideshow video to your Facebook account.
You will need a more powerful video maker if you want something fancy, see Make Photo Slideshow and Play on HDTV. It does not comes with music, so you have to pull up songs from your own music library on iPhone. Now it is time to transform your favorite photos into a FUN and ENTERTAINING video with exciting features!

If you are looking for professional Hollywood style movie maker, you can transfer your photos from iPhone or iPad to computer and make your story-telling movies following this guide to make photo and video slideshow movies on computer.

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