OMNESYS NEST strategy is an integrated algorithmic trading system within the OMNESYS NEST Order Management System. OMNESYS NEST Strategy provides a framework containing all the components necessary for trading. Improvements in price structures come through improving the alignment of the price segmentation drivers to the market segmentation strategy while addressing cost to serve challenges.
In terms of market segmentation alignment, different customers receive different benefits (perceived or real) from the same or similar product.
In terms of costs to serve, variations in an offering or in how customers utilize an offering will drive different cost factors.  The other goal in improving a price structure is to improve the match between cost to serve and the price extracted. Both cost drivers and customer demands are mutually important in price structure design issues. If the financial results UPS achieved alone don’t convince you that this is a CEO level issue, consider the organizational engagement and buy-in required to drive a change in price structures. Outside of information gathering, extensive statistical effort may be required to identify the best price structure which addresses both the ability to execute and the drivers to profitability.  Once the range of potential new price structures is narrowed down, financial modeling is required to estimate the expected impact on the bottom line and the customer base. But the largest challenge, and the key reasons CEO’s must be behind this decision, is that a change in a price structure is likely to impact some customers positively and others negatively.  That is, changes in price structures may discourage certain customers from continuing their relationship with the company while encourage other to purchase.
I have personally had the honor and privilege of defining or redefining price structures for larger corporations several times in my life as a consultant.  Each time, managers raised important, pointed questions:  Which customers will this harm and which will it attract?  How large will the impact be?  Can the new pricing metrics be operationalized? The shift was touted as a potential win-win for customers, wherein customers can reduce their overall shipping costs if they used smaller boxes which, in turn, reduced UPS’s operational costs.  But clearly some customers, those with light-weight but bulky items, were going to see a higher shipping costs and others, those of higher weight density, lower. Graphs of long and short straddle from Sheldon Natenberg, Option Volatility & Pricing, pps.

If you have bought a straddle near expiration, the time decay on the premium of the options will be extreme. If you think stock will be moving around a lot over the duration of the life of the straddle you might buy with the expectation of scalping stock. A long straddle further out will have less negative theta (time decay) and more positive vega.
You can see that even though a long straddle would seem to be a low risk strategy that it in fact requires a lot of consideration and precision of expectation in order to be profitable.
Strangles have many of the same characteristics as straddles, but with a larger margin of error. Graphs of long and short strangle from Sheldon Natenberg, Option Volatility & Pricing, pps. You might put on a long strangle if you think there is a chance stock might make a big move, but your conviction isn’t high enough to pay the premium for a straddle.
Strangles tend to be a lower premium strategy as compared to straddles, but the probability that you lose all of your premium is also higher. Both straddles and strangles are strategies to take advantage of a perceived mispricing of options where the trader thinks that implied volatility or premium does not represent what the underlying will do, but where he or she does not have a strong directional opinion. Please go through the program guide and drop me a comment if you have additional questions. Following is a table with some guidance on which costs you should consider for different decisions you would like to make. OMNESYS NEST strategy offers standard out of the box algorithms and a simple but powerful Integrated Development Environment to design and deploy proprietary algorithms.

Strategy allows traders to route single leg and multi leg orders based on some algorithm and to control and monitor the value, the risk and trading parameters.
This allows the trader to focus on developing complex strategies without bothering about infrastructure issues and connectivity issues. Underlying these questions was a more personal one:  How will this impact my job and income?  While the first set can be addressed through pricing analytics, the second one requires the bosses’ attention.
Smith, PhD is the Managing Principal of Wiglaf Pricing, and an Adjunct Professor at DePaul University of Marketing and Economics. Value based segmentation techniques talks about defining segmentation based on value placed by customers on the product.
Using OMNESYS NEST strategy you can build, deploy, monitor, analyze and optimize your trading strategies on the fly. OMNESYS NEST Strategy is designed so that you can build the trading strategies using familiar trading terms and phrases. The arbitrage opportunities are shown as they are executed and their status is updated in real time. Marketing is going to be a new area for me but I think I am ready for the challenge and it would be lot of fun.

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