At first glance you may think that not a lot has changed — and in many ways it hasn’t. An example of this refinement is the new volume slider. It used to hide behind an icon, appearing in a pop-up dialog. Scrubbing the progress slider backwards or forwards will temporarily pause playback until the slider button is released. Chrome OS received a material redesign of the video player last year and the browser added a revamped Downloads page. One of the most popular uses for our mobile app for Services is rehearsing music, specifically listening to songs. Our Music Stand app has had audio looping for a while, but we wanted to bring it to the main Services app. To enable looping, first make sure your song is selected, and then tap the looping button at the bottom right. Since the player is no longer a quick sidebar, we added a new mini player to get you back to your controls quickly!
If you are using our advanced Attachment Types feature, it hides songs for Viewers based on what position they’re scheduled for. To keep up with all the latest news for PCO Services, follow PCOServices on Facebook or Twitter.

The audio player is supposed to be simple and basic affair; its job is to open and play audio files, not manage a library of them. Clicking on this button (rather than the track itself) will instantly trigger playback of the track.
Work on a new look Chrome browser toolbar and tab-strip (for Windows, Linux and Chrome OS) is currently in progress. We’re always looking for ways to improve the experience, and since we use these apps ourselves for our own churches, we know the joys and frustrations first hand.
Once you enable looping for a track, you get handles at the beginning and end that you can drag to any position in your song to have playback continually loop that section.
When you exit the full screen player, you get a mini player that sits on top of almost everything else in the app. Tapping on a skipped file however, will bounce it a little to the left to let you know you need to enable that file again. For Schedulers, Editors and Admins though, they have access to see all files, even if they’re assigned to others. The old media player already saved files the first time you listened to them so you didn’t have to download them again, but the new player makes this even more convenient. Tap on the artwork thumbnail to view a large version, which is especially helpful in figuring out what artist and album it’s from.

For iOS, we’ve redesigned the metronome to fit better on new large devices and put its icon at the top of the full screen media player. For the latest news on all our apps, including People, Check-Ins, Resources, & Registrations, follow the general PlanningCenter account on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. The larger your playback controls, the easier it is to set your looping handles (or even playback position) more precisely. When you enable looping for that song in the future, the app even remembers your custom looping positions!
Your song will bounce back into place, briefly reveal a checkbox to show it was successful, and the file name will be grayed out.
If you know you’ll have bad reception later, tap the Download All button ahead of time and avoid having to download each song manually. Artwork for the playing track also becomes the blurred out background for the full screen player and is shown in other places, like the mini player. They can still see all the files in the media player, but those other files won’t play by default unless they specifically swipe them left to unskip them.

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