Many launches fail through execution, even though there was nothing inherently wrong with the product. Have you built and detailed marketing plan that accurately forecasts the sales you KNOW will occur? Have you written a marketing communications brief that nominates the specific results without constraining creativity?
It surprising how many businesses are unaware of the grants and other sources of funds available from the Government.
Dillinger Media LLC is a Full Service Internet Marketing Company specializing in Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Mobile Marketing, Email Marketing, Pay-Per-Click, and Web Design Services.
Web Design Studio – Let our team design a unique web page for your business complete with Web 2.0 functionality, social media integration, and on page SEO.
SEO Services – We take an organic approach to search engine optimization by building links in related directories gradually over time to make your site the most relevant for your business’s keywords.
Social Media Marketing – Let us integrate social sharing functionality into your marketing campaign by creating educational and engaging content which is distributed through social websites like Youtube, Facebook, and Twitter. Article Marketing – Our SEO strategy includes writing articles with your primary keywords and getting this content found in the search engines quickly by placing our articles in Web 2.0 sites of high authority. Email Marketing – We create high converting squeeze pages to get your customers to opt-in for promotional material from your business.
Online Reputation Management and PR - Dillinger Media is fully equipped to monitor the reputation of your brand with advanced software and keyword tracking tools. Mobile Marketing – Dillinger Media has partnered with the best mobile marketing solutions providers to offer a wide variety of mobile marketing solutions.
Dillinger Media Studios specializes in online engagement programs that enhances the dialog beyond conventional marketing companies.
We care about the bottom line of all our clients and our guarantee is that we will find a way to connect customers to your business in the online world. The Ansoff Product-Market Growth Matrix is a marketing tool created by Igor Ansoff and first published in his article "Strategies for Diversification" in the Harvard Business Review (1957).
Market development (new markets, existing products): An established product in the marketplace can be tweaked or targeted to a different customer segment, as a strategy to earn more revenue for the firm.
Diversification (new markets, new products): Companies that dominant in one specific market can branch out into new markets to provide a new line of products that differ from their existing stock. The matrix illustrates, in particular, that the element of risk increases the further the strategy moves away from known quantities - the existing product and the existing market. While the latter are usually followed with the same technical, financial, and merchandising resources which are used for the original product line, diversification usually requires new skills, new techniques, and new facilities. In some cases there are all-new marketing or advertising opportunities to test out for your business, while other opportunities may simply be the revival of marketing tactics with a new twist. Whether you are building your marketing plans for the New Year or looking to refresh plans mid-year, here are some strategies that every small business should consider adding to their marketing efforts. For many small businesses, social media has been viewed as a free platform and have not considered actually spending money on social media sites. Facebook, for example, will no longer show your posts to your full fan base (actually your posts only organically show up to about 1% of your fans now). Twitter – promoted tweets will allow you to plug specific actions, while promoted accounts will help grow your Twitter following. Be sure to budget for social media advertising in your annual marketing plans – it will likely become one of your most cost-effective and impactful ad spends.
The “shop small” initiative formally launched in 2010 with the American Express Small Business Saturday campaign. Many small businesses are tapping into the campaign in November, but to get the most out of the campaign, you really need to make “shop small” a year-round theme. Plan to incorporate shop small promotions throughout the year building up to the “big day”.
Even if you run an online business you can embrace the fact that you are a small business and promote all the things that tend to come with a small business – like excellent customer service, unique products or services and personal attention to the business and customers.
If you are running a regular non-responsive website then now is the time to get responsive. WordPress – if you set up a website on WordPress using a custom domain name, you can choose a design (or “theme”) that is responsive.
Responsive Builders – if you already have a website but want to convert it to responsive design, then a responsive builder may be your best option from a time and cost-saving standpoint. Website Builders – many website builders now have responsive design built into their website templates.
Email may seem like an oldie but it’s a goodie, and investing in email marketing newsletter is hot again for businesses. Businesses are smart to invest more in their own communities, sites and customer databases rather than relying on audiences available on social media.

The good news is that you don’t have to budget a lot for email marketing if you are not already doing it. You may have been creating content for your business for years, but now is the time to step it up and formalize a content marketing strategy that includes an integrated and systematic approach to creating and marketing content to meet your marketing goals. If your plans include detailed advertising media planning (online or print) you may also be interested in the Advertising Media Plan Template Package that helps you build a detailed media plan, budget and calendar (also only $5.99 with unlimited use).
With over 20 years of integrated marketing experience, Diane is author of the award-winning book PR Tools to Toot Your Own Horn.
The Year Round Thank You Note for BusinessesIs the Affiliate Program You’re Considering Ethical? In a world of micro-moment marketing, customers and prospects are seeking more bite-size content to consume. Click here to get the 7-Step Marketing Toolkit, which will help you easily develop an effective marketing plan for 2016!
Download our Marketing Strategy eBook - an easy 7-step marketing strategy program to drive business results. Google introduced Priority Inbox as a way to separate important and unread email from everything else.
All of us who send email need to be thinking constantly about how to get our recipients to mark the messages as important. Priority Inbox is a great innovation from Google but there is something that I like even better in Gmail – the Archive function.
While my Gmail Inbox looks white and clean, a Yahoo Mail or Hotmail inbox is cluttered with all the read emails. We define "hotel marketing" as creating better travel experiences for hotel guests and driving revenue growth for hotel owners. If you enjoyed this post, please consider leaving a comment or subscribing to the RSS feed to have future articles delivered to your feed reader.
Our VisionNewGround is a boutique agency on the frontline of public relations and marketing. Even more importantly, failing to launch a product successfully can mare your personal business reputation.
We also create blogs and feed content to them of high quality for local Atlanta SEO and national SEO campaigns.
We listen to your audience and customers in virtual real-time and provide comprehensive feedback to your business and community. Let our team implement an Atlanta SEO strategy and local SEO implementation that is proven to get you to the top of Google Places with proper SEO implementation and best practices for getting a top tier listing in the largest business directory on Earth. We deliver quality content on the internet so clients can get their business noticed in the search engines and help potential customers make an educated decision to walk through the front door for your products and services. Since rolling a custom calendar would be very time consuming other options were taken for the immediate solution.
The best way to achieve this is by gaining competitors' customers (part of their market share). Frequently, when a firm creates new products, it can gain new customers for these products.
As a result it almost invariably leads to physical and organizational changes in the structure of the business which represent a distinct break with past business experience. It’s not smart to keep doing the same tactics year after year – you have to add new ideas into the mix to keep up with evolving opportunities and trends. You may have already noticed that these marketing strategies are on the rise… and now its time to get serious about investing in these strategies and making them an integral part of your marketing plans. But most social media sites now offer very cost-effective advertising options that are also highly targetable. For this reason, you pretty much have to pay to boost important posts if you want customers or prospects to see them.
Run ads with special offers and direct links to your site to drive ecommerce, email sign-ups, etc.
The movement for customers to patronize businesses in their local communities can help build tremendous loyalty and preference for your business as the go-to option for goods or services in your niche. But now with responsive website design you can build a website that looks good on any device or screen size – desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone. It may require switching your website platform or service provider – but it’s time to make a move if you want your site easily accessible to the growing number of mobile customers.
A WordPress site with a custom domain gives you incredible flexibility to have a professional looking site with built-in blogging capability. DudaOne Responsive Sites is a tool that helps you build a responsive website by importing content directly from your old (existing) site – so you are not losing valuable content that already exists. With simple click and drag templates you can create a site that looks good on any device without any knowledge of how to set up a responsive site.

Putting more of an investment in a solid email marketing strategy has recently made a resurgence for many businesses. Changes to Facebook’s organic reach (or lack thereof) has been a major influencer of the move to “own your own customer data”.
If you already have one, this may be a good time to sign up for some trials of new email marketing providers to test & compare.
Have you noticed that many sites now have a pop-up box asking you to sign up for newsletters? An email sign-up is a great call-to-action because it gets customers on your list to continue to market to them. This will likely include all kinds of visual marketing that will get you attention on social media sites, but it will also include PR tactics and new forms of value-add resources for customers and prospects (from white papers to how-to videos or apps).
Putting some dollars aside in your budget specifically focused on content marketing will help make sure you are getting the most out of content you create. A good marketing plan will keep you on track throughout the year, yet is still flexible enough to adapt to changing market conditions or opportunities. With simple drop-down options you can build a marketing plan template that can be used over & over again as your goals or opportunities change. Check out our Marketing Plan Template Bundle to save 20% by purchasing both at the same time.
Diane also serves as the marketing director for SureShade, a growing small business that has become the new standard for shade on boats, and runs Marine Marketing Tools, a site that bridges her passion for boating and small business marketing.
They are looking for information that is quick, understandable and easy to act upon if desired. TechCrunch calls it the solution for those who dread opening their inbox, and Mashable says email will never be the same again. Not only did Google introduce this a little over a month ago to Gmail, those of us using Google Apps recently got access to it, and Hotmail and Yahoo have similar programs under development. Add it here…Hotel Marketing Strategies is a crowdsourced collection of photos and screenshots showing creative hotel marketing in action.
You won't find articles, interviews, videos, infographics or press releases published here anymore. We are dedicated to delivering a new paradigm of communications to our clients that encompasses a cutting-edge understanding of the evolution of traditional and social media.
Searching the web for calendar implementations will return many different open source calendars. This matrix helps companies decide what course of action should be taken given current performance.
Again, the market need not be new in itself; the point is that the market is new to the company. In his original work, which did not use the matrix form, Igor Ansoff stressed that the diversification strategy stood apart from the other three. And several will not give your business much visibility at all unless you pay for some form of advertising. The really good news is that the level of targeting available on Facebook is unlike any other advertising platform available… and at a very low-cost to advertisers.
The endless list of free plugins gives you tons of functionality options, while free responsive themes will make it easy to have a device friendly site with the flexibility to swap design whenever you want. Although they all might seem the same on the surface, price should not be your only qualifier for which one to use. Tie your CTA into an email sign-up whenever you can (along with good reasons to sign up for more deals, freebies, etc.).
Plug new or old content (as long as it is still relevant) and give them value-add content that you curate from other resources (giving credit & direct links of course).
What is new is a dedicated focus on the creation, packaging and marketing of content that produces desired results. Your email recipients will be proactively selecting a few people that get priority over everyone else – and everyone else may have a much smaller chance of being heard. Take a few new ones for a test drive and you may find that one is easier to use than the other. Adding an opt-in pop-up form will increase your number of daily sign-ups and your overall in-house list. The best implantation that we came across was Arshaws’ Fullcalendar jQuery implementation.
It’s super easy to switch too – most include an export list tool that you can easily import into your new provider.

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