The publication of the catalogue followed the presentation of the exhibition at the Jewish Museum. Following conceptual arta€™s way, the print catalogue spotlights artist projects through short written statements. We’ve been hard at work developing a new set of services for our clients, and a new Web site to help showcase our offerings. You’ve got enough on your plate without having to worry about computer or network problems.
Chris recalls that first day in 1983 when he downloaded his first text documents from the sources (later known as Compuserve) on a 300 baud modem. Ever since, he’s been hooked on the idea of discovering how technology works and finding ways to improve it. MagicScore Maestro 8 allows you to turn your musical ideas into clean, playable, and easy to read music notation files by using one of the most powerful and customizable music scoring systems on the market today. MagicScore Maestro provides you with a dozen different ways to enter notes into a score while also making it possible to listen to the music as you write it. Each individual element in a MagicScore Maestro score is able to be edited and moved wherever the composer desires.
Teachers and ensemble conductors will find it very easy to quickly create music education worksheets, playing exams, and study guides using MagicScore Maestro. You can even use this music composition software together with a video projector to demonstrate musical concepts to entire classrooms at once.
As mentioned previously, MagicScore Maestro has the ability to save your music in a variety of output formats including the WAV and MP3 audio file formats.
MagicScore Maestro provides you with many different ways to get help while creating your scores. With Decision Explorer® you capture ideas as short phrases of text and link them appropriately to express their relationship to one another. Visual thinking tools focus on two things, making ideas explicit (and therefore shareable) and exploring the relationships between ideas. Working for Banxia® I am often asked what the difference is between cognitive mapping (Eden 1988, 1998, Ackermann et al. Another difference between the methods is that cognitive mapping is a causal based mapping technique. Three illustrations are given in this article, so that you can contrast the three different forms of mapping.
As mentioned previously, cognitive mapping (following Eden and Ackermanns’ approach) is based on Personal Construct Theory (Kelly 1955).
If you use the cognitive mapping technique, then you are also building a map that is amenable to further analysis. The cognitive mapping technique is not directly comparable to mind mapping or concept mapping. To explore this epistemological rupture, curator Jack Burnham presented the results of scientific experiments, conducted by research teams and scientists, alongside projects born out of the conceptual art movement. In "Notes on Art and Information Processing," Burnham defines the theoretical premises underlying his exhibition. The content of the project files varies depending on the strategies employed by the artist.
For a budgeted monthly fee that’s a fraction of the cost of having someone on staff, you can Build-Your-Own-Maintenance Plan and our Virtual IT Manager will defend your technology assets and ensure your system is running at optimal performance. Is there a custom app or technology that would greatly add value for your clients or employees? His goal-oriented approach to IT problem solving led him to create Coulson Technologies, a leading technology consultancy for small- and mid-sized business, specializing in proactive maintenance services, on-demand tech support and custom solutions tailored to each client’s unique objectives.
With MagicScore Maestro you can create clean, engraver quality prints of your music with a minimum of effort and time.
With nothing more than the computer keyboard musicians can speed through an entire composition by using MagicScore Maestro’s Quick Input mode or use a mouse along with a variety of other note entry methods such as step time and real time note entry with a MIDI keyboard.
Simply point and click on clef signs, brackets, bar lines, articulations, or individual notes to place them precisely where you need them on the page.
Scores can be printed, exported to Adobe PDF format, saved as SFD (our own music notation file format), or as MusicXML, MIDI, or KAR (Karaoke format) files.
Once the music has been entered into the system you can export individual lines of the score to create recordings that your students can use to practice more effectively. For even greater flexibility you can also embed other documents such as MS Word, Photoshop, Corel, Excel, and many others directly into your MagicScore Maestro score. For those that need to share their creations visually with other musicians MagicScore Maestro can open and export documents as MIDI or Karaoke files as well as in the industry standard MusicXML file format, allowing scores to be opened in dozens of other music applications. A traditional help system is combined with flash based training videos, built in lessons, and an intuitive contextual help system that follows your actions and provides suggestions on what to do next. We've scoured the Internet for all kinds of New York City maps and distilled the results down to the best of each type. Maps has two advantages over MapQuest: better printed quality and you can view a larger area.

You can grab the map and drag it to pan and you can also drag the cursor anywhere on the thumbnail map to quickly jump to another area.
There is a freeware PalmPilot program, X-Man, which is a Manhattan street address locator similar to the one above.
Not everybody takes easily to working with maps of ideas but, like many techniques, once you get the hang of it it becomes second nature. The exhibitiona€™s title is related to the true sense of the word software, designating the flexibility of certain logical procedures and not exclusively the interaction of data with the machine to produce commands for executing specific functions. By evoking the discipline of cybernetics, he first underlines the consequences of integrating technology into daily life, which resulted in aligning the worker with industrial machinery without bringing about the desired process of adaptation between man and his new media environment. Often these files are instructions to be carried out either by the artist or the viewer (Douglas Hueblera€™s Variable Pieces, performance "programs," statements by Lawrence Weiner in which the artist speaks of the option of not completing his projects). You also get all of the features found in our Maestro Notation program, plus the ability to have total musical control over every single note in the entire composition. You can even enter notes using our handy on-screen piano keyboard or virtual guitar fretboard. These powerful visual layout tools are matched with an equally powerful set of options that, if needed, can help a composer fine tune audio playback to control details such as the attacks and releases of individual notes.
Completed pages can also be saved in many different graphics formats including JPG, GIF, PNG, BMP, TIFF, and WMF in resolutions of up to 1200dpi. Use the Copy as Picture feature to export portions of the score as image files that can be used with Microsoft Word or other similar programs. Scores saved with previous versions of MagicScore Maestro (or its predecessor, MagicScore) can be opened, edited, and saved in newer versions of the software. For the rare question that cannot be answered within the help system web based forums and email support options are also provided. Another benefit of this page is that we've found some unusual and interesting maps that otherwise would not be found with normal searching.
Decision Explorer® was designed, primarily, to support cognitive mapping and so certain analysis and navigation tools work best when the cognitive mapping discipline is followed.
In concept maps the links are labeled with descriptions, defining the association between concepts. The concept map, shown below, deals with a research project and some of the issues that surround its successful execution. His work drew on the theories of David Ausubel (1968) who stressed the importance of prior knowledge in being able to learn about new concepts. These are short phrases expressing an idea, single words are not used and the aim is, where appropriate, to incorporate an active verb into the idea to give a sense of action and direction.
The terminology used to refer to the outcomes depends on the setting in which the technique is being used. In cognitive mapping you are not limited in the number of ideas that you can link to one another. Cluster Analysis is used to identify groups of concepts that are tightly linked together, which typically cover a particular area of the issue being mapped. To the qualitative researcher, cognitive mapping and Decision Explorer® offer an alternative means of gathering and structuring data, as well as a means of structuring thinking about research issues, for example in project planning at the outset of a research study. By shifting the concept of program toward an artistic field, Burnham tried to draw parallels between projects relying on devices for transmitting information (fax machines, teleprinters, audiovisual systems), and those that used language as material without resorting to technology. Other files describe technological trials merging artistic procedures and scientific experimentation. We have three tiers of service options (On-Demand, Pro, Elite) to give you the right support for your specific business needs. We now offer custom consultations for branding, web marketing strategy, content development, competitor analysis, campaign management, social media, app development, ASEO and more.
When the creative mood hits or a deadline looms you want to be able to get your musical ideas down quickly, easily, and accurately with many different presentation options.
Extracting and printing individual parts from complex scores is easy to do and allows for each part to be customized and formatted as desired by the publisher. Full ensembles or individual instrumental parts can then be played back or exported directly into high quality MP3 or WAV format audio files using realistic sf2 sound fonts.
For those that want to share their documents on the web, users can upload their saved files to a web site and directly embed their scores into any web page, giving visitors the ability to play, listen, transpose, or print the music as needed. Its purpose is to help you play with ideas, to structure them and explore the relationships between them and, in so doing, to move your thinking forward. You do not have to work with a central idea, from which all others stem (unless you want to). It helps you develop a graphical representation of peoples’ thoughts and the relationships between them, encouraging reflection, making ideas explicit and shareable.
The ideas in mind maps and concepts maps are often single words, which in the case of mind maps, are usually chosen to improve retention in one’s memory. The cognitive map, which is shown towards the end of this article, was developed with the marketing department of a company, looking at ways of improving service levels within their organization.
In a concept map the nodes are labeled with descriptive text – a word or short phrase representing the concept, and the links are labeled (sometimes only implicitly) to express a relationship type.

You can display each cluster individually (if you wish), print them out for feedback or use them as a focus for discussion. Fostering collaboration and dialogue between scientists and artists, this exhibition was also the product of an early exchange between the art museum and industry (American Motors Corporation sponsored the technical production and, at the request of the artists, several companies lent technological components to produce the works). He says software can also embrace other phenomenon such as social conditioning, systems for self-regulating the human body, and the management of public transit. MagicScore Maestro provides all of these things within a set of features that rivals all other professional level music notation and composition products. Rewrite or transpose existing scores for other instruments with just a few simple mouse clicks. One of the differences between concept and cognitive maps and mind maps is that a mind map1 has only one main or central concept, whereas concept and cognitive maps may have several focuses.
In cognitive mapping multiple links between ideas are not at all unusual and in Decision Explorer® there is no limitation on the number of links between concepts.
The technique and the tool (Decision Explorer®) can be used with individuals and when working with groups. Burnham then shifts this notion toward an artistic context so as to define the project modes of conceptual works. August 16, 2010September 28, 2012Eric Mumford 1 comment Forrest Wein says: July 26, 2010 at 9:46 pm Some of the ideas of this post are very good nonetheless had me personally wondering, did they genuinely suggest that? With Decision Explorer® you are building up a database of relationships and then using the tools at your disposal to explore the model that you have built, elaborating it and developing your thinking about the problem or issue under consideration.
The limitation here is that Decision Explorer® is not (and was not intended as) a graphics package, so the sort of illustrations that Buzan suggests are not possible with Decision Explorer®. Although it was designed, initially, to support a particular form of mapping (cognitive mapping), there are many different ways in which Decision Explorer® can be used. Detached from the heightened optimism toward media at the time, he criticizes Marshall McLuhana€™s theories and says that man-machine interaction encourages invention and creativity while also alienating the worker.
One thing I have got to say is certainly your writing abilities are very excellent and I will probably be returning back again for any fresh post you come up with, you might have a completely new enthusiast. Decision Explorer® was developed initially as a tool to support a particular kind of cognitive mapping (Eden 1988, 1998, Ackermann et al. A mind map consists of a central word or concept (but preferably a picture), around which ideas that relate to that image are drawn. These switch the relationship between the concepts, so that the emergent pole of the tail concept (the concept at the start of the link) relates to the contrasting (or opposite) pole of the head concept (the concept at the arrowhead of the link). This is another tool to help you manage complexity and something that simple mapping software does not have. It is also programmable and has dynamic data exchange (DDE) capabilities, so it can exchange information with other programs. Software therefore does not praise technological art at the dawn of a new decade but comments on the emergence of a media environment overdetermining henceforth all areas of knowledge, including the field of art. I bookmarked your web page for reference.Reply Leave a Reply Cancel replyYour email address will not be published.
1992), the underlying concepts of which were adapted from Kelly’s (1955) work on personal construct theory.
You start in the center of the page, with the main idea, and work outward in all directions, producing a growing and organized structure composed of key words and images. The benefits of the analysis functions are important – without them it is hard to efficiently manage and draw conclusions from large, complex maps.
More focused on the testing of concepts, computer scientist Ted Nelson, in The Crafting of Media, distinguishes the notion of the computer as a black box (programmed to execute predetermined functions) from the universal machine (adapted to several contexts).
Its development was in the field of strategic management and, although its uses have spread more widely, at present strategic management remains the most widely written about area of application. There are over 40 analysis commands in Decision Explorer®, which help you to navigate and explore your data.
He conceives of using technology in such a way that varied functions can co-exist and operate on the same platform. His tool for reading the catalogue through computerized files is a good example of semantic flexibility. Defining Quality-Driven Development (QDD) Mentorship in QA and Software Development QA as a Change Agent in Defect Prevention Agile Manifesto Values Driving Testing How to Build a Software QA Process in Two Minutes When To Hire A QA Manager What does QA do? Titled Labyrinth, this multiform device, a precursor of hypertext, allowed users to consult artist files and other computerized documents while sidestepping the linear path imposed by the pagination of the book.
This unique trail was then stored in the computera€™s memory and printed out at the usera€™s request to reveal his or her journey through the files (and the exhibition).

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