We know that one of the greatest problems with gasoline engines is environmental pollution since toxic wastes are released as a by-product of combustion which takes place in the internal combustion engine of a normal car. Scientists, engineers and researchers have all been trying to build cars that run using different techniques which are less polluting including solar power, wind power, battery power and so forth. The hybrid car tries to overcome this problem of lesser power output as well as high pollution by using an electric motor along with the gasoline engine. Apart from being used for propulsion at various times, the hybrid car also uses a system known as regenerative braking wherein the energy which is present in the form of kinetic energy of motion, gets stored in the battery of the electrical system of the car, rather than just being dissipated as frictional heat energy in a normal case. I must also add that the word hybrid isn’t very strictly defined but can be further subdivided into a few categories such as mild hybrid, full hybrid, plug-in hybrid, muscle hybrid and so forth, depending on how much or how less the electrical power is significant in the overall system.
To sum up, the hybrid vehicle provides several advantages such as greater travel distance without refilling the fuel tank, better energy efficiency, lesser emissions and so on. The picture in this article shows the key components of a hybrid car as already explained in the article. But what if, instead, the only point you want to make is that the 2 largest distributors control 65% of the market. In fact, if you sort your pie slices from largest to smallest, you don’t need to depend on visual comparisons. Some in the hard-core scientific community do not recognize emotion as a valid reason to use pie charts.
Research shows that it’s easier to estimate the percentage value of a pie chart compared to a bar chart.
Especially as pie charts become smaller, and you need to use a lot of them, pie charts can communicate percentages much more quickly than bar graphs. Tufte is wrong to make an assertion about pie charts based on his own context (the analysis and presentation of complex data) and use broad strokes to apply that to domains where he has no expertise (presenting and selling ideas in the boardroom). Out of curiosity about why Tufte so hates PowerPoint, I actually paid for and went to his seminar (which comes with all his books).
In short, his world is that of one, flat graphic that is data dense (and therefore how to represent that dense data, sans narrator, is the center of his target). Unfortunately he lambastes PowerPoint and presenters without conceding that there are different, albeit radically important, distinctions between those modalities. Thank you Roger and I appreciate the perspective of someone who has attended a Tufte lecture. I think Tufte has done a nice job of analyzing and commenting on data-dense graphics (and I’m talking hundreds of data points, like astronomical maps).
I secretly love pie charts, and I am a bit ashamed of it considering how much they are hated by gurus like Tufte. I wonder though if the better solution to compare values and emphasize a market share (your first point) would not be a single bar chart : more precise and allows you to see the largest contributors easily. If you have to use multiple colors to represent one data series, you’re using the wrong chart. I agree that for some very simple data samples, it’s more effective using pie charts than bar charts. Another alternative to pie charts and bar charts, lying somewhere in between, are Stephen Few’s bullet graphs. When you have a big business decision to make, one of the smartest things you can do during the planning process is conduct a SWOT analysis. SWOT, which stands for strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats, is an analytical framework that can help your company face its greatest challenges and find its most promising new markets. In a business context, the SWOT analysis enables organizations to identify both internal and external influences. Performing a SWOT analysis is also great way to improve business operations, said Andrew Schrage, founder and CEO of Money Crashers.
While the business owner should certainly be involved in creating a SWOT analysis, it could be much more helpful to include other team members in the process.
A SWOT analysis focuses entirely on the four elements included in the acronym, allowing companies to identify the forces influencing a strategy, action or initiative. When drafting a SWOT analysis, individuals typically create a table split up into four columns to list each impacting element side-by-side for comparison.
The first two letters in the acronym, S (strengths) and W (weaknesses), refer to internal factors, which means the resources and experience readily available to you. Mitchell Weiss, business professor at the University of Hartford in Connecticut, recommended fully analyzing your strengths and weaknesses first. Once you fill out your SWOT analysis, you will need to come up with some recommendations and strategies based on the results. Bryan Weaver, a partner at Scholefield Construction Law, was heavily involved in creating a SWOT analysis for his firm.
The SWOT analysis is a simple, albeit comprehensive strategy for identifying not only the weaknesses and threats of a plan, but also the strengths and opportunities it makes possible.

Cleighton DePetro, founder of Bare Tattoo Removal, noted that a SWOT analysis is just one tool in the strategy toolbox. SWOT can also prompt businesses to examine and execute strategies in a more balanced, in-depth way. Nicole received her Bachelor's degree in Media, Culture and Communication from New York University. The first and foremost principle of treatment include complete restriction to intake of alcohol, restriction to intake of heavy food like non veg, excessive spicy food. Homoeopathic science strictly believe that all the diseases occur with the permission of individual genetic code. It has a couple of beeps at the end of the countdown, so make sure that you have your speakers turned up. If you liked this PowerPoint Template we would appreciate you liking it on FaceBook or Tweeting it. You can browse all of our PowerPoint templates or select them by category or colour or by tag.
If you change the clock turn animation effect in 355 degrees instaed of 360 degrees teh animation looks better. BTW, this works just fine for ANY version of PowerPoint, including Office for Mac 2004 and later. I love this one, i have a report on Monday and its Saturday evening and i found this for my photo class and i just love it. Hi big thanx for crating this one so cool, we use ot fo our final presentation at school very nice !! Preface my question by saying I’m a powerpoint novice: how do i get it to start on 10 and end on 0? Incorporated this into the start of a business presentation and it was really well received. I want to use the FilmStrip presentation to show a lecture that was covered while studying in Europe this past summer. I plan on using the countdown to highlight child hunger issues for a presentation through the non-profit I work at.
Absolutely love it, i needed one for a presentation i was working on but no luck so glasi came across this site! I was looking for a countdown movie for my presentation and I found it in your site and it is very easy to used.
Nice work, but actual motion picture film would have the sprocket holes on the sides, not top and bottom. Filmstrip with countdown is a good tool to use when one wants to insert an extra introduction in form of video whne he or she is making a full presentation. Well, you are correct if you agree with me, for basically a hybrid car refers to a car which depends on the conventional gasoline engine plus an electrical driving aid for propulsion. A car may be very small compared to the environment but considering the fact that the total number of cars on the globe is huge as rising by the day, one can well imagine the overall combined effect of these vehicles over a prolonged period of time on the atmosphere.
The main problem with any of these categories is that they depend on various elements beyond the direct control most of the times.
Whenever the vehicle is under conditions of low load, such as say standing on a traffic signal, the electric motor takes over temporarily while the engine shuts off, thus saving fuel and reducing emissions. Also the lesser load of the gasoline engine means smaller engine could be fitted in the vehicle for the same performance of a normal car, which itself results in savings of cost and fuel. Apart from that the top portion of the image shows the engine and electric systems during starting, normal driving, climbing and so forth. On the contrary – this is extremely common in business presentations where the goal is to tee up issues for discussion, not just lay out the data for detailed study and comparison. That’s understandable given their mission of presenting data truthfully and accurately. And they know that precise logic and measurements are not enough; you also have to appeal to them emotionally. That’s because pies have an invisible scale with 25%, 50%, 75% and 100% built in at four points of the circle. The problem, as you point out, is his inability to make allowances for any other type of use. You can use color to represent different categories, like countries or competitors, especially in a pie chart.
When only two parts of the whole are compared, pie charts convey the information faster and more easily. In the end, it’s about using any tool that communicates the point you are trying to make. I think the points you’ve touched on are valid concerns, and yet they actually are addressed in the Tufte books.

SWOT's primary objective is to help organizations develop a full awareness of all the factors involved in a decision, said Bonnie Taylor, chief marketing strategist at CCS Innovations. They can serve as a precursor to any sort of company action, such as exploring new initiatives, making decisions about new policies, identifying possible areas for change, or refining and redirecting efforts midplan. Shawn Walsh, president and CEO of Paradigm Computer Consulting, said his management team conducts a quarterly SWOT analysis together.
Knowing these positive and negative elements can help companies more effectively communicate what parts of a plan need to be recognized. Whether or not these factors are connected directly or indirectly to an opportunity or threat, it is important to take note of and document each one. He provided Business News Daily with a sample SWOT analysis template used in the firm's decision to expand its practice to include dispute mediation services. Despite hundreds of mediators in the marketplace, only a few have actual construction experience.
She began freelancing for Business News Daily in 2010 and joined the team as a staff writer three years later.
Gradual decrease in liver function occurs along fluid in abdomen, bleeding tendency in body and disorder of brain function. Other causes include infections (such as hepatitis) ,defects of the bile drainage system, cystic fibrosis , and increased iron and copper absorption. At this stage of pathology they never think that they should also pay attention to the cause of disease, they only try to manage the case.
When we prescribe the right constitutional remedy, first of all the destruction of liver cells stops.
This template has been made entirely in PowerPoint – using the in-built animation effects. Could be used for a wide range of presentations, but especially for a presentation about the movies, video production or film stars. I’m working on a presentation with a film-like intro slide and the countdown is an excellent backdrop for a series of beeps to kick-start sound playback and ensure that everything synchs nicely later on. Let us find out in this article why this is necessary and what advantages it has over a normal automobile, and to know the nitty-gritty of how does a hybrid car work? For example just imagine yourself merrily going around a hill side on a bright sunny day in your solar powered car (without spending a penny on fuel) and suddenly the clouds cover the sky and you have nowhere to go!! In fact, pie charts CAN be a better way to visualize side by side data when the data is simple.
But this requires some extra mental gymnastics by the reader to understand the bar chart represents 100%. And the angle of the pie’s interior corner provides an additional cue not available in unlabeled bar charts. My goal with writing this article is to help people feel better about using pie charts in certain situations, which can improve their communication effectiveness. Although, astrology is based on numbers (years, months and dates) so not completely devoid of data. Billy Bauer, managing director of Royce Leather, noted that pairing external threats with internal weaknesses can highlight the most serious issues faced by a company. Now the normalization of the liver tissue starts and it ensures no more further fibrosis of liver cell. Thank a lot, ita€™s a grate one; I am looking forvard to doing my PowerPoint presentation and i think its going to be a hit!
It’s not necessary to see that one slice is 1% larger than another slice to have that discussion. Another major point is that alternatively powered cars do not give as much power output as a conventional gasoline engine so not suitable for heavy duty circumstances. After the meeting, the PowerPoint slides will become a document that others will read on their own. We like them in appropriate circumstances – data is 1-5 parts of a whole that total 100% when combined. That isn’t quite what we are saying and so it takes a bit of mental gymnastics for the reader to adjust the line graph to its intended meaning.
Are you measuring in units or dollars?” You need that on the slide or you will get interrupted with questions.
It’s very likely you will not have just one pie chart on the slide, but perhaps different pie charts for each country.

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