Email Newsletter Software is a easy-to-useemail newsletter emailer,a email newsletter marketing tool,a flexible newsletter sender program .
Email Newsletter Software is produced by on group of elites,who work at professional mail server development and Anti-Spam rules.
The creation and sending of newsletters to many recipients was and is no problem, but this emails have a big disadvantage: They are impersonally and can't be customized with special data of the recipient. In this email marketing software you can create your serial mails like in a word processor. With tracking function (opening statistic, counting clicks on hyperlinks in you email), you can measure the success of you mailing campaign. It's recommended to upgrade to this version because digital signatures will expire in May 2016. In Send options you can specify a HTTP request for updating an external CMS or customer database.
For HTML professionals now a plain HTML source editor is included, so your own HTML code will not be changed by integrated WYSIWYG editor. All included sample HTML newsletter templates and template for newsletter archive are not created as responsive template. File ChilkatDelphiXE.dll changed against a newer version, because Kaspersky detects it as dangerous DLL, its a false positive. Replacement texts for newsletter personalization fields used in newsletter archive and alternative browser link are now handled correctly.
Tracking statistics include now a preview of newsletter and an overlay with count of clicked hyperlinks. Improvments of hard bounce detection and you can configure after how many hard bounces recipient will be removed from recipients list. Build 1394: Performance enhancements while set checkmarks to recipients, fixes a bug while retrieving and removing hard bounces.
Build 1395: Fixes a bug while removing fields in newsletter recipients list and writing error text and sent date time of newsletter in recipients list. Newsletter recipients of one SuperMailer project will now saved in an external SQLite database. On exiting SuperMailer an exception in file 'libeay32.dll' are raised, error will be ignored now.
While using more than one personalized attachment and attached files are not exists a wrong attachment was sent. Hyperlinks with spaces encoded as %20 was incorrect changed to %%20 while using link tracking.

While importing Excel files the number 10 was removed from Excel sheet when option for removing CRLFs in Excel cells was checked.
Solves problems in Outlook 2010 with HTML emails and embedded images, all embedded images was shown as attachment also. In version 5.70 no exception is raised when there are errors while creating or saving project file. While saving project files SuperMailer will now check for correct writing of data, when there are not enough space left on device an exception will be raised. After saving program settings to use on an other computer database for global block list isn't activated again. To share your newsletter in social networks you can now insert a bar with various icons of social networks. While creating personalized attachments with Word or Excel file as template you must not install Ghostscript and RedMon when you want to send attachments as PDF file.
Improves performance while importing newsletter recipients and showing newsletter recipients while changing recipients groups.
SuperMailer includes now 30 newsletter templates and a new preview window for newsletter templates. Before sending newsletters SuperMailer will now check the script for unsubscribe link (menu Project - Unsubscribe link). All script, object, embed HTML tags where now removed from HTML code of newsletter because this tags will not be shown in email clients or newsletter will be blocked completely.
Solves problems while convert HTML part of email to plain text part of email when URLs to files e.g.
DLL files are now loaded from SuperMailer directory to prevent the known security leaks with DLL files.
Description of Newsletter Plus Software A self hosted newsletter application (Email marketing) that lets you send trackable emails via Amazon Simple Email Service (SES), Mandrill, Sendgrid and MailGun.
Newsletter sending software (newsletter mailer) is a software that manages a mailing list and sends mass newsletter mailings. D-Plus+Software Cleaner 2007 can permanently delete the history of your Internet and past computer activities. Personalized Tracking You can see which customer has opened the email or has clicked on links in your newsletter.
With a configuration file (example enclosed and described in help file) you can automate SuperMailer.
Email List Management Software --> Home Categories New Popular Submit RSS Contact Email List Management Software 1.0 this Email List Management Software is a flexible email addresses management and newsletter sending software.

Get 9-in-1 email marketing software with a $50 discount and get a free bonus a€“ 6 months of email tracking service! With Outlook 2010 64bit you must use SuperMailer 64bit, all other versions require SuperMailer as 32bit variant.
February 2012) Bugfix in email subject encoding when double quotation marks are used in subject line. February 2012) Bugfix while saving project unicode character are lost in email subject and newsletter text.
This makes it possible for you to send authenticated bulk emails at an insanely low price without sacrificing deliverability. It's easy to use Newsletter Plus Softwares built-in campaign editor to create visually stunning newsletters, promotional emails and flyers.
It includes advanced management tools for both Job Seeker and Employer and can be used in setting up a Job Board Site for specific countries, regional Job Site or a general Job Site. An email newsletter sender software is used to communicate with customers and friends by creating and sending personalized bulk e-mails to the contacts in a mailing list database. It will take no more than 20 minutes to create an email campaign using our email newsletter software and one of the integrated templates.
The site can be used in 2 modes: In Job Board Site Mode job seekers will be able to search jobs, create and upload multiple resumes, apply for jobs online.
Insert placeholders into your message to let SuperMailer replace this with recipient specific data while email sending process.
Easy-to-use, intuitive administration interface allows you to administer the product from any location with web access. Free yourself from paying for expensive email campaigns and forget about email limits set by your host while at the same time enjoy high deliverability rate. Bounces, complaints and unsubscribes are automatically handled in real time once your newsletter is sent.
Use custom fields as personalization tags in newsletters to create a more personalized experience with your subscribers.
Create drip campaigns to follow up with your subscribers, send an email annually or one off emails at a specific date. Let your clients send newsletters on their own at a price you set and earn 100x more than other similar services.

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