Das elegante Nokia 5230 bietet Ihnen innovatives Design, modernste Technik und mit seiner Touchscreen-OberflA¤che unmittelbaren Zugriff auf eine Welt voller Unterhaltung.
Dank intuitivem Zugriff auf Ihre bevorzugten Social-Networking Seiten, den Ovi Store und die Ovi Karten bleiben Sie immer in Verbindung, bestens unterhalten und auf dem richtigen Weg. 3 Mal hintereinander Datenvolumen-Pakete mit jeweils 100 MB innerhalb des Abrechnungsmonats frei.
Abrechnungszeitraum vor Buchung des ersten Datenpaketes jeweils per SMS an Vodafone ablehnen.
12 BASE-Datenautomatik: Die Datenautomatik bietet die automatische Erweiterung des ungedrosselten Datenvolumens fA?r bundesweite Datenverbindungen um weitere 100 MB fA?r je 2,- Euro (BASE All-In light, BASE All-In S) bzw. Nokia’s latest cell phone - Nokia 5230 Nuron (T-Mobile) is attaching along many smart features like digicam, digital player, and FM radio whilst offered on the price tag of USD 69.00. The phone's 2MP camera performs decently for 2MP standards but in regard to other better cameras the photos have high noise levels, poor contrast and less resolved detail. A good thing about this phone is that it has adequate connectivity options with the exception of Wi-Fi. If you’re looking for a music phone, click here for a complete review of the phone that also details the phone’s tech specs, features and price.

With the release of the 5230, Nokia provides the bare basics without sacrificing the quality.
As a music phone, the 5230 performs amazingly well offering users with an audio output that shows good frequency response, low noise and distortion levels and a good dynamic range.
The company claims the camera is capable of recording VGA resolution videos at 30 frames-per-second but this is not really the case and the frame rate drops much lower than 30fps to produce highly pixilated and overly compressed videos. A?ber den Touchscreen mit nur wenigen BerA?hrungen Zugriff auf Ihre gesamte Musikbibliothek oder auf Ihren Lieblingssender im UKW Radio.
Lebendige Farben, eine intuitive berA?hrungsgesteuerte BenutzeroberflA¤che und ein faszinierender Touchscreen im 16:9 Breitbildformat machen das Nokia 5230 zu einer perfekten Synthese aus Form und Funktion.
The perfect economy package for music lovers, the Nokia 5230 can very well be the Nokia 3310 of touchscreens.Design and LooksThe Nokia 5230 is a chubby touch-bar phone. Other important buttons are the touchsensitive media key just above the screen and the sceen lock to the side.
The phone's inbuilt GPS receiver features A-GPS functionality which is fairly responsive and accurate. Kunden, die sich im angegebenen Zeitraum nicht online mit allen notwendigen Angaben registrieren, kA¶nnen bei der Aktion nicht berA?cksichtigt werden.

The flat volume rocker at the side is not very easy to work because it is hard to press and generally uncomfortable.
The most visible feature on any touchscreen phone is obviously the display and in this case it is a 3.2-inch resistive screen.
Other than this the design and construction of the phone is both ergonomic and appealing to the eye. It's definitely not the biggest display around but it's the best you can get in this price range. This haptic-feedback enabled screen is fairly sensitive but the screen's legibility under direct sunlight is poor.

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