Al iniciar el juego estara en chino, para solucionar esto debes ir hasta las configuraciones del juego y cambiar el idioma a espanol. Elegant and power-packed Android music players are plentiful in the Google Play Store, and quite a few of them try to replicate the looks and functionality of Microsoft’s Zune player, such as the previously-reviewed InstaMusic and Fede’s Music Player. The app can be set to operate in full-screen mode, and its UI is capable of pulling album art and artist images from over the internet to enliven your media library with background images relevant to the currently played tracks. The app’s video player is rather simply designed and supports playing almost all common video formats.
We’re still not done with noozy; the app’s various widgets are worth taking a look as well. To cut it short, if you’re looking for an option-rich Zune-like music player for your Android that also supports online radio stations, podcasts, ultra-effective audio enhancement features, video playing capabilities and handy suggestions, you better put your money on noozy. AddictiveTips is a tech blog focused on helping users find simple solutions to their everyday problems. Gracias a los chicos de xdadevelopers esto no sera un problema, ya que nos brindan directamente el APK de la aplicacion para su descarga directa a nuestro dispositivo. Opcion Charts donde se nos muestran diferentes tops, tops artists, top tracks o most loved. Desde xdadevelopers, el hilo oficial de la aplicacion, nos recomiendan no usar ningun otro medio de ecualizacion ajeno a la aplicacion, ya que si no podriamos alterar las configuraciones de Noozy Audio Player y distorsionar la calidad de sonido del reproductor..

Algunos extras que incluye es que a traves de internet se descargan las caratulas de los album, y la reproduccion streaming de radio estan clasificadas por genero, y funcionan muy bien. Lo unico que queda es que la descargues, la pruebes, y nos comentes (aqui abajo) si hay otro reproductor de musica y video que lo supere. 2013 was yet another great year for Android and its app ecosystem, with developers really making best use of the power offered by the world’s most popular mobile operating system, resulting in many apps that left us spellbound. Note that the order in which apps appear in this list does not reflect their ranking in any manner; we have simply started with the most recent ones covered in December, and proceeded backwards till January.
The latest to join the club of Metro-style Android music players is noozy – a sleek freemium that not just possesses powerful audio playback capabilities (courtesy of enhanced sound technology imported from the Noozxoide Laboratories), but also supports playing videos. As with any Zune-style media player, noozy supports easy navigation to content of choice through various color-coded Jump Tiles and alphabetical browsing.
First, there’s a dedicated notification panel widget that keeps you apprised of, and control, the currently played track. We review the best desktop, mobile and web apps and services out there, in addition to useful tips and guides for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS and Windows Phone.
No cabe duda que hay infinidad de aplicaciones para escuchar musica y video,, sin embargo, Noozy Audio Player, se le puede considerar como uno de los mejores reproductores de audio y video, esta aplicacion es totalmente gratuita y esta disponible en el Play Store, aunque no esta disponible para todos los paises.
Users have control over selection of the main theme color, default home screen view (media library or music player interface), lock screen controls, headset playback control, downloading podcasts over Wi-Fi only, the 5-band graphic equalizer settings, and all the various advanced audio processor that noozy supports.

Let’s now quickly take a look at the player interface of noozy; we find all the basic media playback controls here, with additional options to browse tracks by folders or artist, and toggle the 5-band equalizer.
Then, there are a couple of different-sized homescreen widgets – some with minimal remote playback controls, while others sporting typical compact media player looks. Although a bit choppy at times, the app’s lock screen widget lets you take control of media playback without even unlocking the screen. So, join us as we take a look at the best Android apps from 2013 (including the ones mentioned above) that we’ve covered for you here at AddictiveTips. Users can get listen to samples of recommended tracks, browse complete albums of suggested artists, and purchase their favorite albums from various global music stores. Die-hard music lovers can also keep an eye on their favorite artists’ biographies, top tracks, album reviews & playlists, and get recommendations for similar artists. We’re not done with the app’s features yet; continue reading past the break to find out what else noozy has on offer.

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