In todaya€™s world, the customer experience extends beyond the walls of a brick and mortar store.
A survey by SLD, a customer experience software and services provider, revealed that 44% of millennials surveyed expect their experience to be consistent across all devices. Omni-channel marketing is a holistic, strategic marketing approach that aims to provide a seamless user experience across all channels and devices. In addition, providing a consistent customer experience contributes to building brand recognition and awareness among your target audience.
At TopRank Marketing, we often talk about the importance of an integrated content marketing strategy.
When it comes to marketing, big companies typically have an advantage over small business – but not all the time.
Omni-channel marketing has been a buzz word for a while, but if you’re not sure what it is, it can best be summarized by providing a unified, holistic experience for your customers – no matter how they shop or in what way they interact with your brand. By engaging in omini-channel marketing, you are ensuring that your customer has a seamless experience in their purchasing journey and are not jolted by segmented paths.
Omni-channel marketing is a fascinating new way to promote your brand, consistent with the way customers are choosing to shop these days. How Babbler Can Help You Generate Buzz About Your BusinessPR teams and reporters need each other, but up until now it’s been far from a perfect relationship. Apparently, it is becoming very important for the retailer to reach each of its clients via integrated selling tools and communication that eventually will increase their revenue. Omni-Channel Retailing is a multi channel or cross channel retailing, but is concentrated more on a seamless approach to the consumer experience through all available shopping channels, i.e. Omni-channel retailing also offers plenty of benefits to retailers, benefits that make investing in this strategy worthwhile. Consumers search for consumer reviews, product information, and pricing information on the Web, but purchase the item in-store Or Consumers search in-store, but purchase via the Web to receive lower prices or to not pay local sales tax Or Consumers compare prices with smart phones in-store, but purchase online. Omni-channel retail offers two benefits to the data collection: First, the possibility for gathering more information exists, and second, the information can be used more effectively. In today's hyper connected world, a consumer's buying journey spans across offline and online –and a purchase could eventually culminate at the website through a smart-phone, or at the store channel. The omni-channel consumer wants to use all channels simultaneously, and retailers using an omni-channel approach will track customers across all channels, not just one or two. Between stores, websites, social media, email, call centers and more, retailers have a multitude of channels, but in many cases, there is limited integration between them. For retail brands that started in the brick-and-mortar space, this means augmenting in-store shopping with online and mobile components, creating an all-inclusive adventure for customers. Most of the organization spend a huge percentage of the profit on promoting their business online and offline to their customers .
Integration is very important because you will be missing out on many potential customers if the online and offline aren’t working together.
Since 2004, we have been providing customer loyalty programs to businesses of all sizes, across many diverse industries. Regardless of where you fit, we can put the right customer loyalty solution in place for you! We encourage you to watch our brief video presentation to understand how your business can and will benefit from an effective loyalty program! Our Bronze and Silver Editions are our most popular, full featured loyalty solutions, perfect for smalll, medium and large businesses alike. Our Tablet Edition is a very nice alternative for businesses who desire a visit based loyalty model. The system includes a Windows tablet with built-in card scanner plus a commercial grade tablet stand. Finally, for merchants who desire the ultimate in a full service, fully managed loyalty solution, we offer our top tier Gold program. For businesses that prefer a loyalty solution with significantly more power than found in any Tablet solution, one more diverse in capability, one that rewards customers for monetary spend instead of visits, our Bronze, Silver and Gold Editions are ideal! These editions run on your own Windows PC and each offers incrementally more capability and diversity than the prior. Features range from fully flexible, multi-tiered and self-advancing rewards programs to a vast variety of incentive promotions and cash back programs!

The Tablet Edition is our customer-powered, visit based, loyalty option and works very well for many businesses, both small and large! It's our most passive loyalty program, eliminating any burden on your business when capturing member data and processing member transactions. The best part is, a Windows tablet and commercial grade stand are included at no additional cost with your Tablet Edition subscription, pre-loaded and ready to go!
A Rewards Program is a great start but a truly successful marketing solution must include flexible and diverse promotion capability. The Preferred Patron™ Loyalty Program recognizes this and incorporates a world-class promotion management system! Effortlessly incorporate incentive based promotions, such as Coupons, Appreciation, Recognition, Best Member, Miss You, Referral, Cash Back, Print Ad ROI and more. Most promotions are designed for set-it and forget-it operation, and are managed transparently by our Preferred Patron™ Loyalty Rules Engine! Choose to fulfill your rewards using products and services that you provide yourself or choose to supplement your incentive catalog with a vast variety of lifestyle rewards, ranging from digital music to flights & vacations! Regardless of which solution you choose, rest assured your solution will reflect your identity and brand, not ours, at all points of consumer contact!
Everything is branded with your identity and marks, from your plastic loyalty cards to the Tablet Edition splash screen to your cashier managed screens and member web-portal. Additionally all e-mail and sms communications are fully customizable with your identity, brand and design! We understand this is your loyalty program and it should be reflective of your business rather than serve to promote our business! Omni-Channel Marketing means reaching out to your customers using the many touch points available today, both in-store and out-of-store.
Loyalty programs have advanced drastically over the last few years and our Preferred Patron™ technology has been at the very forefront of that change.
The latest craze to hit the loyalty arena - the Mobile Rewards App - is included free with your program subscription! Using the Preferred Patron™ MyRewards App, your customers have real-time, immediate access to their rewards program. Staying informed and current on the latest incentive offers and rewards has never been this easy!
As a built-in feature of Preferred Patron™, our solution handles the traditional, anonymous Gift Cards of monetary value you're familiar with plus a whole lot more.
We're talking about Gift Cards that can be used for Store Credits, Spending Accounts, Christmas Clubs and other Savings Accounts. We're also talking about Gift Cards that hold products and services instead of monetary value; we call these packages and they work great for pre-selling bundled services.
We promise to take precautions to safe-guard and protect your data, with emphasis on your data!. That's right, it's your data not ours and you can rest assured we will never share or abuse it. Creators of the Preferred Patron™ Loyalty Software Program & Rewards Software Program for Small, Medium and Large Businesses! Customers engage with your brand through content thata€™s spread across multiple channels and accessed by multiple devices.
In addition, 60% said that they expect the same experience across all customer touch points–from phone service to in-store and digital interactions.
A message that tells their audiences who they are, what they stand for and how they can be of service in a time of need. Take the time to regularly review the experience that your customers go through to research, buy and connect with your products and brand. From booking your trip on their mobile responsive website to securing fast passes through the My Disney Experience app to accessing your on-property hotel room with a Magic Band, the magic of Disney is consistent throughout. Whether youa€™re shopping from your PC, your mobile device or in-store, each medium works together to create a seamless, efficient shopping experience (even if you fall down the perusing rabbit hole). Ita€™s sold in hundreds of countries and ita€™s branded itself as a deliciously refreshing beverage that delivers happiness in a bottle.
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According to Ramon Ray’s latest blog post on the Endicia Savvy Shipper blog, small businesses have big advantages when it comes to the hottest new form of marketing – omni-channel marketing. You provide them with a consistent portrayal of your business and your brand, and you facilitate the movement from channel to channel. For more discussion of omni-channel marketing – including the advantages small businesses have and the way to get started – read Ramon’s full blog post here. A huge paradigm shift is being experience in the Chinese urban buying pattern and heavily dependence on online buying is increasingly getting popular. Bysoft – China exactly understood the need of the hour and can definitely help to build and grow your business in China though the usage of cutting edge technological consulting and service. Since Digital marketing entered into the market new generations are using online all the time .
Knowing the customer is a key tenant for successful retailing, and omni-channel engagement points provide more opportunities to gather information about customers. Workers, too, can benefit from the use of new technology, because it arms them with more information and increases their efficiency. Over the past few years, many traditional merchants jumped full bore into the digital space. In fact, many retail brands will have a variety of apps that allow merchants to interact with customers with different intents, from loyalty initiatives to daily deal platforms. Although , many of them are not aware of the benefits of integrating offline and online activities . For example, if a prospect comes across an advertisement for your business without your website address in it, they won’t be able to access further information and will go to another business. And with so many possible touch points, ita€™s becoming increasingly important for brands to ensure consistency throughout–especially for their millennial audience. And an important part of successfully conveying that message is through creating a positive, consistent customer experience with your brand. When it comes to your digital interactions, use your analytical tools to identify barriers.
Your digital shopping cart can be saved and accessed from either a PC or mobile device, or you can opt to pick items up at your closest store. From allowing soda lovers to share the love by personalizing a bottle for a special someone to their rewards program to utilizing traditional media to remind customers just how tasty their drink is, their brand is all about customer experience.
Retailers are meeting the new customer desires by deploying specialized supply chain strategy software. Brands that don’t provide that kind of experience, are likely to lose customers, especially as the digital generation gains even more buying power. The retailer must be present on all channels because these consumer can easily handle all channels.
It’s important that retailers become transparent for a seamless integration between all channels.
Now, they are realizing that customers are looking for not just an online shopping experience, but one that consolidates all the different channels into one. If the answer is "nothing," it's time to think critically about the various ways you could utilize these portable devices to engage customers and secure sales. You can't just create a generic app and expect your customers to download and use it – you need to do something unique that provides them with value. A focus on the customer and their journey–which is a natural connection to omni-channel marketing.
Using consistent imagery contributes to that brand recognition and awareness brands so desperately want. Use omni-channel marketing as another layer to bolster your content marketing strategy–and really your overall marketing strategy.

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