The two primary types of doctoral degrees are research doctorates and professional doctorates.
Research doctorates - typically awarded in recognition of peer-reviewed academic research that is of a publishable standard.
Professional doctoral degrees - awarded in fields such as Medicine (MD) and Law (JD) where candidates focus on qualifying for professional licensure rather than on research. It is important to make sure that the doctorate degree programs you are considering are fully accredited. Whether you want to pursue a career in academia, business or other professional discipline, a doctoral degree can be an outstanding career move. Argosy University provides students with a collegial & supportive academic environment. Capella University provides convenient online classes to students across the United States.
Concord Law School of Kaplan University is the premier online law school and a pioneer in online education. Walden University's goal is to make a positive social impact & have graduate students who work to make a difference in the lives of people and community. This is an academic qualification that is given to students who have displayed a mastery of a particular field of study and who complete a few years of advanced postgraduate study beyond the bachelor's degree.

Masters degrees are awarded in all fields and are an acknowledgement of an individuals advanced understanding of a particular subject and of professional practise. They are most beneficial to graduates who have clear career goals or employed people who want to gain additional skills, knowledge and accreditation in their field. In the UK their popularity is steadily increasing, driven partly by the demand of industry for more professional and better skilled workers. For the majority of your first year you will be required to participate in normal class activities, after this (during your second year) you’ll be involved more in projects or research. Complete a extended research paper or a master’s thesis, although some programmes offer a option of taking comprehensive exams. Candidates must first posses a bachelors degree, although this does not have to be in the exact field as the proposed masters course it should be in one that is closely related. A few undergraduate master's courses do not require a dissertation for completion, instead attainment is measured by examination, or a combination of testing and short written coursework. Generally, the steps which are necessary to receive a doctorate include the successful completion of both a bachelors and masters degree. They are also a recognition of extensive expertise in a specific academic discipline or professional field of study. Many studies have shown that going the extra mile of taking a masters degree can lead to better career prospects, salary and future earning potential.

Although a masters degree may only end up as a line or two on your CV, they are highly valued and can make all the difference in getting invited to a job interview. However as a general rule it can take anything between one to three years more on top of what it has taken for a bachelors degree.
The doctorate degree implies expertise within a field and traditionally takes between 3-6 years to complete. Completion of an online doctorate degree should be recognized as equal in value of a traditional campus setting.
Census Bureau, professionals with doctorates earn approximately $37,000 more each year than those with Bachelors Degrees. Overall these degrees include intensive course work and are very much focused on sizeable research assignments and projects rather than conventional classes.

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