All the steps have been marked on website, all you need to do is that simply upload PDF to website and then input API code which can help you remove watermark. The following snapshot is from the newly bounced tab after clicking button Share Online, please have a check. Select this Checkbox if you would like to include any floating annotations added to this document.
Select this Checkbox if you would like to compress all documents into one ZIP attachment before sending.
Rather than emailing a document as an attachment, Document Links allow you to send a direct link to your document.
Private Links are a great way to share documents containing sensitive information because they require authentication from the recipient before they can view the document. Email Link allows you to create a Public or Private Document Link and then email it to one or more recipients. Create Link allows you to create a Public or Private Document Link that you can copy and paste wherever necessary. DynaFile can easily be used as a Document Portal to share only information with specific people or groups. You can Fax a document directly from the DynaFile interface without a physical fax machine.
The Drop Box window displays the documents and upload information for files residing in the Drop Box.

Click on the Save File icon next to the document you wish to download to save a copy of it to your local computer.
Click on the Register Document link to index a document for storage in DynaFile's online filing cabinet. Please choose output formats as HTML 5 Paper Viewer, which can help you show PDF on cellphone correctly. Share PDF from local computer to Android based cellphone is just a slice of this application. Some options are better than others depending on the number of documents, file size and sensitivity of information.
This is a great way to share large documents because it keeps your file stored securely in your online filing cabinet, but allows access to whoever has the link. Private Links require that the Recipient Email Address matches an existing user in the DynaFile system. You can also use this feature to create Public Links that expire after a certain amount of time. Simply implement custom Access Rights for the appropriate Files, Folders, Documents Types, Users or User Groups. The information collected here can be included in an automatically generated cover page if desired. You can set password protected access to Drop Box for downloading files or create Public Links directly to specific files that reside in Drop Box.

Troubled by this kind of problems, we can not share PDF file between computer and cellphone smoothly. By the Full Viewer link, you can view full PDF at any place no matter computer or Android cellphone. By the print button, you can print PDF easily from browser, Even if you open this application on cellphone, those options are also available. When the recipient clicks on the Public Link, they will automatically be brought to the document you sent in a new browser tab.
When they click on the Private Link, they will be brought to the DynaFile home screen to log in. This is a great feature that can be used as an office junk folder or a secure email replacement for external users.
Based on this need, VeryPDF developed a new cloud based application which can help you share local computer PDF file to Facebook, Twitter and Google+.
Please check more information on homepage, in the following part, let us check how it works.
Once they have logged in, they will automatically be brought to the document you sent within DynaFile.

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