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2 of 73, Providing tea and coffee and delicious food for the Australia day celebrations, are the ladies from the Howard community hall kitchen,Faye Whiffin, Helen Day, Lauren Dudley, Erica Russell and Anne Worsley. 3 of 73, Emergency service crews attend a car submerged in flooded Kent St on Sunday morning. 5 of 73, A man escaped serious injury in a single vehicle accident on the Bruce Highway near Pineapple Hill.
6 of 73, The Dowsett family, Cathy, Matt and children Shelby and Reece has recieved an apology from the Queensland Flood Appeal.
7 of 73, Ululah Lagoon- One of the duo of black swans to call Ululah home- In 2012, the couple were proud parents to a couple of cygnets. 8 of 73, St Mary's College students Lillian Strack, Allen Dube, Katelyn Bretag and Brittany Foley have some fun during the Rotary Youth Driver Awareness Program at the Maryborough Showgrounds. 10 of 73, AND THEY CALL IT PUPPY LOVE- Kentucky from the RSPCA shows his appreciation for the thoughtfulness of Mungar State School students.
11 of 73, 21st century hippies- Emily Graham -Evans 22 with fellow traveller Isobella Beattie 22 were snapped on a brief stopover in Hervey Bay on their way to Kuranda in North Queensland.
14 of 73, Maryborough Twillight 2013- The Pro Open Mens event-A stack involving Jackson Kennedy. 16 of 73, National Kids Environment Day- Jaxon, 4.5 and Ethan ,4, experience bird watching at the C and K East Street Kindy. 17 of 73, Black Uhlans motorcycle club members were stopped on the Bruce Highway near Maryborough as part of a state wide crackdown on criminal motorcycle gangs. 18 of 73, Black Uhlans motorcycle club members were stopped on the Bruce Highway near Maryborough as part of a state wide crackdown on criminal motorcycle gangs. 19 of 73, Famous concert pianist David Helfgott rehearsing prior to performance at the Brolga Theatre. 20 of 73, Famous concert pianist David Helfgott rehearsing prior to performance at the Brolga Theatre. 22 of 73, Leader of the Nationals Warren Truss pictured with wife Lyn and supporters at his campaign party. 23 of 73, It is an emotioanl moment for Vickie White as number 6 ,Fiorente, won the Melbourne Cup. 25 of 73, The colours of the setting sun behind a couple of rain showers create an illusion of pink rain. 29 of 73, Liptember-Heidi Dolan dabs on colourful lipstick to raise money and awareness for women's mental health. 31 of 73, Torbanlea Picnic Races- Sophi Herreen makes a last minute dash to enter Fashions of the Field. 34 of 73, Maryborough City Church Pastor Stephen Jobe and Maryborough Wesleyan Church Pastor Rob Simpson celebrated over a decade of service to Maryborough on the weekend and their congregations have more then doubled in that time.
35 of 73, The room reputed to be one of Maryborough's opium dens beneath the Customs Hotel. 36 of 73, Rapunzels- Larina Kruger and her daughters Brenna Putman,13 and Carys Putman,6, love their long hair and only ever have it trimmed.
39 of 73, Central State school Annual Athletics Carnival- Manezzah Kaurivai applauds his team mates as they are awrded.
41 of 73, Founding members of Maryborough's first roller derby team Fran Hackett and Rebekah Anson are hoping to find a permanent home for their sporting club. 42 of 73, Maryborough Music Conference at the Brolga- Jeremy Woolstenhulme from the USA conducting the stringed orchestra. 44 of 73, QJ2013- Scout Jamboree- Cool dudes- Mitchell Wassell and fellow scouts from NSW chilling out in the shade of the tent.
45 of 73, Kym-Maree Ernest is not sure how she will pick up the pieces after her Queenslander cottage in Fort Street was flooded again.
46 of 73, Single mother Vicky Green, 21, lost everything when the cottage she was renting in Fort St flooded.
47 of 73, AJ2013- Scout Jamboree- Caitlyn Drury from Moonaboola Sea Scout pictured with Courtney Andreson, Rory Golik and Toby Hegh said she is a little nervous about her first jamboree.
51 of 73, Bob Jackson 95 (left) laid a wreath at the cenotaph in memory of his father who was killed in WW1.
52 of 73, Police officers endeavour to muster cattle that escaped from a property in Maryborough West on Friday.
53 of 73, The media in force outsideYaralla Place speaking to Queensland Nurses Union members protesting the privatisation of the facility.
54 of 73, Mental As Anything l ead vocalist Greedy - at the free concert at the Maryborough Showgrounds. 55 of 73, Long time die hard Mental As Anything fans Willy and Di Paes beg for 'one more'! 57 of 73, Custodial officers have rejected a proposed pay rise and are protesting against new conditions they say will risk their safety.They are pictured at a rally in Maryborough.
58 of 73, Together Union regional co-ordinator Jim Nilon is stirred up as he addresses the custodial officers rally. 60 of 73, Emergency service crews work to remove driver Jade Scrim after a four-vehicle crash near Dundathu left her trapped. 61 of 73, Emergency service crews lift an injured female into the AGL helicopter for transportation to a Brisbane hospital after a multi vehicle crash near Dundathu on Tuesday morning. 64 of 73, THERE'S A BLAIR IN THERE- Puppies vie for the attention of Blair Harris, manager of Maryborough District Animal Refuge.
65 of 73, Three seasons on one day- When you are four years old like Cameron Walker, Elvie Sando, Robert Collins and Kiara Hodges at Unndennoo Kindergarten if doesn't matter what the weather is, you can still laugh. 66 of 73, World's Greatest Pub Fest- Kelp Kewpies- Alison Coleman, Val Jason, Shirley Smith and Irene Underwood. 67 of 73, Worlds Greatest Pub Fest- Liz Stark, Amber Kassuke and Kristen Stiller on their way to the Westside tavern.
69 of 73, This inmate, pictured in his cell is in the process of creating aTeddy Bear that once completed be donated to a worthy cause. 71 of 73, Scout Jamboree- Day 6-Singing sensation Jessica Mauboy interviewed by Assistant Scout leader Liz Maher when the star visited the site on Tuesday. 72 of 73, New Years Eve at Newtown Oval- The colourful balls constantly attracted a crowd even during the rain. Free Domain Name!$45.00 Buy It Now 6dEstablished Television Plasma Online Business Website For Sale, Free Domain Name$45.00 Buy It Now 2dEstablished Online Home Decor Store Business Website For Sale!
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