Businesses need a seamless process and system in place to share files and folders across multiple teams and with external collaborators, including clients and partners. For remote teams that need to collaborate on files, Egnyte enables them to work together as if they are in the same room, even with limited bandwidth. Egnyte is the market leader in Adaptive Enterprise File Services that uniquely anticipate IT and end-usersa€™ needs to securely, easily and intelligently share files on premises and in the cloud. Online file storage - Online file sharing - Media Lightbox(USD)$Cookies onMedia Lightbox We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. The best part is that you can share URL of the file, even while the file is still uploading. Note: As per this Lifehacker article, the files stay on the servers for 30 days (in the free plan). Minbox also comes with pro plan that includes a lot of features, such as: files remain on servers forever, provides encryption, password protection for files, schedule delivery of files etc. Once all the files are uploaded successfully, other people can open your collection URL, and view those files. I have come across many file sharing websites, but none of those websites provide feature to share files of any size with their free version.

Sending email attachments works for sending a few small files, but what happens when you need to send and collaborate on large files and folders that max out limits for attachments?
Create shared folders to enable teams to easily work on the latest version and even past versions of files. Folders can correspond to a project, department or client, enabling employees, business partners and customers to securely access folders from anywhere. Egnyte Storage Sync quickly and efficiently synchronizes files between two or more on-premises storage devices so that distributed teams can access the same set of files over fast local area networks. If you continue without changing your settings, we'll assume that you are happy to receive all cookies on Media Lightbox website.
Unlike other similar websites, that come with upload limit, this website lets you upload files of any size absolutely free.
Users also need to sign up to download the shared files, comment on your files, and chat with you. After this, you can either drop files from PC to your dashboard or you can use Browse button.
However, to chat with you, to post the comment on your files, and to download your files, they must have an account on Minbox.

Egnyte offers additional file-sharing capabilities including file versioning, locking, annotations and notifications to enhance collaboration between users.
These links can be easily placed in emails, documents or web pages, allowing recipients to download and access files from anywhere and on any device. However, others can’t start downloading files from the URL till the upload is complete. You can create multiple collections and each individual collection can contain large files of any size. During the file uploading process, you can enter the email addresses of recipients with whom you want to share the collection. Apart from this, you can also share URL of your collection that is generated automatically during the uploading process.

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