Online file storage - Online file sharing - Media Lightbox(USD)$Cookies onMedia Lightbox We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Dear customer, if you would like to access your account for checking usage, recharging, or upgrading your package, please enter your username and password below. With over one million people connected through mere wireless internet connections only in Pakistan, there grew a dire need of authentic and speedy file sharing mediums.
Launched in 1997 by five UCLA graduates, The Scour Inc search engine is considered to be one of the earliest online file sharing services. It was in 1999 that file sharing became mainstream with ‘Napster’ launched by Shawn Fanning. These services became targets of litigation as the music industry claimed the services allowed users to illegally host copyright material. The drastic change in the file sharing landscape was witnessed after the development of ‘BitTorrent’. The advancements in the e-world are persistent and during their course of progression, hundreds and thousands of new softwares and services are tried and tested. Moving forward, it was the proliferation of the social networks and social sharing that the world of file sharing met a paradigm shift. A little traditional yet an efficient method for unlimited file sharing is by connecting 2 or more computers through a single wireless network. All you need is to create a “home group”, “connect all computers to the homegroup” and “access shared folder by all”. This is where you either create a homegroup to share files between computers or access an existing homegroup to use on other machines.
At this point, you will be able to decide what types of files you want to share between two computers.
Make sure to add a security password to your shared folder to ensure safety of all the data you are sharing.

Instead of creating a new homegroup, however, you will see an alert box that tells you a homegroup has been detected on your network. CrashPlan is a comprehensive online backup service that seems to do it all and does it very quickly as well. Carbonite online backup is one of the best known cloud backup services on the market today. If you continue without changing your settings, we'll assume that you are happy to receive all cookies on Media Lightbox website. From having only one internet service provider in the whole country to achieving the milestone of being the first to launch WiMax throughout Pakistan, there seems to be no looking back on internet developments. Despite the fact that the risks involved in sharing files online especially through unencrypted wireless networks are huge, some prominent services emerged on the forefront that changed the world.
It was a free program that allowed direct peer-to-peer downloading, enabling users to easily search others computers for MP3’s. This file sharing platform unlike the ones before, work independently off of users’ computers, eliminating the need for any service aside from tracker websites that link to available torrents. With sites like RapidShare and MediaFire, one-click hosting popularized in the masses in the year 2006. This is where everything and anything under the sun is easily shared with hundreds and thousands of people with a single click.
With sites like 4shared, RapidShare and MediaFire, one-click hosting popularized in the masses in the year 2006. This means that innumerable pictures, songs, documents and compressed movie files can be shared with anyone in the world with a free download link.
The only drawback is that all computers need to be in the same Wi-Fi range to access the shared files.
The options are pictures, documents, music, printers, and videos, and you can choose to share any combination of those file types.

Now all that is left to do before sharing files between computers is to access that homegroup from other machines. By doing this, you can access the shared files, view or transfer them with a single click without the hassle of browsing through multiple folders.
The free service emerged to be most popular amongst college students and in university campuses where broadband internet was easily accessible. BitTorrent is now one of the leading file sharing services on the web with an average of over 2 million people who use the service every day. Such advancements in Internet technology have rendered the world into a global village connected by competent and speedy on-the-go wireless internet connections. Nonetheless, this is best way to share files within different computers in offices and homes. To do this, turn on the other machine, click on the start menu, and access the control panel just like before.
Enter the password you saved from the other computer and select the file types just like before. The success of Napster led to the release of dozens of similar programs such as Gnutella, eDonkey2000 and Kazaa. Wait a moment while the connection is established, after which you are ready to share files through a wireless network!

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