You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Saxon's Math 1 program is carefully planned and packaged in a homeschool kit to make your teaching experience easier. Each lesson includes a daily meeting, a new increment of instruction, guided practice of new and previously introduced concepts, and number fact practice. The itemized list below is for the standard (default) version of this package and does not reflect changes made in any option menus above. Get first notice of new curriculum packages, special deals, and helpful homeschool articles by signing up for our newsletter. Free printable preschool worksheets for learning to write the alphabet, numbers and bible memory verses, plus free printable colouring pages and more!
In order to use these free printable preschool worksheets you will need to have Adobe Reader installed. There are four sets of pattern and alphabet letter writing worksheets aimed at helping preschoolers develop writing skills.
All the hard work and planning is done for you - for less that $1 per week, you just open up the book and start the A-B-C fun! These writing worksheets are for more advanced writers who need practice writing the letters of the alphabet, first by tracing and then copying. These writing worksheets include a set of alphabet reference sheets with arrows indicating the correct letter formation. Use this printable snap-o-clock math game to help your children learn to tell the time, using both analogue and digital time.
Use these free printable preschool shapes activities to encourage the recognition of circles, squares and triangles. Use this free printable African animals alphabet coloring book to re-inforce the learning of the letters of the alphabet. These Bible memory verses for kids are short and illustrated with appropriate clipart images to help non-readers.
These is a list of free printable bible coloring pictures to accompany children's Bible stories and children's Bible lessons.
This set of coloring pages tells the Biblical story of Jesus' crucifixion and resurrection. Teach left-handed children to color and write correctly from early on to avoid having to correct bad writing habits later. This Father's Love Letter is a free printable Christian greeting card that is suitable for all occasions.

Busy modern parents often feel guilty because they don't spend enough quality time with their children.
By doing one easy preschool activity a day, you can give your children the attention they need and have fun and interact in a way that will stimulate their all-round growth and the development of school readiness skills required for formal learning. Fun activities that you can do with your child in just minutes per day to maximize her potential will be sent to your inbox regularly.
Shirley's gentle, age-appropriate preschool programme gives you alphabet-based activities each week, alphabet crafts, alphabetized nursery rhymes, number and counting activities, as well as a list of recommended, quality children's stories to read aloud together as you and your children adventure through the alphabet, one letter per week. All the hard work and planning is done for you - for less than $1 per week, you just open up the book and start the A-B-C fun! Research shows that these two easy-to-implement preschool activities can make your child successful and influential in later life. I made a printable for each weekday, Monday through Friday, with traceable days on it for preschoolers. Each month Teeny Tot will trace the month name, then write in one number per day to fill in the calendar for each month. For the numbers I put lightly colored dots on each one, I plan to have her put a sticker for each dot on the numbers, then trace the number word. I was wondering if it was an option to make the days of the week and month names not all in CAPITAL letters? Thank you so much for sharing this, but I’m curious why the instructions say to print to page 80 when there are more sheets after that. Hello ?? For whatever reason I am really having a hard time getting the Pre-K Daily Learning Notebook to print. Hi there Erica, as always you idea’s and the things you put together simply take my breath away, thanks so so so so much. Written and oral assessments are built into the program and are given at regular intervals.
Each assessment questions children on skills they have practiced for at least five lessons.
Emergent Writing & Alphabet Worksheets for BeginnersThese worksheets contain patterns, emergent writing activities and large letters for beginner writers to trace.
The verse is a collection of Bible verses that convey the gospel message in a touching way. See what others have shared, comment and get inspired here!Upload a photo and share your kids' craft activities too! I created this last year for the Teeny Tot and since she’s not quite ready for the Elementary Level Daily Learning Notebook,  I made an updated one for the 2013-2014 school  year.

Place pages 4-11 in page protectors back to back so that these pages can be used with expo dry-erase markers and re-used. Uhem…She apparently misunderstood when I said color in ONE square…so I’ll be  re-printing and we’ll try this one again! To help make them easier to find, I put in colored divider tabs so she can flip to the correct spot. But you can also have them color the shape, or glue the correct amount of objects to it as well. Writing on laminators works beautifully and I would love to make this notebook as it looks gorgeous. She kind of scribbled at the start of the year, now she’s doing a great job tracing and coloring in lines etc. In Math 1, a written assessment is given every five lessons, an oral assessment every ten lessons. Trace the number (I write this in with pencil for her to trace), and then write the number word for the day. I only went to 25 on this because I figure most of us only do about 20 days per month, so I gave a few more just for you hard core homeschoolers out there! Others said they needed to make Adobe Reader their default program for opening PDF files so that the file opens in Adobe and not Safari. We did a 3 year loosely based curriculum (that I pulled together) the past year and I’m now preparing for K-4 and I plan to buy yours.
My oldest is in the 2nd grade and middle child is almost 4 so both the pre-k and the elementary are wonderful for us. Facts are practiced orally, and students test their skills in timed drills (fact practice sheets), competing against past performances. Have students use crayons, pencils, or markers to complete each day as directed in the download.
NOTE: Since she’s not ready to write the numbers on her own, I wrote them in dashed font for her to trace.

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