Internet Gaming Disorder is an addiction to online video games, role-playing games, or any interactive gaming environment available through the Internet. I have worked with counselers across the country unfamiliar with Internet gaming addiction and don’t understand how treat it.
Parents often feel alone and scared as their children become hooked to something that no one seems to understand.
Larger than the Hollywood movie industry, video games are the fastest growing form of media entertainment. For immediate help, download “When Gaming Becomes an Obsession: Help for Parents and their Children Addicted to Online Gaming” that provides specific tools to help you and your family towards recovery from gaming addictions. Online Internet Banking, payment concept with money symbols for the Dollar, Pound, Yen, Euro. In this episode of Internet Business Mastery, We Answer Your Questions about Online Business.

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Really liked this episode – especially the part about making sure you just stick to you one idea and put all your efforts into it . I thought you were very honest in your response Sterling and that single point could help so many people!
I like the audience determine the product idea, although it isn’t always easy to listen to them. As one monther explained that she had talked to her son’s guidance counselors, the school psychologist, and two  addiction rehabilitation centers.
Like a drug, gamers who play almost every day, play for extended periods of time (over 4 hours), get restless or irritable if they can’t play, and sacrifice other social activities just to game are showing signs of addiction.

With their use of cutting edge technologies, video games involve the player in ever-more realistic, complex, and involved gaming situations. Young provides hourly private sessions, workshops and training for therapists, forensic assessments, and corporate consultation. We quit an idea just before it’s about to break through the pain barrier and give us a great return. Because of their high appeal playing video games can be highly rewarding and also potentially addictive. The program also provides training and help for parents struggling with an addicted son or daughter.

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