Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED2EXECUTIVE SUMMARYAmong emerging markets, Indonesia often fallsinto the long shadow cast by Brazil, Russia, Indiaand China—also known as the BRIC countries. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED3INDONESIA’S ONLINE POPULATIONIndonesia is sometimes overlooked as an emergingmarket, with more attention paid to the BRICcountries.

ButIndonesia—with the fourth-largest population in theworld—is growing rapidly, as is its online population.Indonesia’s economic engine will help create a newand considerable digital class of consumers. Forexample, some estimates do not include usage outsideof the home or office, which may discount a large numberof users accessing the internet in shared places such asinternet cafes. Accounting for variations such as this andthe age ranges studied, other firms’ figures are in linewith eMarketer’s.August 2012 data from Gallup and the Broadcasting Boardof Governors (BBG), an independent agency of the USgovernment responsible for all US-sponsored nonmilitarybroadcasting conducted overseas, showed that internetpenetration was highest among those ages 15 to 24, at51%.

Because internet use in these cities is already morewidespread, smaller cities are expected to host muchof the growth in penetration over the next few years.

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